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The Unique Christmas Costume Idea You Should Totally Try

With Christmas around the corner, not having a unique dress to wear this festive season can get you in a fix. It’s a no brainer that you need to stand out of the crowd this Christmas. Ergo, dressing in a costume is a fun way to add some funk in the event.

All you need to do is buy cheap yet stellar costumes online and amp the heat everywhere you go this winter.

In this article, we list out the top 5 The Unique Christmas Costume Idea You Should Totally Try to get heads turning in every party that you crash.

Santa costume

What is Christmas without Santa? Santa costume in Christmas is not entirely original but is never a cliché as well. You need to grab a Santa costume  for yourself and customize the same way you like.

Make it edgy as you trade the red baggy Santa pants for a little red pencil skirt. Do not compromise with the Santa boots. Wear the red jacket and Santa hat as it is. You may put on some junk jewelry to make a statement.

Hark the Angles

When it comes to pulling off trendy costumes in Christmas, who would resist the idea of dressing up as an angel in a beautiful, white gown? Enjoy the the Christmas party with this  stunning white gown. Add a pair of fancy angle wings to the attire.

You can complete the look with some simple accessories like a pearl teardrop earring, a silver wristlet or a simple pendent.

The Adult Elf

You can dress like an elf in a cheap adult elf costume that you can get online. You can buy a pair of adult elf shoes and a cute elf hat separately to match with the costume.

This is one of The Unique Christmas Costume Idea You Should Totally Try this Christmas to make the special appearance in events near you.

Ride a Camel

If you are looking forward to have the spotlight all to yourself, this is the costume for you. You can buy ‘Ride a Camel’ dress online. These dresses are available for children as well as for adults.

This is a costume you can suit up in on the go. It is simple yet stunning enough to let you steal the limelight.

Miss Candy Cane

Be the eye-candy in the party with this  dress. Pair this up in a little red and white-striped dress with a red pointy hat and red boots. You can add some accessories with the dress to make the look complete. Lastly, carry a bag of candy around and surprise people with little treats that will make you win hearts.

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You Always Need a Little Black Dresses

Black is the essential color which should be present in your wardrobe. Whenever you are confused what to wear you can always go with the little black dress and this dress will never go wrong. Black suits all the complexion and body type. If you are plus size then black is the perfect color for you. A black dress makes you look slim and beautiful.  For casual parties and night date you can go with the little black dress with the beautiful neck or sleeve cut outs and pair it with the statement bag. Some of the mini black dresses that you can go for:

Mini pleated dress – these types of dresses are really pretty and will provide you an adorable look. These are dresses are usually well fitted on the upper body and flared on the lower part. These flares are beautifully pleated and paired up with the black pumps.

Black sequin dress – these dresses are perfect for the late night parties. Little sequin black dress will give you glamorous look. These dresses contain shiny sequin all over the dress and you can go with the smoky eyes and nude lipstick to nail the overall look.

Mesh sleeves dress – this dress can serve both the purpose of casual wear as well as party wear. Beautiful mesh sleeves are attached to this dress which amp up the entire look. You can go for the fitted mesh sleeves or you can also go with the balloon mesh sleeves.

Cape dress – cape dresses and tops are very trending nowadays. The black cape dresses will provide you the unique and amazing look. The capes of these dresses are usually made of mesh material which makes it more beautiful. These dresses are body fitted enhancing all your curves and to balance the look the mesh cape is attached on the shoulders.

Faux latex dress – if you are looking for something extra hot, this dress is for you. Faux latex mini black dresses will give you the perfect glamorous bold look. The neck cut of this dress is beautiful and you don’t have to pair any jewelry piece as this dress is enough to complete the entire look.



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Best Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Can Be Found at Feelingirls

Losing weight has been made easy with Feelingirls’s shapewear bodysuit. At, we believe in offering our customers affordable solutions and high class products to give them their desired results. If you want to lose weight and look good while you do it, why not try one of our bodysuits. They are affordable and actually work.

Feelingirls offers the best waist trainers for weight loss because our products are manufactured to tailor to the individual needs of our customer. We manufacture exactly what you need to ensure that it actually works for you. Our shapewear will see to it that you get rid of that extra weight in no time without having to risk your life while doing it. Simply slip on our comfortable bodysuit underneath your clothes and go about your everyday business. Let the suit do all the work while you enjoy all the benefits and complements.

The way our best waist trainer work is by ensuring maximum sweating to burn all that excess fat. You do not have to worry about dripping sweat while wearing our shapewear because the material we use has you covered. To attain your target weight by using our shapewear and still stay comfortable while wearing it. Our adjustable shapewear have double layer textile to not only accelerate perspiration but also guarantee maximum absorption of sweat ensuring that only the inner layer get all the sweat while the outer layer still stays dry.

We offer shapewear for all sizes and in a variety of styles, from shorts, to sweat slimming tank tops to tummy fat burners. We have it all and it is all at a price that you would not believe. Look good and stay healthy with the best waist trainers for weight loss from Feelingirls.

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Best Waist Trainer and Shaper Cami from Loverbeauty

A waist trainer is a garment or wear that will help you gradually reduce the natural size of your waist to something that you want it or as much as can be reduced. It is a garment that will help you accentuate your waist or curves. No all women are born with hour glass figures so many have to work on getting those curves and with the aid of waist trainers from lover beauty it is very much possible for you to get the figure that you have always wanted.

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Waist trainers from lover beauty can be adjusted to your desired fitting making them suitable for all body types and sizes. Our products are manufactured from the highest quality of fabric to give our wearers comfort and ensure that their daily use will not be harmful to their health. We not only care about how you look, but also about your general healthy which is why our products are tested and have been tried over time.

The shapewear cami from lover beauty has been manufactured to hide your problem areas and ensure that you have a slimmer and sleeker look while wearing it. This undergarment is perfect for attaining the right look without having to spend so much on your shopping. It is affordable and can be worn under multiple dresses and for various functions or occasions. Just one or two lover beauty shaper camis in your closet will have you rocking different styles and looking flawless wherever you go.

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Get the best waist trainer and shaper cami form lover beauty today and completely change the way you dress. Look slender, in shape and have a beautiful shape while wearing our safe and comfortable products. Visit us today and let us make your dreams come true.

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The Illinois Court of Appeal was sentenced to 10 years in prison for robbing $33 underwear


The Illinois Appeals Chamber has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, and the Cook County Judge has determined that a homeless drug addict has been convicted of a crime of robbing a family dollar store in Chicago in 2015. There are 33 in T-shirts. Dollar shirt and underwear.

Appellant Judge Terrence Lavin wrote for himself and Appeal Judge Mary Anne Mason that the Court of Appeal’s work did not replace his decision against the trial judge, the Court of the Court of the Court, Mary Margaret Brosnahan. She sentenced David Lundy to a severe sentence, and 10 of David Lundy were found guilty, most of them as assault and drug crimes.

In opposition to Nelson Mandela’s objections, Appeals Judge Michael B. Heyman wrote: “His economic status (poverty), disease (drug addiction) and conditions (homeless) have countless Difficult,” punishes Randy. He was convicted of a crime. ”

Heyman wrote that Rendy was convicted of the most serious crimes before – battery robbery and deterioration led to huge bodily harm – occurred 22 years ago.

“Since then, Lundy has been convicted of drug crime and theft,” Hayman wrote. “No violent crime.”

He also quoted Mandela’s sentence: “A country should not judge it in the way it treats the highest citizens, but should treat it as the lowest citizen.”

The 52-year-old Lundy is stuffing his underwear into loose pants and jacket. When a clerk faced him, he pulled the knife and warned her to take a step back.

When he left and the employee tried to get the underwear back, Lundy threatened, “I want to kill you,” and added after a nickname “take this knife.”

The police arrested him with the help of the store staff and found three T-shirts, one underwear and a red knife in his trouser pocket.

In his objection, Hayman wrote: “Most people think that Rendy is dangerous and betray the facts. On the contrary, the testimony of two staff members describes a small incident. Similarly, an employee said Di’s behavior” Not so frustrating for a person. A little woman like me. “Another employee is not worried or worried about her safety.

He pointed out that Lund was sentenced to one year in prison for not having gun support and armed robbery because he sold goods worth $3.33.

But the other two judges were concerned about the limited role of the Court of Appeal and wrote: “Our role is to determine that the aggravating factors that appear in this situation are offset by what the dissidents call the “small, small, sad” nature. . ”

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Illinois Court of Appeal: $33 underwear robbery for 10 years instead of improper

On Tuesday, a subgroup of the Illinois Court of Appeals maintained a 10-year imprisonment for an addicted homeless man who took $33 of underwear from the family dollar store in 2015.

Appeals judge Terrence Lavin wrote for himself and the appeal judge, Mary Anne Mason, who said that the Court of Appeal’s job was not to replace his decision with the trial judge’s decision. In this case, Circuit Judge Mary Margaret Brosnahan sentenced the accused David Lundy to a stern sentence, which had already been convicted 10 times.

However, Appellant Judge Michael B. Hyman wrote, “There are countless difficulties for his economic status (poverty), disease (drug addiction) and conditions (homelessness). Not for his conviction.”

Hayman pointed out that more than 22 years ago, Lundy committed the most serious crimes, robbing and aggravating the battery, causing enormous physical harm. “Since then, Lundy has been convicted of drug crimes and theft,” he wrote. “No violent crime.”

His dissent quoted the words of former South African President Nelson Mandela. “A country should not judge how it treats its highest citizen, but should target its lowest citizen.”

Most people and dissidents do not agree with the seriousness of the crime. Lundy walked into the store, walked into the underwear, and began to stuff it into loose pants and jackets. When the store employee Patricia Parker came over to confront him, he took out a knife and warned her to take a step back.

When he left the store and the employee tried to take back the goods, Lundy told them “I want to kill you”, plus a nickname, “Hold this knife.”

Then he left the store, was arrested by the police, and the store staff marked it. The police found three T-shirts and a pair of underwear and a red knife in Lundy’s trouser pocket.

But Hayman wrote, “Most people think Lundy is dangerous – betraying the facts. On the contrary, the testimony of the two clerk describes a small incident. Similarly, an employee said that Lundy’s behavior is “for me like me The little woman is not so frustrating. Another employee is not worried or worried about her safety.

He pointed out that Lundy’s commodity price is $3.33 and Lundy’s sentence is one year.

But most people have noticed that the role of the Appeals Judge is limited: “Our role is to determine that the aggravating factors that appear in this situation are called by the dissidents as “small, small, sad” nature offset.

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Anastasiya Kvitko, Instagram’s “Russian Kim Kardashian” stands out in the new video lace lingerie bodysuit


Instagram’s “Russian Kim Kardashian” reappears on her social media page. Anastasiya Kvitko knows how to flaunt her curves, and she did it in the latest Instagram story.

In her recent Instagram story, Anastasiya Kvitko wore a white lace bodysuit that barely covered her rich assets. The underwear ensemble revealed is open in the middle to show the cleavage and abdomen of “Russian Kim Kardashian”, she is absolutely close to the wardrobe failure and the revealing effect of this dress.

Kvitko didn’t give much information in this video clip because its purpose was to drive her Instagram fans to download her personal app to see more content. Like many other Instagram models, Anastasiya is working to bring traffic from their free social media pages to where they can enhance their brand and attract people to subscribe or buy opportunities to see more stunning photos and videos.

This lace bodysuit also shows Anastasiya’s hips and legs as it is cut high to reveal ample skin. When the video was playing, Kvitko shot with her long black hair and stroked her curvaceous figure with her hand. The Russian model did not notice which brand she chose for the revealed video, although she has a strong interest in brands such as Fashion Nova, PrettyLittleThing and Oh Polly.

Some fans have noticed that Kvitko seems to have darkened her hair recently, and it seems that the dark tones are obvious. In the past few years, when Anastasiya established her followers on Instagram, she has played with her hair color. Sometimes she is quite blond, but these latest videos show a darker shade than usual and seem to suit her.

As Inquisitr recently introduced in detail, Kvitko had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday last week. She spent some time in Las Vegas and Miami and seems to have broken out. Anastasiya is grateful to her Twitter followers for all her birthday love. During her travel and celebration, she also shared some sexy retreats, some of the photos she took while shooting the sexy red bikini pool.

Anastasiya Kvitko now has an impressive 9.1 million fans on Instagram and she knows how to speed up her fans. So far, “Russia Kim Kardashian” has not shared her photo of wearing this lace lingerie bodysuit, but her fans will see if she will be very fast

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Kieran Hayler covered a huge Katie Price underwear tattoo with a boat

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler are currently sorting out their divorce and ending their five-year marriage.

The father of the two children has taken a big step to get the 40-year-old child out of his life – by covering up the tattoo on his leg.

When he appeared on Just Tattoo Of Us, the 31-year-old decided to use his current front underwear and black and white design on his calves.

He left the decision to replace her image to his close friend – he finally chose a huge ship design.

When asked why, the friend joked that this was to show that “the ship has sailed.”

Ok, no matter if your boat is floating, hehe…

Katie and Kieran – they shared their daughter Bunny and son Jett – broke up earlier this year, and both continued on.

But this is not the only tattoo specifically for five mothers. This former stripper has been removed.

To commemorate their marriage, he bid farewell to his design on the wedding ring.

On Instagram, he shared a faded heart with his fans and said to the post: ‘Goodbye, look at your tattoo’.

The couple had already had a roller coaster since they broke up earlier this year, but they often contacted two children.

When young people allocate time between their houses, they often meet to “switch” and agree to remain “friendly.”

However, in a scene of Katie’s TV show “My Crazy Life,” the reality star said it has not yet been fully planned.

After meeting her predecessor, she told him: “By the way, you still look fat.” So the details are going well? “I am not fat!” Kieran replied, swearing that it was because of his sweater.

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Orange County Report: Underwear man said he was robbed of the phone, cash and clothes


According to an accident report, the sheriff’s office tried to find someone who robbed a 40-year-old man under the gun and left him in underwear on Thursday night.

Delegates responded to Brentwood Avenue at 10:48 pm. The theme of “naked, knocking on the door of citizens”.

They found the man trembled in the underwear under the garage.

The man told the representative that he accepted the green tank bottom Ford adventure car driver’s ride. He told him to use his nickname to know the driver.

The man said the car appeared to be malfunctioning at the intersection of Brentwood Drive and Country Colony Drive. Then three people arrived at the black or green Honda.

“The driver pulled him a gun. In addition, the other three subjects arrived with a gun and let him take off his clothes,” the report said.

The gunman holds a man’s school bag with his Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, plus $600 in cash and clothes he wears.

In this test, the man was not injured.

He described the driver as a dark-haired man with a low-profile, big beard and a Mossy Oak camouflage uniform.

If someone has information about the gunmen involved in this incident, they will be asked to call 1-888-CRIME-SC’s Crimestoppers.

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How Arvin Goods becomes the cleanest socks and underwear in the world


Doing the right thing doesn’t mean you have to spend twice as much time,” said Dustin Winegardner, co-founder of Arvin Goods. He said that surprisingly sustainable or environmentally friendly clothing must dwarf traditional prices. Since launching his elegant socks and underwear collection in 2017 – all made from recycled clothing and materials – he has been continually refuting this idea.

By that time, Winegardner had been involved in product development and manufacturing for nearly a decade on behalf of other brands. His company, ITC Accessories, procured materials for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, and he witnessed the possibilities of So. He worked with Harry Fricker – a free creative director who worked at Bocci and Finisterre – and founded Arvin products. “On the social media platform, all of these underlying brands are exploding, but not ““I create sustainable ways in any form,” he said. “So I just saw the opportunity to create my own brand around this material. We already have a supply chain.”

Recycled cotton that Winegardner can use – Polyester yarn is an ideal starting point. Recycled yarns save fresh water, reduce landfill waste, reduce CO2 emissions, and eliminate the need to purchase raw materials from energy-dependent farms and factories. Kilograms of cotton fabrics require 10,000 to 20,000 liters of water to produce, and recycled cotton requires almost nothing. In the United States alone, more than 16 million tons of textile waste is produced each year, of which only a small portion is recycled. Winegardner said that we didn’t even open the tap to recycle the waste. Because the basics are changed more frequently than other garments, they are an important place for people to bring sustainable clothing into the closet. After years of wear and tear, Arvin Goods encourages customers to donate clothing to the brand. This closed garment circle keeps the product away from landfills.

Sustainability – Multiple colours – Elastic ribbed cuffs, looped padded insole and elastic arch support. This boxer briefs, Arvin calls it a “ridiculous supervisor” that is supportive, breathable and lightweight. They are reasonably priced: the price of each pair of socks ranges from $8 to $15, and the price of boxer briefs is $16.

Because Arvin’s initial reaction was so strong, Winegardner is working on developing more products, including a comfortable, performance-oriented pair of men’s underwear made from recycled nylon – using marine waste and fishing nets – and a range of unisex The tops “I think that as people begin to understand that their [regular] T-shirts use a lot of water to produce, their eyes will open to it,” Winegardner said. Like socks and underwear, the new shirt will have an elegant design – and a competitive mid-range price.