Keep in touch with Kardashians: Kim assured Kylie Jenner about the baby’s body… and told her that she must wear three pairs of corsets

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Sunday night E! The episode that keeps in touch with Kardashians is the first photo taken by Kylie Jenner after giving birth to Stormi, as she reveals her concerns about her late baby body.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur complained, “This system is shocking…but the scale is different.”

Although her family told her that she looked “amazing”, her family told her she looked “amazing”, as Khloe Kardashian told her, “Your navel is back to normal.”

At the age of 62, Kelly saw her body give her mother Chris, wearing a black sports bra and black Calvin Klein underwear, wearing a thin black robes and opening a piece for Chris.

Kim, the mother of three children, sympathized with Kelly’s predicament and made a rather surprising revelation.

Kim, who has Kanye West’s North, 5, Saint, 2 and Chicago for nine months, revealed that he wants more children and four children.

“He has been harassing me, we want to be like seven, he is trapped in seven people,” Kim said.

She replied, “I will never, especially in the world we live in,” she added, how much the school shootings have affected her in recent years.

Khloe has a Calvin Klein underwear shot and is pregnant for nine months. After they wrapped up, she flew to Cleveland to prepare for childbirth.

Chris also talked about the prospect of welcoming her ninth grandson and added that she is not sure if Khloe will have children.

“I am worried about whether Kello will have a baby for a second,” said the 62-year-old Kardashian female chief.

Kylie celebrated Stormi’s first Halloween on Friday, sharing a picture of a mother and a nine-month-old daughter wearing matching Halloween costumes.

On Saturday, she shared another cute photo and took a picture of Stormi with an 8 month old Kelly.

KUWTK will continue to play E! next week, and as Khloe begins to give birth, they are horrified to reveal their family’s panic.

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