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Wearing underwear of the errors, these four kinds of underwear will shrink the chest

Underwear for girls is an indispensable clothes, wearing underwear at the same time not only to protect your chest, but also make your body curve more beautiful. But if you wear the bra is not suitable for their own, often wear on the chest will cause squeezing, the body will cause some damage. So what kind of underwear is not for you?

1, shoulder strap down

There may be two reasons for this phenomenon, the bra is too loose too loose, easy to move after the shoulder strap fall. The other is the wrong shoulder strap style, each person’s shoulder type is different, with wide shoulders, narrow shoulders, shoulders, cut shoulder, etc., different shoulder type suitable for the style is also different, such as cut shoulder Special attention to the bra strap design can not be too outside, to choose those built-in type design, so that it is not easy to slide down

Mysterious sense of sexy triangle cup lace before the front buckle female underwear no steel thin cotton breathable bra bra
To be more refreshing in summer, this underwear is very suitable for you. Exquisite lace pattern embellishment as a whole, outline the charming sexy temperament. Triangle cup, small and exquisite and inclusive, but also not too cumbersome, refreshing breathable. A change in the traditional back button design, the use of the front buckle off when more convenient. Underwear at the end of the crotch design for the cotton fabric, has a good skin-friendly and breathable.

2, cup up

Many times the behavior of girls will be relatively large, if you gently raised his hand, your bra cup ran up, which shows that your underwear is not for you. The reason is that your underwear bust is too loose, or the cup is too shallow, like a plate floating on your chest.

Summer lace sexy bra suit sexy underwear care together small chest no trace lace embroidery
Elegant and elegant dark green lace pattern, outline the charming Breast, delicate and sexy sultry. Underwear at the end of the crotch is a cotton fabric, skin-friendly good, comfortable and breathable. Close to the full cup style, with a good gathering effect, at any time to show the charming posture.

3, empty cup or crowded cup

Empty cup is a very common situation, empty cup when the size of the cup to choose the wrong choice, the general cup size is defined by ABCD, if you choose C will be empty cup, it is recommended that you choose the following C cup size. Squeeze the cup is the same reason, indicating that the underwear cup is too small, you should replace the cup of a little bigger.

Victorian fruit underwear suit ladies summer ultra-thin section gather up sexy lace side to receive chest
Very elegant underwear color, revealing the slightest little woman feelings. Add a small butterfly as a decoration, exudes a lovely and youthful atmosphere. Thin cup, summer wear very comfortable. Half a cup of design style, enveloped with a layer of micro-feeling, people put it down. This underwear cover cup code number more, D code also have Oh!

4, underwear will cause indentation

If you wear a underwear after you feel chest tightness, then that this underwear caused you squeeze, take a bath at night when wearing underwear where there will be indentation, this underwear you have to be careful. Especially with a steel underwear, no steel underwear is the real gospel of women.

Lace small chest underwear manufacturer thin thin underwear female students high school students girls gathered deep V bra suit
Noble and elegant purple lace pattern, outline the charming Breast, delicate and sexy sultry. Underwear at the end of the crotch is a cotton fabric, skin-friendly good, comfortable and breathable. Close to the full cup style, with a good gathering effect, at any time to show the charming posture.


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What are the characteristics of the bra, you have chosen right?

Good things who like, especially a good bra is sought after by female friends, because a good bra not only can protect women’s breasts, but also play the effect of shaping the curve. What kind of bra can be considered a good bra? What are the standard bra

1. good bra must be able to make your chest showing the best state, while wearing and comfortable.

2. Everyone in the selection of the bra when the focus is not able to gather the chest, but ignored the armpit and the back of the lines. Really good bra in addition to be able to wear out full of full chest and sexy cleavage, but also pay attention to the armpit and the back is out of the ugly marks, or no matter how good the chest can not be called a good bra.

3. In the selection of underwear, pay special attention to the size of the bra, the appropriate size of the bra, preferably the distance between the breast and bra, can accommodate 1-2 fingers, and wear to feel comfortable and comfortable.

4. Remember the bra can not be too tight, especially those who have a bra, the chest size must be wider, in the hand and exercise, the chest will not have a sense of oppression, the bra will not be removed from the breast, remove the bra Breasts do not appear around the mark.

5. Bra material is also very important, it is best cotton, chemical fiber material sweat and poor permeability, easy to cause allergies. When the body activities, the bra will continue to rub the nipple, bra inside the fiber filament is easy to enter the breast, over time, will block the breast, induced breast disease.

One piece of no trace without steel bra twist sexy adjustment small bra comfortable girl underwear
Advanced hot pressing technology, 3D stereoscopic molding, increase the abundance. Soft breathable mold cup, gracefully support the chest. Breathable stretch fabric, Le easy and comfortable, lock the extra small fat. Brushed, more comfortable

Hollow embroidery underwear manufacturer water soluble lace thin section chest chest bra Bold exaggerated hollow water-soluble embroidery lace, upper body later, three-dimensional sense of strong, sexy generous! Cup for the thin cotton cup, away from the black heart sponge, with a soft steel ring comfortable and healthy shape, light and breathable, especially for spring and summer wear. Cups can be placed pad. Double elastic shoulder strap, anti-slip Le

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These underwear must not be shared, no matter how good the relationship

Although there is a saying, “We are wearing a pants grow up” to describe the degree of close relationship with friends, but this sentence sent from the health point of view is very bad. Although the relationship with the girlfriend no matter how good but some things can not be shared. Some friends may say that I know that is not the toothbrush and contact lenses these things into the eye thing. In fact, this is not finished some underwear is often overlooked by us but must not be shared

A bra
Bra looks quite comfortable gathering is also very good, by I wear to see? This sounds very common, and even when buying a bra when someone in order to better experience the effect, will not wash the bra directly close to the skin to wear. But in fact a lot of bacteria will be affixed in the bra to wear long-term attention and cause skin and skin diseases.

No steel ring sleep bra thin mold cup girl junior high school student sports sleep underwear cotton vest bra
No steel ring bra, wearing comfortable no pressure at the same time the effect of gathering will not be because of the steel ring and greatly reduced. Because it is cotton material close to wear soft while sweating and permeability better, because you can quickly sweat can effectively reduce and control the breeding of bacteria.

Summer no steel ring sleep bra thin mold cup white girl middle school student sports sleep wear underwear small bra
To women sleeping when designed bra, wearing comfortable while also to prevent the night to sleep is outside the chest expansion and sagging. Cotton inside is very breathable even if the night cover is not sleepy feel hot and humid to bring the chest really dry.

Underwear is to protect the privacy of women’s last line of defense, but also the closest private office and underwear. For everyone’s gynecological health underwear must be washed and then wear and because of the different body of different secretions are also different of these secretions of bacteria will not wash because of washing so pants must not be shared even if the panties have not washed She was wearing.

Socks are often overlooked, that socks no importance, which friends socks do not put their socks to her to wear, in fact, people’s feet sweat glands, blood vessels, nervous system is very developed, when the feet out of some body fluids, easy Residual bacteria on socks to their socks to others to wear easily lead to cross infection

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Why is the women behind the inside and outside there is a wide width?

For women’s underwear, the girls themselves are full of unknown and doubt. Every time to buy their own underwear will be tangled, in the end should buy what cup? Underwear there are fine, there are wide, in the end should choose which one? Let Xiaobian for the baby to answer the question behind it!

The width of the back of the underwear, in fact, can be selected according to the different season. For example, the summer, the weather is more hot, easy to sweat, this time the choice of underwear will be more breathable and thin, and the back of the shoulder strap to choose the Department of shoulder pads more comfortable and cool. While the winter weather is more cold, this time you can wear a wider underwear, but also more warm and comfortable.

At the same time, underwear shoulder strap if the smaller, the back of the mark is relatively obvious, while the back is broadband, the tears are not so obvious. And behind the wide underwear compared to the back of the thin underwear more solid, like a four-row buckle than the three-row buckle more stable is a reason.

And, in general, if the larger girl’s underwear behind the back of the chest than the smaller girls underwear more wide, because to play the role of support and protection, so the little girl’s underwear is generally more light, behind also Comparison of fine.

Of course, underwear styles are different, behind the wide and thin degree will be different, such as adjusting the back of the underwear is relatively wide, at least three rows, while the general underwear behind, only two rows, and adjust the underwear are generally to adjust the chest Type and so on, so the latter is wide.

In fact, the underwear behind the wide and thin are according to the requirements of the baby to choose, if you want to adjust the type of underwear on the back of a wide choice, if your chest is relatively small, select the back of the more detailed. And the quality of underwear must be good, after all, is close clothing. Let Xiaobian recommended for your baby quality underwear it!

Elegant gathered underwear bra

This bra shows women’s romantic elegance and sexy, lace and embroidery with, more feminine, and more beautiful. Cup cup stars to create a more concentrated, so the effect is better than ordinary underwear, gather effect is remarkable. This section of underwear is a steel underwear, comfortable and more easy to shape.

Cotton low waist underwear
This section underwear with natural high-quality cotton, wearing a more breathable comfort, the thickness of thin and more suitable for summer wear, underwear soft skin-friendly, and sweat, like the feeling did not wear. Pattern fresh, fine detail, long wear will not be deformed, the line is more dense.

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Womens underwear behind the tape is wide good or fine good?

In fact, there are many people will have such a curiosity: Why do some girls wear a broadband underwear, but some girls are wearing a thin belt of underwear it? Although it can be simply summarized as a habitual problem, but choose a good underwear really have a great impact on women’s health. So today Xiaobian to tell you why girls lingerie with wide and thin, and in the end how to choose.

First: the difference between the buckle
The general underwear belt has a row of buckle, two rows of buckle, three rows of buckle and four rows of buckle. Broadband underwear is generally more biased in favor of the latter two kinds of breasts, the more buckle the underwear support force is greater, so it will be more suitable for fullness of the girls.

Second: on the side ratio
In general, the high side of the side will be conducive to the armpit and the back of the fat back to the chest, so you want to adjust the breast type of girls can choose broadband underwear, because the wide band will be easier to create high Side than, so it is conducive to creating the perfect breast type.

Third: on the design
Fine strap underwear is not no benefit, and its style can be more selective. But the broadband underwear is slightly less selective than the thin tape. Usually travel when wearing a halter can choose a thin belt of underwear, make the baby look more sexy.

Then in the end should buy broadband underwear or thin belt underwear it? Different baby’s breast shape in the end how to choose? The following one to answer.

First: thin girls choose fine straps
Thin girls choose thin belt will feel the body Le from uncomfortable, but a little fat girls choose a thin belt will be possible to bring the tape into the meat inside the curl is not fixed. In fact, as the first point above the broadband support for large enough for full of girls, otherwise the same is true.

Second: the chest fat has been “squeezed” out of the choice of broadband
Like the second point, too thin side of the tape will be relatively low, if the chest fat has been on the map of the “cutting” phenomenon is the best choice of broadband, is conducive to other parts of the fat “recycling” to reach chest.

Third: the best two kinds of tape underwear are prepared on a set
Why do you say this way? Because the broadband underwear is only suitable for internal wear, not suitable for “leak out”. And thin belt underwear because of the more style so you can choose to wear some halter equipment, exposed tape is also very good to see, prepare a set can also prevent from time to time

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Wearing a few small habits of underwear, wearing a big difference between the wear!

A pair of underwear is not cheap, and wear it is not comfortable, good trouble Oh. Many of my sisters say this, but the one who put on is putting the flesh and blood of other places. Meat meat homing your cup will become larger. Underwear is the most intimate friend of the girls, want to protect you must know these small details.

1. your underwear will generally wear a few days, every day for, or for many days do not change it?
Experts show that there are about 100 grams of metabolites on each of the underwear that has hundreds of millions of bacteria per day. Wearing a few days will affect the skin health Oh. Even get breast disease?
So we usually wear underwear every day to wash Oh, to dry in the sun. No matter how expensive the underwear is not to wear for more than six months. Time is too long underwear deformation becomes dirty, you can not protect your chest.

2. Will you choose a different underwear on different occasions?
Some experts suggest that different occasions, it is best to wear different underwear, such as sports and fitness to wear sports underwear. Very good house, sagging and other chest trouble. Usually, we must choose cotton underwear comfortable, and will not be to stimulate the chest. Not very important occasions try not to wear a chest pad underwear. Very heavy underwear will affect the metabolism, but also affect the breast health.

3. Do you want to make the chest look full of some, choose a small cup of underwear?
Do not do too much squeeze the chest, will make the chest fat scattered. Resulting in vice breast or abdominal meat raised. But also greatly increased the risk of mastitis. You have to remember Oh, wear underwear is not for fashion, but for health.

4. Do you always feel comfortable wearing a bra?
Is actually a normal phenomenon Oh, because the main function of the bra is to support your chest, so he must be close to you. The ideal degree of tightness and the distance between the back does not exceed the space of the two fingers. So, underwear must be fit themselves.

5. How should the underwear be accepted?underwear manufacturer china
Right to say that the way the bra is to buckle the buckle, and then into the cabinet. Or hook will be hook broken, oh other clothes, and do not squeeze to the cover. So that the cover deformation.

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Girls pay attention to these kinds of underwear can not be worn later

Underwear is a kind of girls love and hate clothes, love is to wear underwear will make the girls look more likely to chest and prevent the light, hate is to wear underwear really super uncomfortable, giving a But in any case underwear for girls are very important, so girls in the choice of underwear to choose the right underwear, will be on their own chest growth and development is very good, the following Xiaobian to give you a few talk about Do not try to wear several kinds of underwear!

1, take off underwear indentation of underwear
Some girls wear a day underwear and found their chest Xiong more obvious indentation, but they do not have too much attention to continue to wear such underwear, which in fact shows that the underwear is not fit, long wear This kind of underwear may make your breasts get oppressed and become smaller.

2, shoulder straps fall underwear
Generally speaking, underwear shoulder strap slide for two reasons, one is the design of the underwear shoulder strap is not suitable for your shoulder type, if it is a slender girl on the choice of a shoulder strap underwear, there is a Is wearing underwear for too long and lead to underwear is very loose, so easy to slide on the shoulder strap.

3, will run the cup underwear
If the underwear becomes a little big will be very easy to run the case of the cup, if the underwear in public places running cup is a super embarrassing thing, often wear this underwear for chest development is very bad.

4, can not afford to support the role of underwear
Girls wear underwear the biggest purpose is to play a role in the breast, so that the chest will not sag, if the underwear have not had a good set off role, then this underwear has been no great effect.

Girls in the choice of underwear must pay more attention to these aspects, choose a suitable for your i, good underwear will really be good for your chest growth and development, or will have some bad health effects on their own

Summer new girl sexy no steel bra strap thick stripes a piece of seamless underwear small chest gather bra
Seamless underwear is now a lot of young mm who like to wear a underwear, because the seamless texture of underwear soft and smooth, very comfortable to wear without a strong sense of restraint, underwear is relatively small type, can be a good focus on the chest Type to make your breast type more perfect!

Adjustable sleep bra bra sports lingerie female gathered outside the expansion of the sub-dowry vest Japanese no steel ring
For those who often go to sports and fitness MM who need to wear a sports underwear, and sports underwear and ordinary underwear is different from the better to prevent the chest to prevent sagging, can better protect the chest, chest surface of the small hollow also You can exercise in the chest more breathable, wear sexy and comfortable

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Why do you like to wear black underwear? The answer is here

Underwear as a girl’s personal clothing, with a variety of styles and colors, but most people will prefer black underwear, we can often see a lot of stars wearing underwear when the photo, basically are wearing black underwear, But why do most women like to wear black underwear?

1, sexy temptation
When a woman wearing black underwear will be like wearing black stockings as sexy and charming, especially in the eyes of a man this temptation will be doubled, a site survey of 39% of men think that women wearing black underwear the most sexy , What pink sweet, red passion is nothing more than black, but the inherent sexy temptation.

2, the mystery of black itself
Black always symbolizes the mysterious elegance, let others guess what your heart like, the next step will do, so let others have a more you want to know your desire.

3, wild
Black is a neutral color, so black and other colors are very wild, especially black underwear in the coat will be even easier, such as wearing a more thoroughly through the clothes, revealing the black underwear marks But there will be a very sexy feeling, but if exposed to other colors of the underwear will make people feel very tacky.

Girls wearing black underwear is indeed more sexy charming, so girls like to wear black underwear is not without reason. Although girls are particularly beloved for the black, but for other colors of underwear girls are also will wear, so you can wear different colors when the underwear will find a different of their own.

The underwear manufacturer choice of underwear for women is very important, a version of a good type of underwear can be better to highlight the female good shape, this underwear is 3/4 of the cup design so wear women can make the breast more concentrated, Plus underwear on the lace jacquard can also be a perfect woman sexy side

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How bra startups are transforming the way women shop for underwear

When Simona Goldin, founder of lingerie startup Bandit, recently fitted a model with one of the company’s plus-size-friendly bras on a photo shoot, the woman burst into tears.

“She was 30 years old and realized in that moment she had never had a bra that actually fit,” she said. “That is a common reaction we get. A lot of women go through their entire lives thinking being uncomfortable is just the way it’s supposed to be.”

Bandit, which caters to women who wear large bra sizes, is one of a number of startups that has emerged in recent years to disrupt the lingerie industry. It joins the ranks of others working to bring bra-making into the digital age with algorithms and subscription models, including AdoreMe, ThirdLove, and True&Co, which was sold to Calvin Klein owner Phillips Van Heusen PVH, -1.50%  in March.

There has been a shift in demand in recent years for more accurate sizing and a more modern experience than that of the traditional department store fitting room, according to Orit Hashay, the founder of lingerie retailer Brayola. The startup surveys women on their favorite bra and then uses an algorithm to translate the size and fit to other brands. “Technology and innovation have reshaped the bra shopping journey and experience, and the bra industry is being turned upside down,” she said.

The explosion in brands is making a dent on the industry: Women’s bras and underwear sales reached $12.4 billion in 2016, up 30% from $9.5 billion in 2009, according to industry-research group Euromonitor. Meanwhile, legacy brands have taken a hit. L Brands Inc., the parent company to Victoria’s Secret, announced the last 12 weeks of sales were $2.76 billion, down from $2.89 billion the same time last year. Analysts attributed the dip in profits in part to a shift in consumers preferring cheaper and less-padded bralettes. Victoria’s Secret did not reply to request for comment.

Companies like American Eagle Outfitters Inc. AEO, -1.66% and Urban Outfitters IncURBN, -4.15% have done more to successfully include the style in their offerings, according to Marlene Marchewka, founder of brand consultancy Façon Consulting. She said Aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie brand, has always gone for more natural, unlined styles compared to the sexy push-up bras offered by Victoria’s Secret.

Shopping for a bra can be “stressful and intimidating,” especially for a plus-sized woman, Hashay said. With 67% of American women now considered “plus size” by industry standards, companies such as Nike and H&M that treat plus-size as the norm have received praise from women’s magazines as a result. (Victoria’s Secret has been criticized in the past for not offering sizes above XL (size 16) or DDD bra).

Each startup uses technology in different ways: Bandit, for example, has customers input measurements on its sizing tool to give them a “true global size” — different from traditional American numbers. The company lets customers buy bras directly for $65 a bra or discounted through a subscription service — two bras every six months for $190 a year ($47.50 per bra) or two bras every four months for $231 a year ($38.50 per bra).

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WAG Nadia Bartel flaunts her slender figure in a sexy lingerie-inspired bustier dress

She opted for a conservative mustard frock during the day for the Myer Spring Summer Collection Launch.

But Nadia Bartel has opted for something a little sexier for the evening event.

The WAG proudly slipped into a lingerie-inspired bustier dress by Yeojin Bae at the soiree, held at Bronte Surf Life Saving Club, in Sydney.

Ready for bed? WAG Nadia Bartel flaunts her slender figure in a sexy lingerie-inspired bustier dress as she attends Myer Collection Launch party

The brunette had her long locks tied back off into a low ponytail, with her fringe out in loose curls.

Kepping her fans up-to-date! Ahead of the event, she took to Instagram to show off her outfit

Ahead of the event, she took to Instagram to show off her outfit.

Melbourne-based Nadia wrote in the caption: ‘When your hotel has a full length mirror, it would be rude not to take a pic.’

Earlier in the day, Nadia highlighted her lean figure in a high-neck designer frock by Toni Maticevski.