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Irish Baldwin puts Braless on the unbuttoned shirt on Instagram

Baldwin, Ireland, has been busy sharing some pretty photos on Instagram and has saved some photos with a third photo. She played with an unbuttoned shirt. In the photo, Ireland is wearing a white shirt and looking directly at the camera. She grabbed the top of the shirt to check the photo but showed her curve.

The model also shared a nude photo earlier, and she posted a photo of her waist on a pair of underwear and thigh-high boots. When Ireland shared this nude photo, she spent some time directly addressing her enemies and told them to disregard her if she wanted to criticize her choice.

Baldwin seems to be the spirit of Halloween, because she has titled the photo, “Why can’t you cross the road?” The fans gave their answers, including “his heart is not there” and “because he has no body to cross with him.”

Ireland also wears a little makeup to highlight her features, including some basic eye shadows and mascara.

In a previous article, the model pointed out that it took her a long time to reach the level of loving her body. This is because she unfortunately struggled with eating disorders in the past.

Hailey’s growing popularity may be attributed to her new husband, Justin Bieber. But Ireland knows Hailey because they are children. It is obvious that she is very happy with her and she is also with her.

Currently, fans can look forward to new posts in Ireland. In addition to the underwear photos, she also wore a low-cut dress, exuding a sultry atmosphere. The chic work is a bright green shade that suits her. It has two straps and she sits on a swing. Recently, Kim Kardashian shared her own photo on the swing, except that she wore a bright bikini and was in Bali. Fans praised Baldwin and let her know that she looked “very beautiful!” and “amazing.”

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Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar reveal a strange “underwear connection” on ‘Koffee With Karan 6’

Anyone who has seen the latest episode of “Koffee With Karan Season 6” knows how crazy it is. The second episode of the crazy popular chat show saw the crazy hats Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh frankly talk about their relationship between their first meeting, professional ethics and many other things.

One of the themes that the audience is in an absolutely split state is the strange “underwear” connection between Akshay and Ranveer. Before you let your imagination go crazy, let us tell you that it doesn’t sound like non-vegetables.

Akshay and Ranveer are talking about how amazing their career path is to Akshay. Like Ranveer (Befikre), he also danced in underwear in the 1994 film “Suhaag”. He said that when Ranveer was wearing a red underwear, he wore a blue underwear in the song “It is my my Life.” Akshay was surprised to say that both of them had underwear in the ninth movie of their respective careers.

Very very hairy Akshay dancing in blue underwear (actually thongs) is not something you want to see on Tuesday (or any other day), but you will, because here is where you are, right? So please continue.

And, it seems that we are not the only one who gets a sense of guilt from this old video. Half of the comments on this Youtube link indicate that the KWK drama has inspired the curiosity of several movie fans. “Did anyone ever heard about Koffee with Karan?” is the most frequently asked question in the comments section!

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Keep in touch with Kardashians: Kim assured Kylie Jenner about the baby’s body… and told her that she must wear three pairs of corsets

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Sunday night E! The episode that keeps in touch with Kardashians is the first photo taken by Kylie Jenner after giving birth to Stormi, as she reveals her concerns about her late baby body.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur complained, “This system is shocking…but the scale is different.”

Although her family told her that she looked “amazing”, her family told her she looked “amazing”, as Khloe Kardashian told her, “Your navel is back to normal.”

At the age of 62, Kelly saw her body give her mother Chris, wearing a black sports bra and black Calvin Klein underwear, wearing a thin black robes and opening a piece for Chris.

Kim, the mother of three children, sympathized with Kelly’s predicament and made a rather surprising revelation.

Kim, who has Kanye West’s North, 5, Saint, 2 and Chicago for nine months, revealed that he wants more children and four children.

“He has been harassing me, we want to be like seven, he is trapped in seven people,” Kim said.

She replied, “I will never, especially in the world we live in,” she added, how much the school shootings have affected her in recent years.

Khloe has a Calvin Klein underwear shot and is pregnant for nine months. After they wrapped up, she flew to Cleveland to prepare for childbirth.

Chris also talked about the prospect of welcoming her ninth grandson and added that she is not sure if Khloe will have children.

“I am worried about whether Kello will have a baby for a second,” said the 62-year-old Kardashian female chief.

Kylie celebrated Stormi’s first Halloween on Friday, sharing a picture of a mother and a nine-month-old daughter wearing matching Halloween costumes.

On Saturday, she shared another cute photo and took a picture of Stormi with an 8 month old Kelly.

KUWTK will continue to play E! next week, and as Khloe begins to give birth, they are horrified to reveal their family’s panic.

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Northeast students take off the annual underwear movement

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On Friday night, thousands of Northeastern college students took off their underwear and walked through the city to participate in the university’s annual tradition.

The annual underwear movement in the Northeast region, in its 13th year, serves as a way for students to relieve stress during the mid-term exam. As the Facebook page of the event said, “Show people in Boston and other schools around us who really run the city!”

The students gathered at the Speare Quad and danced with DJ Antrik, who had hosted the event a few years ago and is well known in the student community.

“This is my first time at Northeastern University. I think it’s great and crazy,” said Jorge Navarrete, a third-year international business professional. “I am a transfer student from Mexico, let me tell you that they don’t have such a thing over there.”

Short trips through the city are not real competitions, but an opportunity for more than 2,000 students to relax.

“It’s crazy, but the Bostonians are crazy and cold, but it looks interesting. It really shows Boston how the Northeast students appear,” said Antoine Godfroy, a second-year business administration student.

Due to the increase in runners, the organizers modified the route to avoid turmoil at the Prudential Center. Based on a long tradition, students walk along the campus, along Huntington Avenue, to the Prudential Center. However, this year’s second round was completed on Hemenway Street.

The Northeastern University Police Department held an event for this purpose, but did not hinder the celebration.

Despite the impact of low temperatures at night, Floris Hooijkaas, a first-year international business professional, already knows the legend of underwear sports.

“Although I am a freshman, I have known this tradition for a few years,” Hooijkaas said. “Although I didn’t participate in the underwear movement because of the cold weather, I definitely thought it brought a sense of community and established a school spirit.”

Julia Pires, a first-year computer science major, said she appreciates the positive and united nature of the event.

“It goes without saying that the underwear movement brings together the Northeastern student community,” Pires said. “But I also think that it gives a lot of girls power and helps to break the stereotype of the body, just giving people a sense of liberation. ”

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Men in underwear want to approach people on the East Grand Rapids trail

The police asked the public to pay attention to suspects accused of wearing underwear and acting on the West Michigan Trail.

Dongdae Rapids City issued a warning on Facebook on Wednesday to warn residents of the man.

So far, the police have photographed three reports of suspicious behavior of white men on the Reed Lake Trail near the Pioneer Club and Lusong Lake Avenue.

According to reports, the man is 5 feet 10 feet to 6 feet tall and wearing dark hair. It is said to be close to people on the Reed Lake Trail wearing speed underwear, whether it is dancing or making gestures.

According to reports, the man drove a gray crossover. The three incidents were reported on Thursday, October 18 at 1:14 pm and Friday, October 19 at 12:40 pm. Monday, October 22 at 6:57 pm

The police said the man did not expose himself or anyone in his body was attacked.

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New York Police Department underwear sheriff “laughs” her attack on colleagues – source

A source said that a New York Police Department sergeant was accused of trying to stuff her dirty underwear into a male detective and ridiculed the “Daily News” exclusive about her so-called misconduct when she was on work on Sunday. Report.

When she signed with the 72nd branch of the detective team, the sergeant. The source said that Ann Marie Guerra even joked that she should “sign up with her underwear.”

According to the source, “Everyone laughs.”

Police Chief James O’Neill condemned her alleged behavior and her rash remarks took place.

“We expect everyone in the New York Police Department to take professional action,” O’Neill said at the Citizen Crime Committee breakfast meeting in downtown. He said the case is being investigated by the department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office.

Detective Victor Falcon filed an equal opportunity with Guerra, claiming that he complained to the sergeant. Guerra talks about her frequent leaving her underwear – including a lace thong – lying in the unisex locker room at the 72nd Precinct Detective Squad office, the 38-year-old policeman screamed.

According to the complaint, she ran over and wiped her face with dirty underwear, apparently trying to stuff them into her mouth.

“They are very clean!” she screamed.

The lawsuit alleges that the fabric entered the open mouth of the detective

But some sources said that Guerra did not put her underwear in Falcon’s mouth, but might have placed it on the nose so he could smell them.

A photo of the “Daily News” shows that the two may not always be divided.

This photo was taken at a Halloween party, indicating that the Falcon was posing with Guerra while wearing a wig and holding something that seemed to be a dildo until his crotch. (Click here to view uncensored photos)

A source said that the Falcons participated in the party as a “small D —“, they opposed Guerra, who repeatedly commented on his masculinity.

Guerra is the second-in-command of the squad leader’s office, responsible for approving overtime and changing the number of detectives.

In addition to the alleged panties, Falcon claimed that Guerra repeatedly denied his shift request, so he could conduct a court guardian hearing on his autistic son, who said the document had been seen. According to sources, Falcon also claimed that Gera delayed approval of his overtime request.

So far, Guerra has not been affected by any departmental allegations and is still full time.

Falcon’s lawyer, Paul Liggieri, wondered why neither Guerra nor Falcon had been removed from Area 72 at the time of the EEO complaint.

“(Guerra) should be immediately disciplined, but it still creates a bad working environment because she works with him every day and they are still in the same area,” Liggieri said. He represented some city employees in the workplace. Harassment case. “The New York City really should have a new policy that allows these officials to file protective complaints without retaliation.”

Some colleagues describe Gera as a “stubborn person” who often laughs at the masculinity of a male colleague.

However, others working with her were shocked by the accusations of the mothers of the two children on Staten Island.

“She is very salty – like a sailor who took her first vacation in six months, but most people do the same,” said a New York Police Department official who had worked with Guerra. “This is the police station. This is not IBM.”

“I have worked with her, but I have never felt castrated,” the officer added. “But she is very noisy and self-righteous, so I can see some unsafe guys offending what she said.”

The second source said that Guerra often talks without thinking, “say anything that comes to mind.”

Did not return to try repeatedly to reach Guerra. On Saturday, the Falcon refused to speak to the Daily News.

Falcon’s Instagram page portrays a person of faith who often publishes religious and exhilarating memes such as “smart response, even non-intelligent treatment”, “anyone can find someone’s dirt. Become a gold find people.”

In April, he posted a photo of himself holding a book called “Jesus Likes Pornstars.”

“I am very sure that this book is a straightforward green light, so I will pass,” the Falcon wrote. “I want to stay in the good side of the Lord.”

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Happy birthday, Kim Kardashian! See her 3 most iconic fashion moments

Happy birthday, Kim Kardashian! On Sunday, October 21, the real star turned into a beauty tycoon will be 38 years old, we are reviewing her most iconic fashion moments. The mother of the three children experienced a considerable style change as she became a household name by keeping in touch with Kardashian.

Whether it’s the doll dress and the Juicy Couture sportswear of the early 21st century, or the almost nude (sometimes even completely nude!) choir that she likes today, the founders of KKW Beauty always like to show off her famous characters. . Since she married Kanye West in May 2014, she has adopted a more unique style, from bicycle shorts to neon latex miniskirts.

To commemorate Kardashian’s 38th birthday, we are pursuing her most memorable appearance. Continue to scroll through our selections!


Think about pink
This reality show shows her super fit physique in the bubble cream pink latex retro Versace mini, Judith Leiber French fries and Yeezy Season 5 PVC high heels around Christie’s x xW What Goes Around in August 2018.

Greek goddess
The sensation of social media won the first influencer award at the CFDA Awards Ceremony in 2018 with Rick Owens’ two-piece and statement bracelet.

At the 2017 LACMA Art + Movie Gala, HBIC was glamorous with Tom Ford’s Gucci evening gown.

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Sexy photos of Chanel West Coast, Ashley Graham and more star photo underwear

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Chanel West Coast shared a series of sexy photos on her Instagram on October 20. In the photo, you can see the black lace lingerie that the rapper is lying on the bed and surrounded by roses. But Chanel is not the only star that has been deprived of the photo or the runway!

If you look at Ashley Graham’s Twitter, you will see a lot of gorgeous models killing in underwear. Although she is very comfortable undressing the camera, she is very happy to open her recently. #MeToo sports help change the industry to better understand the safety and mood of the model during the nude shooting.

In a panel discussion with Vogue, she said: “A lot of things have changed. I think people will pay more attention to the place you want to change. If you are naked on the court, everything is very closed and you feel comfortable.” Also a member of the group. Gigi Hadid also opened up how she is as naked as her peers.

“Some people are empowered and excited to be naked. This is great. I hope that I am one of those people, I am not one of those people. I have accepted things about myself, it doesn’t matter,” she Say. But even if naked is not Gigi’s favorite, she seems to be able to wear underwear for a fashion show and enter Rihanna’s Fenty x Savage show during New York Fashion Week last month.

Another celebrity wearing underwear is Kim Kardashian, who, like Gigi, doesn’t always have confidence when she doesn’t wear clothes. “This is actually very interesting. I am more conservative at home than my public role,” Kim explained in an interview with Richardson. “My public image is wild and sexual. But when I talk about sex, I really feel uncomfortable, and I will be more conservative when I talk about it. But I am in vain. I can wear one. The set is completely nude shot in front of 50 people, but if I am one-on-one, intimate in bed, I am as shy and unsafe.”

All of these women may differ in the way and time they decide to wear underwear, but when they choose, these photos are always great. Take a look at some of the best underwear photos taken by the gallery celebrities above!

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Why do we prefer to use pretty underwear – Abia women


According to the Nigerian News Agency, the women’s underwear business of Abia Umuahia women is now very popular.

Distributors of locally known materials for “okrika” also record high-traffic customers from neighboring communities to the state capital every day.

Some women, mainly middle-aged, in order to get them to choose underwear in the Imumen market in Umuahia, they told NAN that they prefer “okrika”, especially pants, for new styles.

One of the women who chose a different color and style said that she and most women now prefer underwear that is often imported from abroad.

When asked if she was ashamed to see the purchase of these materials, the woman, who asked not to be named, questioned why she should be ashamed of the underwear she chose.

“What is it? What is good? Ask this seller, I am her very good customer.

“In fact, whenever she has a new consignment, she always reminds me that quite common underwear is very durable.

“I don’t just buy them because they are cheap, but because they are of good quality.

“I often buy sexy, I feel very comfortable every time I wear it. My husband often tells me that they are also very good to me,” she said.

A male passer-by who did not want to be named talked to NAN on this issue, attributed the high degree of sponsorship of second-hand pants and other underwear to the national economic downturn.

“Our women not only want to buy underwear, but also buy a variety of well-dressed underwear. When I pass this place, I see them gathered around the seller and pick up all kinds of old clothes.

“I think there is still a long way to go before this is bad for our economy. Nigeria is a dumping ground for all kinds of used products from the US, Europe, Asia and other continents.

However, a woman named Mary said that she did not like to use quite common underwear.

“I personally don’t like it. I don’t like the ones I see. “In fact, for health reasons, I don’t like it. A person can infect an infection in this way. This is underwear, not worn outside.

“I don’t even know the health of the people who passed through it. The woman’s body is very exposed.

“So, why do I have to buy diseases for myself simply because I want cheap or so-called quality underwear; for health reasons, I prefer new ones,” she said.

In her reaction, one of the sellers of second-hand trousers lifted the fear of health hazards and said that the new ones “have a greater health risk because of the chemicals applied to them.”

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CU Boulder Police said the dormitory robbery included the theft of female underwear

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The US Federal Bank’s Boulder Police Department announced at a press conference on Thursday that several campus dormitories reported robbery involving the theft of women’s underwear from the laundry room.

The department reported on Wednesday that it is investigating a series of thefts and thefts in the Aden, Brackett, Cochler and Crossman residences in recent weeks.

According to the release, the suspected thief was described as a white male in his 20s with brown hair and brown beard wearing glasses. The suspect also wore a black baseball cap many times. After each incident, people were seen entering the dormitory from 2 am to 4 am.

The police also said in a press release that a woman reported that a man might have taken a photo or video of a female student who was taking a bath, but it is unclear whether the suspect in the theft of the underwear involved the incident.

CU Boulder police and community security officials will increase regular patrols on and off campus throughout the night, weekends and holidays.

Anyone who has a case or personal information is required to call CUPD at 303-492-6666. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477 or through the Crime Stoppers website.