Emmy 2018: How to get the hair curls of Madelaine Petsch

For the first time in history, the 2018 Emmy Awards, Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch participated in the celebration of all television shows. At her official Emmy Awards ceremony, the actor devoted herself to her beauty routine, guiding a little Cheryl Blossom for one of the most memorable appearances of the evening.

For her beautiful look, Madelaine shook the fluffy curls to the side. She paired her choice of hair with a fun makeup palette, including winged eyes, bare lips and mascara. Although her Riverdale traditional red lipstick is gone, this style is reminiscent of Cheryl Blossom’s beauty routine.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Madelaine hair stylist Marc Mena explained how the actor considered their beauty options when attending the Emmy for the first time. He said: “We want the whole look – hair, make-up, dress – to gather together in a cohesive look, but also a bit dramatic, because this is her first time to participate.” “Her dress is very colorful, we Don’t want your hair to be taken away from your clothes or dresses, lest you take away anything else at the same time. They fit together perfectly and look clean and natural.”

Marc revealed that her dress was “very well organized” because the formal outfit also had a bodice, and he didn’t want her makeup and hair to look too strong. “We want to keep it modern and young,” he said.

If you feel inspired by a similar look, Marc shares his BTS style secret with Teen Vogue. For Madelaine, he used ghd Platinum + styler and pointed out that the product recognizes the thickness of the hair.

In addition to having the right hair care products, Marc also said that he should not “over-think” your work. “It’s a natural curl, so you don’t need this uniform curl, which is why I curl my hair with an iron and a curler,” he said. “Twist ghd platinum + to create that S-wave look. Let it flow, don’t be afraid to brush it and touch it – it will bring youth and sex.”

Hair stylists also believe that this style and other similar styles are very popular throughout the fall. He said that the current hair style trend is focused on the natural whimsy of embracing hair. “It’s all about not working hard,” he said. “Don’t be easy. Don’t try to reshape what your hair naturally does. Emphasize it with a natural texture! Just like we are told to be comfortable with our skin… Stay comfortable on your own hair .”

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