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How Arvin Goods becomes the cleanest socks and underwear in the world


Doing the right thing doesn’t mean you have to spend twice as much time,” said Dustin Winegardner, co-founder of Arvin Goods. He said that surprisingly sustainable or environmentally friendly clothing must dwarf traditional prices. Since launching his elegant socks and underwear collection in 2017 – all made from recycled clothing and materials – he has been continually refuting this idea.

By that time, Winegardner had been involved in product development and manufacturing for nearly a decade on behalf of other brands. His company, ITC Accessories, procured materials for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, and he witnessed the possibilities of So. He worked with Harry Fricker – a free creative director who worked at Bocci and Finisterre – and founded Arvin products. “On the social media platform, all of these underlying brands are exploding, but not ““I create sustainable ways in any form,” he said. “So I just saw the opportunity to create my own brand around this material. We already have a supply chain.”

Recycled cotton that Winegardner can use – Polyester yarn is an ideal starting point. Recycled yarns save fresh water, reduce landfill waste, reduce CO2 emissions, and eliminate the need to purchase raw materials from energy-dependent farms and factories. Kilograms of cotton fabrics require 10,000 to 20,000 liters of water to produce, and recycled cotton requires almost nothing. In the United States alone, more than 16 million tons of textile waste is produced each year, of which only a small portion is recycled. Winegardner said that we didn’t even open the tap to recycle the waste. Because the basics are changed more frequently than other garments, they are an important place for people to bring sustainable clothing into the closet. After years of wear and tear, Arvin Goods encourages customers to donate clothing to the brand. This closed garment circle keeps the product away from landfills.

Sustainability – Multiple colours – Elastic ribbed cuffs, looped padded insole and elastic arch support. This boxer briefs, Arvin calls it a “ridiculous supervisor” that is supportive, breathable and lightweight. They are reasonably priced: the price of each pair of socks ranges from $8 to $15, and the price of boxer briefs is $16.

Because Arvin’s initial reaction was so strong, Winegardner is working on developing more products, including a comfortable, performance-oriented pair of men’s underwear made from recycled nylon – using marine waste and fishing nets – and a range of unisex The tops “I think that as people begin to understand that their [regular] T-shirts use a lot of water to produce, their eyes will open to it,” Winegardner said. Like socks and underwear, the new shirt will have an elegant design – and a competitive mid-range price.

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Underwear people sparked a kidnapping at the Santa Rosa target store, robbery investigation


Two Stoketon residents were detained on Tuesday for alleged kidnapping, robbery and assault in the marijuana trade in Santa Rosa, where a man was stripped of underwear and shouted for help in a busy Santa Rosa shopping centre.

The investigation began at 7:35 pm on Sunday when the Santa Rosa police were dispatched. To the target store on Santa Rosa Boulevard, the man with the exposed clothes shouted and asked people to call the police.

When the Santa Rosa police arrived, the man, a resident of Roseville, told them that he was kidnapped and forced to leave the guns for sale during the sale of the guns. When the potential buyer stole marijuana, the army was interrupted. Josh Ludtke said on Tuesday. This unidentified victim is considered a broker’s transaction.

Earlier on Sunday, an indeterminate number of people met in the Taylor View apartment building in southern Santa Rosa, then drove to Slater Street in downtown Santa Rosa, where the apartment building sold pots, Ludtke said.

Although the unidentified potential buyers themselves are checking the 5-pound pot samples, they are still taking them away. As a broker, the victim had to forward the bad news to two sellers, who then pointed at him with a gun. Ludtke said they forced him to get on the bus and bring him back to Taylor View Drive.

There, “They told him to take off and enter the trunk. He thought they would kill him,” Ludtke said. “At the moment of distraction, he struggled for it.”

Not sure if he was chased, he ran, cleared a fence, crossed an apartment building, where he jumped into a slow-moving car. The man made the frightened person occupy a lot of people. They took him to the goal near Santa Rosa Avenue and told him to get off.

The investigation of Santa Rosa detectives developed the Stockton connection and the vehicles that might be connected to the case. On Monday, four detectives and a sergeant traveled to the Central Valley City to hone in a house, and it is believed that the two suspects were believed to be hiding there.

Ludtke said that when the couple left home, the Stockton police stopped their car and detained 38-year-old Seth Willden and 39-year-old Misty Lovecchio. The detective found a gun and marijuana in their home. The two were arrested on suspicion of robbery, kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, use of deadly weapons, wielding firearms and threats.

Ludtke said Willden waved the gun and Lovecchio drove and participated in the crime of Santa Rosa. The two stayed in San Joaquin County Prison on Tuesday but are expected to be extradited to Sonoma County Prison.

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Lena Dunham shares underwear photos when she is “very sick” and “fascinated” with her body


Lena Dunham continues to honestly say that she has a physical relationship with her.

The 32-year-old writer recently shared her own underwear selfie on her underwear, which looked slimmer last summer and another photo of her own after the Thanksgiving holiday. In October last year, Dunham revealed that she had surgery to remove her left ovary, and also underwent a total hysterectomy in February last year – removing a cervix and uterus.

“I found this photo since the summer of 2017,” she wrote in a photo more than a year ago. “I am very ill, but I am obsessed with my body.”

“I am thanking G 2018 the next day,” she wrote next to her own new photo. “I am very happy, proud and recovering, so I should be obsessed with this body and offer her THANX.”

At the same time, Dunham acknowledged her polarization and the past controversy she had participated in in a new interview with The Cut, prompting her to publicly apologize. Dunham said her ex-boyfriend, musician Jack Antonov, helped her accept the problem.

“‘You are a provocate, don’t even know it,'” she recalls, telling her. “You have to look at the fact that when you say it, you don’t just want to please; sometimes you actively try to make people unhappy.” He forced me to look at the person who wanted to sleep. ”

“Yes, I am not for everyone,” she added.

Dunham talks frankly about Antonov, who dated her for five years before breaking up in January.

“Our relationship may last longer than it should,” she admitted. “He is a very loyal person, so he won’t be released when he gets tough. When his family celebrates, he holds my hand while engulfing New Year’s Eve. But when you get sick, it takes a lot of money. Efforts to ensure that the other person is in good physical condition, so that you don’t even notice that our schedule may not be compatible. Maybe we want to get different things from life. Maybe we have different attitudes towards what the family means. Maybe people keep asking None of these basic questions have been asked because we just want to make sure that I don’t faint in the grocery store.”

The creator of the girl admitted that it was not easy to see Antonov, 34, moving on. According to reports, he is currently dating model Carlotta Kohl.

“I think I can prove that strange girls can have love, too,” she said. “And now, he is dating people who look normal and look like girls.”

She also talked about the rumors that Antonov had dated with his friend Roy shortly after breaking up, and they later denied this. Despite this, Dunham said she has not spoken to 22-year-old Lord.

“This is too embarrassing,” Dunham talked about. “This is terrible, because I feel very strange – I don’t think there is anything between them. I will never know the life of others. I have never talked to Ella [Lorde]. I broke up with Jack and me. We haven’t talked about it since. It’s too bad. I can’t do anything but believe that what he said to me is true.”

In addition to opening up her breakup with Antonov, Dunham shared why she and her girl’s partner Jenni Konner parted ways.

“Maybe my illness makes me inaccessible, maybe my fame makes me inaccessible… I will mess up these things in the future, but I have not maintained a healthy relationship with the closest people. Now, She doesn’t have to absorb any nonsense that I pushed that day,” she admitted. “No matter what I do, I don’t have to be her now. I’m sure if I were her, I would imagine it was a relief.”

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Jackson’s lawyer said that underwear must be shown in the Belfast rape trial

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PADDY JACKSON’S LAWYER pointed out to the court the underwear that accused Jackson of rape.

In the last weeks since the Belfast trial, a defense lawyer asked the Cork jury to consider the 17-year-old complainant wearing a lace front skirt and putting on a thong at night.

Rugby player Padi Jackson was acquitted earlier this year for allegedly raping a 19-year-old woman at Jackson’s home in June 2016.

Speaking of the RTÉ documentary No. 1 – Commentary on the Belfast rape trial, Padi Jackson’s QC Brandon Kelly said that if he didn’t, it would be wrong.

“Because it may be a confusion between blood and blood sources, clothes must be introduced.”

In the trial at Belfast, the woman said she had placed her underwear in her bag before leaving Jackson’s home. Kelly believes that it is necessary to question the witnesses where the blood comes from, because this is related to the severity of sexual intercourse and consent.

“If the lawyer does not hand the clothes to the witness, the judge and the official will question the entire lawyer, we will certainly criticize the issue to the jury, but the complainant has no chance to answer them.”

Cork box

The rape trial at the Cork Circuit Criminal Court triggered Irish protests and sparked controversy surrounding consent, and defense lawyers asked the jury to consider how teenagers wore it:

“There is evidence that she is attracted to the accused and is willing to meet someone and be with someone,” Elizabeth O’Connell said in court.

After commenting on Cork’s rape trial, TD Ruth Coppinger brought a lace thong into Dáil to protest against the use of them as evidence in court cases.

The RTÉ documentary aired today reviewed the most important case of the year. It includes detailed information about the woman at the test center and indicates that she continues to file a lawsuit in one of the courts after providing evidence.

“She is there, but she can’t see it. I fix it every morning and listen to the suit in the next room.”

Jackson’s lawyers say that a vulnerable witness can choose to provide evidence from behind the screen or in a pre-recorded interview.

He said: “But the more times you cancel the complainant, the less real it is.”

“[After, I remember] realized that the acquittal release rate soared because it didn’t look real.”

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Kevin Hart wants to change your view of underwear


From the red carpet in Hollywood to the funny memoirs, Kevin Hart has done it all. But now, comedians are coming for your underwear drawer.

In 2016, Hart added underwear investors to his huge resume. Although celebrities from all over the world have become “typical” and “cooperative” with different brands, Hart puts money on his lips. He invested in Tommy John – his underwear brand – and released his second capsule series with the company last month.

“The first capsule series I worked with them performed very well and sold out fairly quickly,” Hart told “This is also selling very quickly.”

This time, Hart wants to show you a different side: his soft side. A quick glance at his second lingerie collection shows that Hart is not keen to play it safely. Tommy John boxer briefs and pants are decorated with light accents, such as grey camouflage prints and metal rose gold belts – there are not many elements that people might think of when choosing new underwear. But Hart explained that men should not be prevented from having more fun with their boxers and panties.

“When you put on your clothes, you have to start with underwear,” he said. “Whenever you wear them, whether you like to try colors or not, they should reflect you and the rest of your wardrobe.”

Since investing and working with Tommy John, Hart has not only gained a lot of knowledge about underwear, but he also learned a lot about working with the right partners. “I like the progress we have together,” he said. “Everything is just growing and I am very proud of the development of this company.”

As far as underwear is concerned, Hart offers some of his own advice, what to look for when choosing the right pair.

“I think fabric is the key,” he said. “No one wants to throw it into the washing machine and it will stretch and wear. You want something that is durable. For me, I need something comfortable because I am always on the road and active.”

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You can start shopping for the best Black Friday lingerie sale now

I saw London, I saw France, I saw underwear very good. Black Friday is approaching quickly, and it will never live up to the hype. With a lot of amazing offers and discounts, you can now shop directly from your mobile phone, the best time of the year. However, in the case that other people may make more boring purchases, think about how good it would be if you went out of the most underrated online week to buy new underwear.

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From underwear to bikinis, there are many styles for shopping holidays to buy at discounted prices. Plan to give your underwear drawer a complete refresh or pick a few sets for your friends or siblings as a stocking person. You’ll find some of the best lingerie deals this weekend, from the sultry lace style to the fit of the cycle, you won’t miss it.

At Refinery29, we will help you understand this overwhelming world. All of our market choices are independently selected and planned by the editorial team. If you purchase something we link to on our website, Refinery29 may receive a commission.

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Sustainable sex: New Paltz store offers “green” underwear indulgence

Modern women should wear a lot of hats and take on many different responsibilities, but how many different people can you really have at the same time? For example, is it possible to lead a politically correct, environmentally friendly “wake up” existence, and still be like a bowl of granola, not just 邋and and sexy rather than 邋and and blocky? Melissa Orsini thinks so. Stop at her brand new store at Salix Intimates, she will tell you how.

Sustainable underwear is the jam of Orsini. She is a young Brooklyn hipster who has spent most of her career in the retail industry, the last six years of managing a clothing store in fashionable Williamsburg. There, she established relationships with suppliers who have just begun to bring markets and casual wear to the market, reflecting the interest of contemporary consumers in reducing their carbon footprint.

“I always wanted to be a business owner,” Orsini said. Recently, she also found that she wanted to get rid of the pressure of the big city and turned her attention to the new Paltz: “My parents have been here for a long time.” She is ready to let her move this fall, and very fortunate Distorted, a small, airy shop on the upper level of the Water Street Market became available – just across the parking lot of the upcoming Denizen Theatre.

Orsini immediately grabbed the space and it was easy to understand why she thought it was perfect to show what she wanted: the sun was pouring in through the windows, and if you appeared at the end of the business hours, you can take a look when you appreciate the goods. The sun shines on the Gunks. Drawn in white and neutral tones, Salix Intimates is full of living plants and has the feel of a high-end tree house, adding a touch of fun to the shopping experience.

Sales of underwear and “lifestyle products” are very interesting. All the clothes look both chic and comfortable, not too much for the girls. Frederick’s Hollywood cheesy can’t be found here, with no extra decorations and fur, and no baby shower gel. Orsini’s color tastes tend to be unusually dark and rich in tones – elegant brown, maroon, grey, forest green, dark blue, occasional 30’s style prints – and wardrobe staples black, white and beige. She promised that Yuletide gemstone tones will be available soon.

But what’s really amazing is that all these seemingly luxurious shorts – not to mention socks, robes and pajamas – are made with something that is good for the planet. Kent Woman supplies fair trade organic silk garments; Mary Young uses comfortable blends of bamboo and cotton robes; only Hearts uses recycled lace to trim underwear; Swedish stockings are made entirely from repositioned stockings to make fishnet anklets, pantyhose and Tights. “They are the only sustainable sock companies in the world,” Orsini said. “When you take their products out, they bring them back. Finally, they are finally woven into mats to collect oil spills in the ocean.”

Exquisite pharmaceutical products, all made from organic and sustainable, often produced locally, are concentrated on a variety of fascinating small collections (mostly Orsini’s wooden dressers from the antique barn next door). Meow Meow from Gardiner has skin care products in plastic packaging; the taste of soy travel-sized candles from Brooklyn Candle Studios; ointments and balms, even soothing oils on temples and wrists, For Calm the F *** Down, from a group called Herbal Underground, this is a group in Brooklyn, but grows herbs on the CSA in the north. You can buy organic toothbrushes that don’t break down like plastic for centuries, compostable silk floss, reusable bamboo straws with a cleaning kit (ideal for New Paltz, amirite?).

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How to buy underwear, your partner will really love

This is a holiday, you can do a lot of stupid things. From the new wife of your grandfather under the mistletoe to accidentally buying a “massage device” so that the mother can hang in the room when everyone can hear it. I can only stop you from doing one thing: buy underwear for your partner. The underwear is very hot and completely underestimated, lest you think it is a declaration of how painful the underwear is against women; I just want to stop you from making bad purchases.

The problem is not in underwear. It was bought for someone, not someone. In fact, the act of buying underwear is very hot, I will tell you how to do it right. To help, I interviewed expert Cora Harrington, who actually wrote a book about In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie, and a blog called Lingerie Addict.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle is to overcome the idea that it may be strange to ask your partner that you want to buy underwear with them. Let me assure you that it is very romantic and may be much smoother than you think. Say, “If we look at underwear together, I will like it, so I can buy you something you really like.” It can be laughed at how many people are mistaken, because, um… they do it. Give your partner a “gift” and see how you want them to behave better; share an intimate shopping experience.

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The first thing: underwear is not a standard size, which is why, unlike a scarf or Target gift card, it is difficult to buy. Bra size is already a dark art that many women struggle alone, and most importantly, a brand’s 34B is different from another brand’s 34B, so it won’t be good for you when she is in the shower. Knowing the exact size of your partner, not just a size, will help load, but Harrington strongly recommends that you try as much as possible. In addition, smaller stores will cater to your needs and offer a higher shopping experience, even offering champagne, or if you set up with them in advance (and agree to a minimum spending), you can enter after work. Just don’t be too sexy for your partner or salesperson. Believe me, it’s much more generous than simply buying things online and handing them over to your partner on Christmas morning.

Harrington suggests going to an lingerie boutique instead of a big store, if you have one that can access it (believe me, Victoria’s secret fluorescent lights and high school students’ buzz are not so romantic). She suggested Jenette Bras of Los Angeles if you were in Journelle in New York and Bellefleur in Seattle. But she does not recommend using these small stores as libraries. “Don’t go in and try the product and go out and say that you want to order on Amazon.” That is, you don’t need to buy anything every time you walk into the store. Harrington’s best advice? “Unless you really like it, you won’t get anything. Don’t need to buy something because it’s there.” But if you receive a great one-on-one customer service, if you can, buy something always A good gesture.

If you can’t get into a boutique lingerie store, Harrington recommends Nordstrom because their underwear choices make other department stores feel ashamed and often have high-quality self-owned brands. Of course, watching your partner picking and trying on underwear may be an open, but it’s not a public horndog license. If you need to explain to you in detail: don’t do fucking in the locker room. Don’t waste time on sales people. Don’t be rude. They measured the milk there instead of watching the two people’s dry hump in the sales area.

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Female pushes #ThisIsNotConsent underwear for evidence of rape


A 27-year-old man was acquitted of a rape trial in Ireland, in which a teenager’s thong was used as evidence and women from all over the world posted photos of underwear on Twitter.

A jury of the Cork City Criminal Court conducted a one-and-a-half-hour review on November 6th, announcing that the defendant could not rape a 17-year-old man at night.

In her last speech, defense attorney Elizabeth O’Connell asked jurors to consider underwear worn by teenagers.

“Is the evidence beyond the possibility that she is attracted to the accused and willing to meet someone and be with someone? You have to look at how she is wearing. According to the Irish examiner, she is wearing a thong with lace,” she says.

Many women use thongs on social media as evidence of implied consent and are considered victims. They started using the #ThisIsNotConsent tag to post photos of their underwear.

“We had hoped that as a society, we have got rid of these outdated, myths of rape accused by the victims,” ​​Susan Dillon, a member of a group of Irish women who presented labels and tried to spread the word, he told We CNN.

Earlier this year, Dillon set up the “I believe her – Ireland” Twitter page to provide an anonymous and secure space for survivors of sexual violence to share their stories and get support.

She did this after the Belfast rape trial in March 2018, in which former Ulster rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stewart Ording were raped one student at a family gathering, another triggering protest Controversial judgment.

After Ruth Coppinger, a member of the Irish Parliamentary Socialist Party, released a photo of her underwear, she said she showed her underwear in DáilÉireann, the lower house of parliament. She also urged her fans to participate in Dublin protests against the Cork ruling:

“When I showed this underwear at #Dáil, I heard that the camera was cut off. In court, the victim can pass on his underwear as evidence and conform to the rules, so it needs to be shown in Dáil.”

The Irish protests were organized by the socialist feminist organization ROSA. Require supporters to carry underwear.

Other women from all over the world joined #ThisIsNotConsent.

“I am a feminist and human rights supporter and he is frustrated that this argument has been used in the 21st century Irish courts,” Michelle Sullivan, based in Canada, told CNN.

Emily Buell from San Jose, Calif., also shared her underwear photo: “How do we live in 2018? In the end, women feel empowered to make women of all ages speak out loud through #metoo campaign.”

Others are not surprised.

“Unfortunately, this story didn’t shock me, because harmful attitudes like this seem to be common, but it makes me angry,” Courtney Peterson in England said. “Thinking that a young girl has experienced so many traumas, she has to listen to older professionals who suggest that she should be blamed for being terrible.”

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Underwear for teenage girls is considered evidence in the trial of rape

A rally was held in downtown Cork to protest against the use of underwear for a teenage girl in the alleged rape case.

A male lawyer who raped a teenager in a city in southwestern Ireland on behalf of a man said that the jury in the case should reflect the underwear worn by the 17-year-old girl.

The 27-year-old man, who denied the rape of a woman in a lane in Cork, was found guilty by a jury of eight men and four women from the Central Criminal Court.

According to the Irish examiner, in her closing speech, senior lawyer Elizabeth O’Connell told the jury that they should consider the lady wearing a thong with lace.

“Is the evidence beyond the possibility that she is attracted to the accused and willing to meet someone and be with someone? You have to look at how she is wearing. She is wearing a thong with lace,” she said.

Rosa (representing reproductive rights, oppression, gender discrimination and austerity) The socialist feminist movement held a protest outside Cork’s Brown Thomas on Wednesday at 1 pm to express their anger at the mention of youth underwear.

“Unfortunately, these personality allegations and victim accusations are a common strategy used in court cases of violent trials. The judiciary has repeatedly proved that it will completely harm the survivors of sexual violence to seek justice,” the organization The event’s Facebook page said in a statement.

“We joined our Cork on Wednesday for a lunchtime rally, demanding urgent action to eliminate victim accusations and rape culture in the justice sector! Spread the word!”

In March last year, the organization participated in a series of protests across the country, demonstrating their support for victims of sexual violence. This was acquitted after the trials of the high-profile royal courts of Irish and Ulster rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stewart Olding, who raped a 19-year-old woman in 2016.

Noeline Blackwell, head of the Dublin Rape Crisis Center, said she was not surprised by the attention of teenage girls’ underwear.

“The mention of girl underwear and the assumptions and inferences that the jury was invited to participate in – because she dresses like she asks to make love – doesn’t surprise us,” she said last week.

“We accompany people to the courts, and we have been seeing rape stereotypes used to discredit the complainant and enforce the content of the accused case.”

Ms. Blackwell, a human rights lawyer, believes that juries are influenced by stereotypes about rape, which permeate society and call for more judicial guidance to alleviate this situation.

“This terrible story just shows that this is not the case. As is often said, if survivors say the truth, there is nothing to worry about, because anything they have done, said or passed will eventually be used. To oppose them in court, “Sisters Uncut, a spokesperson for the feminist direct action organization, told the Independent.

“This is one of the reasons we are so concerned about the excessive collection and disclosure of personal data by CPS in rape cases, as it provides more opportunities for accusations of such victims. In this case, underwear can easily become text, call A record or calendar entry that can be used to claim that the survivor “requires it.”

In her closing speech, Ms. O’Connell considered the incident to be mutually agreed. The consent problem dominated the case, and the girl told the man: “You just raped me,” the man said. “No, we just have sex.”

Tom Creed SC defended the jury: “She knows very well that she disagrees. She said she has never had sexual intercourse before.”

Critics condemned the barrister’s comments on her underwear on social media – accusing her victims of accusing.