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What Color Bag To Carry When Going To Work


Are you a business lady who also loves to look stylish at any given moment? If the answer is yes than you are on the right place because today is going to be everything about style and fashion. Most of women love fashion but when it becomes a routine it can become another item on your to do list. We are talking about those times when you are getting ready to go to work and you need to create a perfect outfit in less than a minute. Does that situation look familiar to you? We figure it does.

Well, we are here to jump in and help you out. Today’s topic is about bags so we are going to talk about bags which are perfect to wear to work. When we want to look professional it is better to avoid some things like crazy colored bags, summer vacation bags, backpacks and that sort of bags that simply do not belong in office. Of course it all depends of your line of work, but in general most of the people work in some kind of an office. The best type of bag to wear to work is classic bag with simple neutral colors. It is up on you to spice it up a bit with your jewelry or with the rest of the outfit. You can pop a bit of color if that is your personal style. After all the dress code rules for work aren’t what they used to be.

We also wanted to show you some examples ( some bags that we think would be great to incorporate into you work wardrobe). We went through different online stores and found these ones:

BAG IN CROCO PRINT– this bag is a classic and expensive looking plus you can wear bunch of stuff in this bag considering that is a large tote bag.

This is our example of a statement bag for work, well statement color to be more precise.

FARFETCH BAG – this one is a simple neutral bag and therefore you can combine it with a lot of different fashion items.

MYTHERESA BAG – this bag is a classic neutral bag which simply screams elegance.

MANGO BAG – simple black bag is supposed to find place in every woman’s closet.

How do you like our choice? What type of bags do you usually wear to work? We can’t wait to hear your opinion.

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A Good Figure Is Never Far From You

A Good Figure Is Never Far From You

Having a good shape is every woman’s dream no matter the age. We always want to nail our look and wear the hell out of our outfits. When invited for an event, we want an hourglass figure to pair with the day’s outfit. Wearing a body shaper under your outfit will smooth out your figure and make you feel much more confident. 

If you are new to shapewear, you might be wondering what we are talking about. Shapewear is an undergarment designed to shape your body, and it can be a one-piece or two pieces. It hones the areas you are not happy with. In this post, we will show you which shapewear best suits different parts of your body.

Best for full coverage: Bodysuits

The bodysuit is designed to offer you control on the tummy, thighs, and rear. Sculptshe offers the best shapewear bodysuits that create a more streamlined silhouette.

Best for arms: arm trimmers

If you have flabby arms that make you not wear your favorite short-sleeved tops, we have you covered. Out arm trimmers are latex-free to cater for those with sensitive skins. They also have an adjustable feature to fit perfectly.

Best for waist: waist trainers

Flatten your tummy with the best waist trainer for plus size women. They put more compression on the belly and gives you a figure that makes heads turn.

Best for thighs: thigh trainers

If you have thick thighs that need to be trimmed, these thigh trimmers will not only work on your thighs but also work on your tummy.

Best for a butt: butt lifters

Do you have a flat bum that you would like to lift? The butt lifter shorts would work wonders. They come with rear pads to make you feel better about your bum.

Forget about wearing baggy clothes to hide your flabby and chubby bits. sculptshe body shapers will do all the work for you. Our shapewear comes in different styles and sizes to cater to your slimming effect needs. A good figure is all we wish for you, and it is never far from you, just a click away.

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Who Said You Can’t Have Twist Braids, Scorpion Braids and Boxing Braids. Just Make Hair Smooth and Supple

protect hair

No matter what your real hair`s texture is, you can make almost any type of hairstyle as long as your hair is in great condition. Making sure that your hair is always healthy, smooth and manageable makes it easy to style. Having great hair is definitely the first step to trying out a variety of braids. Here are some tips on how you can achieve any hairstyle by having excellently healthy hair:

  1. Choose a Shampoo with Vitamins
Choose a Shampoo with Vitamins

Biotene H-24 Natural Shampoo with Biotin for

Naturally Thicker, Fuller Hair (8.5 Fluid Ounces)


Choose a Shampoo with Vitamins

  Living Proof

No Frizz Shampoo


In achieving a healthy and supple hair, it always starts with the products you use to clean your hair. Choosing a shampoo with vitamins for hair growth and nourishment will help your hair grow beautifully naturally. There are a ton of shampoo products with vitamins so checking the ingredients and labels is especially important.

  • Carefully Comb your Hair with Wide Tooth Comb
Small comb with wide teeth

Small comb with wide teeth


Combs with small tooth or narrow teeth will make it difficult for you to comb your hair especially when it`s no longer wet.

Opt for a wide tooth comb to make combing your hair easier. This way, you can also prevent unnecessary hair breakage and hair fall.

  • Use a T-Shirt or Hair Towel to Dry your Hair

Contrary to popular belief, the towels we use for our body can actually strip off the oils and nourishment of our hair. Hence, using a thin t-shirt or a towel specifically for your hair is a better option.

Using cotton t-shirts or hair towels will prevent dry and frizzy hair.

Use a T-Shirt or Hair Towel to Dry your Hair


Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel


  • Protect your Hair with SPF

We usually only use SPF on our face or body. However, wearing a protective serum with high SPF on our hair is as equally important to prevent it from being too dry, frizzy and dull.

Always make sure that all the products you`re putting on your scalp and hair must have safe ingredients which will benefit your hair in the long run.  

Protect your Hair with SPF



  • Regularly Condition your Hair with Masks

Hair masks are excellent hair products to provide your hair with the nourishment it needs. You can use hair mask at least 1-2 times a week for better results.

There are different types of hair masks depending on what your hair needs. If your hair lacks shine, opt for masks with vitamins. If your hair is prone to damage, look for hair masks with strengthening ingredients. Choosing hair masks based on the season and needs of your hair will help you style or braid your hair in any way you want.

Regularly Condition your Hair with Masks


Ghost Hair Mask™


  • Trim your Hair Regularly

Have you ever wanted those long and beautiful hair but can`t achieve it because of split ends? Contrary to popular belief, trimming your hair will actually help your hair grow longer. This is because most of us have a limit as to when the hair slowly stops growing. Hence, trimming your hair will promote healthy hair by cutting off dead and dull hair on the ends.

Trim your Hair Regularly



With braiding, strong hair is a necessity. Using shampoos and hair masks with excellent ingredients, combing your hair with wide teeth, using a cotton shirt or hair towel, protecting your hair with SPF, and trimming your hair regularly will definitely help you grow your hair healthily allowing you to do a variety of braids.

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Retro Style Bear Hairpin to Create a Sweet Girl


Want to go back to your childhood and bring back the lovely and sweet memories of being young? Wearing a retro style bear hairpin is such a simple yet cool way to wear your childhood and reminisce those good old days of being carefree. Being sweet, young and fun doesn`t come with age. Here are some really cute and lovely retro style bear hairpin to look sweet and fabulous:

  1. Jelly Bear Candy Colored Hair Clips


These jelly bear candy colored hair clips are very reminiscent of the gummy bears most of us, as kids have eaten and kept in our pockets in secret. These are so cute and look like genuine gummy bears stuck on a hair pin. It`s cute, fun, cool, and looks so yummy!

  • Candy Bear Hair Clips

These candy bear hair clips are some of the cutest hairpins. It`s very reminiscent of those retro candies and candy pillow cases. This bear hairpin is absolutely perfect is you`re wearing plaids or a retro-inspired dress!

4 set of bear hair clips, gummy bear, teddy bear hair pins


  • Gold Bear Hair Clip

For a classic yet chic look, this gold bear hair clip is an absolutely lovely. This is very reminiscent of a younger, fashionable and cute you! This is such a simple hairpin but holds so many memories. It`s very chic and perfect for any type of dress. It doesn`t look too childish yet still fun.

Bear Hair Clip- Gold Hair Clip, Gift Ideas For Her


  • Classic Teddy Bear Hair Clips



Oh, the classic hair pin! Have you ever played with any of these classic teddy bear hair clips? You know, when you open and close it by bending it up and down, up and down? The clipping sound it makes whenever it gets closed, and the springy sound it has when you open bring so much memories. This classic teddy bear clips in gold looks unique yet very stylish! You can bring out your young and lovely personality with these hair pins!

  • Beaded Pearl Bears

These retro beaded bears are an absolute beauty! Just look at those shiny pearls! If you want to go back to your childhood yet still look so fashionably cute and young, you can opt for these beaded pearl bear hairpins! They`re lovely and perfect for more formal occasions.

Pearl Bear hairpin


Retro bear hairpins are so timely to bring back this season! Side sweep those bands or framing pieces for a cleaner and cuter look with hairpins. These bear hair pins definitely bring back a lot of fun memories of being so young, fashionable, and carefree. Good things is a lot of stores are offering retro hairpins, specially retro bear inspired designs, making it easy for you to add them to your accessories collection.

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Mini Dresses for Dinner If You Are Out Home

fashion dresses

Whether it’s an Italian or Japanese restaurant, it doesn’t matter. When we go out to eat in the evening and we have to find the right dress, we almost always need a lot of time to find what really satisfies us and doesn’t make us feel awkward as soon as we have filled the belly after the first course. Therefore, it is better to be prepared, with a careful choice of what we have to wear, it being understood that one of the strongpoints of our outfit will be heels, stiletto or squared, the choice will be yours, but they must not be missing to complete your outfit if you want to wear a cheap mini dress in the best way!

Polka dots

Sultry Black Halter Neck Mini Dress Polka Dots Outdoor
Sultry Black Halter Neck Mini Dress Polka Dots Outdoor

An excellent starting point is certainly the choice of a polka dot dress, with the right neckline and the perfect skirt that always creates that beautiful sense of dynamism in every movement, that is a pleasure to see!

Coat dress

Maiden White Turndown Neck Mini Dress Plaid Print Ultra Sexy
Maiden White Turndown Neck Mini Dress Plaid Print Ultra Sexy

I find that this type of clothing is little worn by women who do not reserve the right number of uses for it. Well, if until now you have never worn this dress that looks like a coat before, you’d better get a move on, choosing to buy one of the many models available on the HexinFashion website!


Particularly Green Ruched Sling Bodycon Dress Open Back Sheath
Particularly Green Ruched Sling Bodycon Dress Open Back Sheath

In the evening you can also go out with the idea of wearing something that should in no way go unnoticed, and for this reason, nothing is better than a dress in neon colours! Whether green, yellow or pink it doesn’t matter, you will be the first to be invited to sing karaoke!

With high boots

Luscious Black Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Mini Dress Fast Shipping
Luscious Black Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Mini Dress Fast Shipping

There are some dresses that seem to be made to be worn with certain types of boots, and if this is the case of high boots, this dress is absolutely perfect worn with boots that can exceed half the length of the thigh!

Minimal style

Charming Black Drawstring Waist Mini Dress 3/4 Sleeve Women Outfit
Charming Black Drawstring Waist Mini Dress 3/4 Sleeve Women Outfit

A woman does not always have the desire to wear the latest fashion dress, preferring to this something that allows her to face the evening in absolute relaxation, enjoying every moment after a day of work. A dress with a minimal style and cared for in some detail can be used during a dinner, you can’t go wrong!


Among the fabrics of an evening dress, velvet is certainly perfect because of the play of reflections it creates when you are under direct light, like in restaurants. A great style that also evokes a 70/80’s style of old Paris, for an unforgettable romantic dinner!

Sensual Curves Black Pleated Off Shoulder Evening Dress Stretch
Sensual Curves Black Pleated Off Shoulder Evening Dress Stretch

Red with a slit

We have talked about everything but we must conclude with a bang: the slits are a certainty to wear during a dinner if you want to wear something very special, as well as the red colour, the colour of passion and that is well suited for a very spicy dinner. By mixing the two things you will get the perfect result!

Enchanting Pleated Red Cross Waist Tie Midi Dress V Neck For Romans
Enchanting Pleated Red Cross Waist Tie Midi Dress V Neck For Romans
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What Shapewear Types are Fit for Bridal Dress?

The most important day of your life is here, and you are all set to get married to your partner. But this the time when you will have to get dressed beautifully as everyone will look at you. Well, this the time when you feel more nervous as your body is not in perfect shape, and you may not look beautiful with your favorite gown. So, is there any solution for this? Well, yes, and all you need to wear the best high waist shapewear for women, and you can find a great deals on Black Friday 2020 Deals on Shapellx. These products are designed to bring your body in perfect shape, and you will look stunning. Now, have a look at some best options that you can buy.

  1. Lace smooth bodysuit

This product is here to offer you 360-degree firm control, bringing every part into the perfect shape. It has adjustable shoulder straps, and you can wear it in spaghetti straps style. It will give your breast a perfect coverage, making your look sexy. For better tummy control, there is a 2-layer mesh panel on the tummy area. Buy it now.

body shaper for women
AirSlim™ Lace Smooth Bodysuit
  • Backless thong bodysuit

This is the best body shaper for all types of bridal dresses. It will remain undetected under your dress, keeping you in perfect shape. You can adjust the body compression level using its adjustable shoulder straps. The bust area has an elastic mesh and offers comfort to different bust types. As it has made of moisture-wicking material, you won’t feel skin irritation while wearing it.

thong shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ Backless Thong Bodysuit
  • Firm tummy compression bodysuit

Made from firm compression fabric, this body shaper will perfectly sculpt your back, waist, and tummy areas to make you appear beautiful with your wedding outfit. For curling prevention, it has two plastic bones. Besides, to prevent rolling edge issues, the product has a dropping glue feature. The abdomen area has a 3-layer mesh to create adequate compression. Give it a try now.

best shapewear for dress
AirSlim™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter
  • Power body shaper with side zipper

When you have this, nothing can stop you from getting a super sexy hourglass figure. It shapes your abdomen, waist, and torso. No one will be able to see the shaper under your wedding dress. It perfectly covers your entire stomach area. With wider shoulder straps, it won’t put much stress on your shoulder.

best shapewear for tummy and waist
AirSlim™ Power Body Shaper with Side Zipper
  • Lycra cami seamless bodysuit

It produces light compression control over the body and targets different compression zones. Made of nylon yarns and Lycra fiber, you will find this very comfortable to use. When you have this on your body, you will get super smoothed hips, thighs, and torso. Visit Shapellx official website now and check out the huge collection of high-quality body shapers available at the best prices.

body shaper for tummy
AirSlim™ Lycra Cami Seamless Bodysuit
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Plus Size Waist Trainer for Women at FeelinGirl

The waist trainer is a fantastic piece of body shaping product that helps you shape the waist and tone it as per your requirements. Amongst the different fitness equipment and shapewear clothing, the waist trainer is top-rated due to its efficiency and relatively quick results. There are other ways to shape your body and tone the waist and work out and physical exercises, but these methods take time. By using the waist trainer, you will likely get instant results, and the continued usage of these trainers can potentially have a lasting impact in shaping your waist as per your requirements. Here it is worth noting that wearing the waist trainer for a sustained period of time can potentially have some side-effects or drawbacks and so you must consider that aspect before purchasing the waist trainer for yourselves.

The waist trainers come in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. It is often difficult for plus-sized women to find the perfect clothing accessory. However, these days, many the manufacturers produce plus size waist trainers for these women, so if you are plus size, you don’t have to worry about not finding the ideal waist trainer for your size. There are plenty of options available in the market for plus-sized women, and so you must take a look at different waist trainers and compare them before you decide to purchase it.

The FeelinGirl is one of the best destinations when it comes to the plus-size waist trainer for women. Here you will find a lot of variety and range for the different body shaping products, and it is no different for waist trainers. When browsing, the products go to the waist trainers category, and from there, choose the plus size waist trainers who are available for sale on their website.

Latex waist trainers for women

If you are looking for the ideal latex waist trainer for women, then the trainers by FeelinGirl are an ideal choice. This is because the soft and breathable material provided in the corset works wonders compared to hard corsets, which make it difficult for breathing. The waist cincher or the waist trainer from FeelinGirl is a perfect accessory for the weight loss and your daily wear, and you can even wear it for an outdoor run or take it to the gym.  

Efficient shapewear bodysuits for women

The shapewear bodysuit from FeelinGirl is amongst the best in the market. It will potentially help you feel good about your body and be confident in your personality. This bodysuit shapewear will make you look stylish in any of the outfits. These cheap bodysuits are comfortable for wearing and provides the wearer with a pleasant experience.

FeelinGirl for good quality shapewear

The FeelinGirl is one of the best destinations for different waist trainer types, bodysuits, shorts, panties, sports bras, and leggings. The company’s objective is to provide ideal fitness and inner body clothes for the amazing women whose courage, inner strength, dedication, and passion inspire everyone.

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Winter Coat Collocation Keeps Warm and Full of Gas

coat and jacket

Winter coats are an absolute essential especially if you live in a country with winter season or cold season. Layering has never been more important during cold season. Hence, having a collection of winter clothes and coats will help you get through winter feeling warm, comfortable and safe.

Here are some stylish and versatile coats you can wear both during autumn and winter:

  1. Printed Jacket
Brushed Grid Print Jacket
Brushed Grid Print Jacket

Printed jackets and blazers are incredibly fashion forward. During autumn or winter, you can wear a turtleneck sweater, and layer with this printed jacket. You can wear it with a pair of slacks or high waist jeans. For the accessories, you can carry a clutch or small sling bag, wear a pair of chunky chain necklace, and a pair of simple earrings.

Brushed Grid Print Jacket


  •   Bear Coat

Bear coats are extremely comfortable and warm. They`re usually made of faux fur making it very cozy and perfect for colder weather.

The fabric is just fluffy and feels really nice. Its thick fabric and over-sized body structure makes it excellent for layering during chilly days. For winter, you can definitely even wear this inside the house on top of your plain or regular clothes with a pair of fuzzy slippers.

Teddy Bear Coat
Teddy Bear Coat

Teddy Bear Coat


  • Hooded Parka

A parka is usually worn in areas with cold weather throughout the year. Hence, this is an excellent clothing item to invest on for comfort, and protection. They`re insulated and waterproof which is why it`s also great for when you`re out in the rain or snow. This is great to wear with a pair of high quality boots to keep you from slipping on a wet surface or floor.  

Gotham 550 Fill Power Down Hooded Parka
Gotham 550 Fill Power Down Hooded Parka

Gotham 550 Fill Power Down Hooded Parka



  • Tie-Belt Coat
Tie Belt Coat
Tie Belt Coat
Wool Coat
Wool Coat

Tie Belt Coat Wool Coat


Tie-belt coats are your ultimate bet in making sure you stay fashionably chic during colder months. You can wear this with a dress, a pair of high-quality boots, and the trendy bucket bag.

This is a great alternative especially if you need to wear something more formal for business or formal events. Besides a tie belt coat, you can also wear a thick sweater or turtleneck top underneath for added protection from the cold.

  • Fur Coat

Fur coats are known to be wonderful clothing items to have during autumn and winter. There are a variety of fur coats available in the market hence finding one which fits your needs and weather is a piece of cake.

Making sure that your head and neck area are well-covered is especially important during cold season to prevent getting sick from the cold. The great thing about fur coats is you can easily style them whether it`s for daily errands or work.

Soia & Kyo
Alsina Fur Trim Asymmetric Front Down Coat - 100% Exclusive
Soia & KyoAlsina Fur Trim Asymmetric Front Down Coat – 100% Exclusive

Soia & Kyo

Alsina Fur Trim Asymmetric Front Down Coat – 100% Exclusive


Having a collection of winter coats will definitely be useful whether you`re at home or outside. Keeping warm, protected, comfortable and cozy has never been more important. Investing in high quality coats will be pay off in the long run.

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Tips on Choosing Body Shaper for Plus Size Women

Before you choose a body shaper you need to know your measurement. To pick the right size is the first thing you need to know. Try buying shapewear in your size or to make sure to try buying a size larger. Second is knowing your body shape and focus on what you want to flaunt. And third is choosing the best shapewear for plus size women like the durability the comfort and the effectiveness of shapewear.

1. Plus Size Bodysuit Shapewear | Ultra Conceal Compression Shaping Shorts

This plus size dress shapewear is not only going to shape your body but also give you a better posture it will help you reduce your size and the shape of your body and smoothing and slimming the body. It is also easy and comfortable to wear because of the adjustable and removable straps it has a side zipper so it is easy to take off. It is also has a specialized fabric that helps you lift your butt. It is also open bust so you can wear your favorite bra. This will help you control your tummy and will give you a sexy curve while seamless wearing a dress.         


2. Flatten bodysuit shapewear 

This is crotchless shapewear so it is convenient for going to the bathroom. This shapewear will flatten your stomach whether you are working or at home. It has a high level of firm compression to really help you flatten your stomach. It is comfortable to wear and it has an adjustable strap and it is also soft. You won even notice that it has snatched in your waist. This is recommended to any female who wants to look slim and have an hourglass figure  

You can even wear your favorite bra while wearing this shapewear because it is under the bust. This will really make you look slim. It will also give you an hourglass body and confidence.

3. High Waist Best Tummy Control Shaper
This shapewear has one plastic bone on each side of the waist to prevent it from curling. It is comfortable and convenient to wear because the fabric is meshed fabric and one lining it is also a breathable fabric it’s perfect for the summer. The hook and eye crotch closure for convenience to go to the bathroom. It is also soft against your skin so it is really comfortable to wear. The butt enhancing is designed to lift your hips and create a charming curve.

4. Postsurgical Body Shaper

This post-surgical body shaper helps you reduce discomfort it improves your posture and enables your normal clothes while supporting the uterus during your daily activities. It is easy to wear because it has a detachable zipper and detachable straps. The inner layer of moisture-wicking fabric is so comfortable and breathable.

  5. Under Bust Body Shaper 

This is the perfect garment to smooth your curves with firm control, and it will help you burn calories. And helps you slim your figure in any dress that you want to wear. This is underbust shapewear so you can wear your favorite bra. This will fit you without any bulges. It is also comfortable to wear and compression is really good.

This is the perfect garment to smooth your curves with firm control and it will help you burn calories. And helps you slim your figure in any dress that you want to wear. This is underbust shapewear so you can wear your favorite bra. This will fit you without any bulges. It is also comfortable to wear and compression is really good.

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Sunglasses Are No Longer Simply to Protect Your Eyes, But Can Also be Used to Enhance Your Sense of Fashion


Hello loves, how are you? Today we are going to talk about a fashion accessory that makes the look more beautiful and chic. The sunglasses leaves it with an extra charm in the look.

This year the glasses are super modern, with creative and innovative design, have glasses for all kinds of tastes, if you like the kitten glasses, glasses with prints and more retro glasses you will love the trends of glasses.

Stamped frames

Tortoiseshell sunglasses
Tortoiseshell sunglasses

The prints of tops, dresses, jackets, bikinis and swimsuits will be transported to the frames of sunglasses and prescription glasses. Animal print, geometric and polka dots will be printed on acetate frames, capable of lifting even the most basic look, jeans and T-shirt.

Colored lens glasses

Polygon frame rimless sunglasses
Polygon frame rimless sunglasses

The colored lens with transparency enhances

the look and highlights the makeup, which results in cool and current looks. It is a simple accessory to match, as it transits between various styles.

A tailoring look gets a point of interest when the complement is the colored transparent lens glasses. Urban and casual productions are even more fashionable with the accessory. For a boho chic style proposal, the colored lens glasses are perfect!

Dramatic kitten

Cat eye sunglasses with case
Cat eye sunglasses with case

A kitten glasses, with drama. In this version, the format is narrower and the pull is exaggerated. It is the reinterpretation of a classic with a certain futuristic touch. As a consequence, the model became smaller, fitting into a second trend: small glasses.

Retro sport aviator

Flat Top Shield sunglasses
Flat Top Shield sunglasses

This reinterpretation of aviator style glasses is loaded with nostalgic and sporting references. The model is a little bigger, in a mention to the mask shape, which will be the great success of the summer season.

In colors, it appears in sober versions of brown, gray and green, but also in blue and orange with a slight transparency.

Red frame

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Cat Eye Sunglasses

She’s back! The color appears in different formats, from classics to fashionistas, in combination with lenses of different colors. With black, it forms a sophisticated proposal; with a blue lens, it is bold; and prescription glasses, modernity and fun.

Transparent frame glasses

The glasses bring a proposal of lightness and enhancement of facial features. They are discreet, allowing you to use even more colors in makeup and maxi accessories.

On the other hand, it is a perfect frame to compose a minimalist look. With light make-up and delicate accessories, you will have a clean and fresh look.

Butterfly glasses

The butterfly-shaped glasses, pulled up in the upper corner, are elegant and look up. They look beautiful on elongated faces, like oval and inverted triangle (heart), since they add proportion and harmony.

Yellow lens

  Yellow lens glasses are a trend coming directly from the 90s. The 2020 version comes with mirrored lenses, exaggerated designs, metal and acetate frames and still forming a gradient with other colors.

1 – Clean your glasses properly

You do not need to wash frequently, but whenever there is a possibility of containing a grain of dust or sand. This is because running water removes these grains, making it impossible to scratch the lenses. You can also use mild soap to remove greasy stains. To dry, opt for flannels and microfiber cloths, which are ideal for this cleaning. If you have a product such as sanitizing sprays, you can also use it.

2 – Keep them out of the sun and heat

As well? Leave the sunglasses out of the sun? That’s exactly it. When you get home, try to store them in places with lower temperatures and away from direct sunlight. That’s because heat can damage the frames and lenses. Also, avoid leaving your accessory in the glove compartment of the car, using it in the sauna or in places with hot water.

3 – Do not soak your glasses in salt water

Sea water is harmful to various accessories, and glasses are not left out. This is because it can lead to oxidation, loss of gloss and, in the case of non-plastic frames, to rusting. In the long run, even the protective effect is lost.

4 – Make adjustments

It’s not just prescription glasses that need adjustment. The sunglasses too. That’s because, over time, it can loosen. If you do not make the necessary adjustments, you may end up dropping and spoiling. If you need help, always take it to a trusted point of view and don’t try to optimize at home.