Britney Spears shows off her tights, fixing the abs and cleavage only bound bra, underwear and boots

Tricky! Britney Spears is showing her fans a near-personal look and seeing her finest performing costumes, including her bound bra and underwear.

When you look good, it’s hard not to show off it! Britney Spears is swinging the best body in her life, and her Piece of Me tour costume is showing it in the biggest way. The 36-year-old woman barely wore clothing during her stay in Las Vegas, but now she has photographed her outfit on the road and her clothing has become even more embarrassing.

The two mothers showed an Instagram photo on August 9th, she was shaking a black push-up bra, giving her full cleavage and matching bindings to the bottom, with a small side strap and a little black fabric covering her private . Her abdomen is very tight and her legs are well muscled. The mother of two children is a exercise fanatic, and the boy shows it!

The British have hosted such a high-energy program, with a lot of dance moves, and her small costumes offer some challenges in wardrobe failure. On the US route that she toured, she has two in ten days. When she performed in Maryland on July 13, her left chest popped out of her little black bra, and in “Do Something,” she continued for two minutes and then noticed what happened.

Fortunately, Britney is ready because she has a black nipple. On July 23, she came back to play at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and another set of clothes disappointed her. This time it was a red bra and she had a rest on her right chest. Her nipples once again helped save the British from being modest.

Fortunately, the British have not been embarrassed during her European tour. She played a lot of dates in such a short time, so that she went from one city to another, and there was almost no rest between them. Unfortunately, this made her somewhat confused about her performance. When she performed at the Brighton Pride Festival on August 4th, she could not remember her city.

“Where are we?” She asked one of her dancers. Fortunately, when she returned to the audience, she was able to answer her question and declare: “What is Brighton’s pride!” She is so cute.

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