How to make the chest naturally larger, teach you to do breast enhancement at home

Summer is the time, but also MM show the cause of the big show. The chest is a woman’s charm, the man’s mate choice is to look at the chest Oh See other people’s chest proud of the peak, and his chest empty, you impatient? There are many ways to breast enhancement, MM can be wearing the appropriate bra, or daily massage, exercise, diet and other methods to achieve the purpose of breast enhancement. Want to be lazy MM who can also choose an effective breast instrument Oh. So that you can easily at home is the chest naturally become larger.

One, wear the appropriate bra

Bra is a must for each woman’s personal clothing, MM how to care for their own breasts, bear the brunt of is to first understand their own breasts, so as to pick out their own bra. MM of the breast there are many types, different chest to choose different types of bra, so as to be able to give the breast the most comfortable, caring care. Chest care good, in order to make it natural growth becomes full. Want to breast MM, underwear must wear on slightly.

Small chest gather sexy lace underwear, super-gather effect to prevent MM’s chest outside the expansion, for you to shape tall and straight breasts. Exquisite lace lace embellishment, elegant and generous, MM are worth having.

Deep V sexy gather bra, a trace of fabric wear on the body more skin-friendly comfort. Ultra-low heart, exposed MM are deeply career line, sexy and generous. Beautiful prints, different.

Second, the method of massage

MM want to fullness of the chest, learn a set of effective massage is also very important Oh. Effective massage to clear the lymph around the breast, so that the chest was a natural state of growth. So what are the methods of massage?

1, centralized
Centralized massage is the hands on the outside of the breast, hands tiger mouth pressure up. Hands from the inside out with the tiger’s mouth holding the breast, to the outside along the stretch has been carried to the outside of the breast and then let go. Repeat this action 15-25 times.

2, touch style
Hands in turn cross the touch of breasts, each side of a total of 3 minutes touch. Touch the time can be clockwise, you can counterclockwise, you can also horizontal touch, or any position to touch. Touch the time moderate, touch the best time in about 3 minutes.

3, rub oil type
Massage before the first oil or moisturizing cream coated in the chest, right hand holding the right breast, fingers close together. Left hand gently on the right breast, fingers close together. Right hand along the breast, palm up support, left hand gently down the gesture, repeat the practice more than 10 times. And then change the same action for the left hand practice.

4, take the style
Massage before the first oil or moisturizing cream applied to the chest, fingers open, respectively, on the bottom of the breast, from the bottom up slowly push. Repeated practice more than 30 times. And then fingers open to the nipple as the center cover the breast, in the bottom of the breast in a clockwise direction circle. When the circle of a little hard, repeated practice more than 30 times. Then reverse the same reason.

Third, the use of massage instrument
MM want to breast enhancement in addition to their own way to learn massage, you can also use the chest massage equipment, to more comprehensive system for your breasts to do more delicate massage.

Third, food breast

Food Breast is a very healthy way of breast enhancement. Eat their own food on the human body will not be harmful, rich in nutrients in food can also bring the effect of breast enhancement, so you enjoy the delicious while the body.

1. Milk papaya is very helpful for the development of chest food. Papaya plus milk, breast enhancement effect better Oh. More worth mentioning is that milk and papaya is a common thing in life, the price is not expensive, very easy to buy, and the taste is not bad Oh.

2. Contains lecithin soybeans, peanuts, etc., rich in protein almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, are very good breast food. Another part of the plant seed coat has the role of promoting gonadal development. Can help your chest secondary development, so as to achieve the effect of breast enhancement.

Four, yoga breast

Yoga breast is now a very popular way of breast enhancement. Through the system of yoga action choreography, effective exercise for the chest, to achieve the effect of Breast plastic body. Every day to practice, you can help you achieve the purpose of healthy and effective breast.

Share a simple action: feet and shoulder width, deep breathing, slowly exhale, relax, arm naturally drooping to the sides of the body, and then shaking shoulder action, when the jitter to drive both arms and Chest with jitter. With the palm of your heart to hold our breasts along with the frequency of the shoulder jitter, the time to keep in about two minutes.

Breast the method of tens of millions, for their own is the most effective. MM at home to choose a simple way to also achieve the same effect of breast enhancement, no longer have trouble running beauty salons or to plastic surgery friends. Get these skills, you can have a perfect chest Oh.

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