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Why Are Cartier Accessories So Popular?

You seem to be doing everything well if you’ve been here for over 174 centuries. Cartier is one example of this. Established in 1847 in France, the premium house creates several of the most famous timepieces and jewelry in history and a long list of notable clientele. Vogue chats with Cartier International’s design, design, and legacy manager, Pierre Rainero, about their upcoming 2022 timepiece line.

Why is Cartier so well-known?

Cartier has captivated so many individuals throughout the world for many years that it appears that this one-of-a-kind brand is becoming a lure among men and women desiring extraordinary designs. But, with several jewelry companies to choose from, why is Cartier also the most popular among celebrities? Is there anything concealed behind its imaginative designs? The following sections will learn about the brand’s roots and why it has been so successful for over three centuries.

How did Cartier become such a well-known brand throughout the world?

Cartier is well renowned for being among the most prominent companies globally, manifesting itself through the workmanship of jewelry and wrist timepieces. Louis-François Cartier created the company in 1847 within France. He was a piece of extraordinary artisan jewelry engaged in the luxury goods industry since he was a child.

Time and competence led him to become a trusted jeweler for Countess Mathilde, Napoleon III’s niece. This was the incident that provided the impetus to the Parisian nobility and palace.

The Duke of Wales afterward bestowed the name of Cartier “Jewelry store of Kings, Queen of Jewelers.” So starts a magnificent assortment of jewels, clocks, and priceless items remaining ageless and coveted.

Cartier has evolved.

Cartier seems to have a lengthy and illustrious history of servicing monarchs, stars, and superstars. However, I can promise you that the company’s continuous success is due to the fact that it protects elegance and high quality upon every single diamond from its most complex designs.

That’s why it has become a prominent brand capable of being recognized among a select group of affluent people. However, Cartier’s expertise in this field is unquestionably its weakness, as many small businesses attempt to replicate Cartier’s creations using distinctive Cartier components.

A few words regarding the Cartier brand.

Cartier Watches and Cartier Jewelry have seized over the high-end demands of ladies across the industry, whereas Rolex remains at the top of the watch market for men. Cartier is continuously launching designs that quickly capture women’s interest if it’s a magnificent timepiece, breathtaking item of jewelry or delicious accessories.

The Love Collection is a collection of items dedicated to love.

Cartier’s Love sequence is perhaps the most well-known of all the styles. The expression “little is more” is nicely interpreted in this group. The confinement belt was Cartier’s influence when they initially presented their Love bands. The wristband was designed so that any person could lock it onto the wrists while keeping the key.

People may now find the Loving design on rings, studs, pendants, and wristbands. Artists including Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Nancy, and Frank Sinatra began wearing these wristbands to prove their love life in public.

Making Certain It’s 100% real.

With Cartier timepieces and jewelry being so famous on social media and covered by several people, it’s unavoidable to come across a knockoff.

However, because Cartier’s styles are so simple and innovation is at an all-time peak, fake Cartier jewelry and wristwatches are simple to find and fall for.

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2022 Spring Nail Art Warm Color Styles.

Interesting fact: Spring is around 75 days away, and who’s measuring? Can you judge me for wishing to get through the gloomy colder months then I can start playing with hue? The nail styles for Spring 2022 join in the fun as well.

Get set to liven things up this spring since many of the catwalk looks didn’t follow the “typical” springtime nail patterns. Instead, there were diamond embellishments, glossy French nails, and pointed black tips—don’t sweat, there would be plenty of flowers too.

Please take a peek at our round-up of springtime manicure styles unless you want to change it up a bit or stay with the pastel’s nail colors and floral motifs since there’s plenty to go around. I also included the materials you’ll need to recreate the styles at home as a nice little extra. So now browse, shop, and take screenshots.

Nail trends:

Nails with a euphoria theme.

It’s pretty acceptable to acknowledge that you watched Euphoria for the fantastic nail designs rather than the narrative. You’re never alone anymore: Famous nail technician Natalie Minerva produces the series’s dreamy, over-the-top designs.

It is a significant influence on springtime nails. Begin with a moderate or glittery manicure base coat and afterward splash on a different tone to get comparable swoon-worthy fingernails. (Creating gradient patterns is most uncomplicated using a throwaway nail or cosmetic sponges.) Don’t stress about perfection—the goal is to get an ombré, melted-nail-polish effect. You can further enhance the dreamlike appearance by using nail decorations.

Gray nails with a dove color.

Gray nails have indeed been highly trendy for just a few decades. However, for Spring 2022, items are brightening up a touch. Consider a super-soft gray that is almost white or silvery. Some other exciting concept: “gradient” nails.

To get this appearance, paint every nail with a distinct color of gray polish out of the same group, producing a sleek, sophisticated, and modern style.

Nails with a ’90s vibe.

Regarding spring manicure colors, vintage would be all the trend, with a focus on styles that were popular in the 1990s—from dark, vampy reds and powerful glitter to ultramarine blue and delicate pinks with adorable motifs.

So make your unique club-kid-inspired manicures, or go for essential nail art to show off your interest in all things frilly and charming.

Holographic shades.

Isn’t this among the most unusual springtime nail color ideas? Colors that need the effort to understand. If you apply these as a protective coating on nail features or all over your fingers, beautiful holographic colors interact with light to create color surprises!

It’s not the first time we’ve seen holographic nails for the year, but unlike the dark blues and greens we’ve seen in the wintertime and autumn, springtime holos are airy and foamy and won’t overpower your mani. It’s also a great approach to get folks to look twice.


People are no longer flaunting their emotions around their sleeves; instead, they’ll be wearing their messages on their fingernails come spring. “If it’s something personalized or ’90s-inspired,” Boyce adds, “they adore themes.”

“Think wicked eyes, cheerful smiles inspired by Nirvana, and aliens.” Although hand-painted nail design is widespread, the same designs are also available as nail stickers and covers. As a basis, pick your favorite pink, and afterward, add another accent when you’re feeling creative.

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The Proper Way Of Using A Waist And Thigh Trainer For Losing Weight

If you are aiming to lose your fats and body weight to become sleeker is such a long journey to take part in. There are many factors that you need to consider to achieve the certain weight that you always want. Who would never want a healthy and sexy body right? As many people have said, having lost some weight makes them feel light, healthier, and stress-free. It is true as to why many people invest their time and money at gyms and instructors.

What if you can use something that can make your effort and results double in no time? Would you rather take a risk with it? Why not, if you’re able to get the desired body that you want! Well, what we are talking about is the benefits of a waist and thigh trainer in losing weight, with proper use, the fats will go away.


You may be new to a waist trainer wrap and vest so you have all the excitement filling up right now to better shape your body with them. That is a good sign that you’re optimistic about the things you’re expecting with your waist trainer. Yet, it is not just for exercise alone, since there are ways on how you can wear them enjoyably.

Is wearing a waist trainer vest during running is safe and effective? There goes a saying, too much is harmful! A waist trainer helps in squeezing your waistline for an hourglass body shape, thus affecting the pressure it brings to your tummy. So doing a minimal jog every morning with a waist trainer vest gives more benefits. So, learn how to acknowledge your body on when to rest or move on with your running.


Wearing your waist trainer for an hourglass body shape is the best way to improve your figure, but having and wearing it while at the gym gives you extra benefits. The sole purpose of gym workouts is to sweat all your fats through exercises with all the equipment and supports you can get from it. So imagine wearing a waist trainer vest while doing your lifts makes your sweating double! But again, keep your exercises at a minimum.


When doing your lifts, you should always need to prioritize your back and posture to avoid any injury or risk. Having a waist trainer vest while doing your lifts assures you of support down to your back and cores because of the boning it has at the front and back. It makes your backbone strong while supporting the rest of your body to properly do your lifts without the worry of any troubles to come.


Maximizing the usage of your waist and thigh trainer comes with the hours you’re wearing it. For a starter, wearing it for a couple of hours is recommended as you need your body to adapt to the cinching and squeezing effect. But as you get along, your body will naturally react to the compression which allows you to continuously wear the waist trainer for a long period. Always remember that the more you’ll be spending with your waist trainer equals the amount of bodyweight you will lose.


To create a solution for the problem, you must go back to where it all begins. This thought applies to answer and help yourself on how to properly get rid of your fats not only by wearing a waist trainer. So what did you get? It is because of your eating habits! Yes, many women are guilty about eating too much which results in gaining a lot of weight. Therefore, following a balanced diet helps in lessening the factor that contributes to your bulges. Also, eating a well-balanced diet supplies more nutrients for your body to perform effectively.

You need to know that there are certain rules that you need to follow in wearing a waist trainer vest for it to become more effective. Knowing what you can and can’t do increases your chances of achieving the body figure you want in no time!

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Why is Estée Lauder Liquid Foundation Suitable for All Women?

Liquid foundation has taken over the current trends in the beauty industry and is hitting some new waves. A liquid foundation is made to mix in with your skin smoothly. A water-in-silicone mixture is frequently used as the foundation’s base, allowing for a fluid application and streak-free finish. In order to balance out your skin tone and make your skin look flawless, pigment is also a significant ingredient in the composition. But why has Estee Lauder liquid foundation come into the spotlight? Let us have a look at some of the best liquid foundations that the brand has to offer.

1. Double Wear Sheer Long-Wear Makeup SPF 20

Double Wear Sheer is a softly blurring makeup with a 12-hour wear time and a seamless sheer matte finish.  The skin tone is evened out and an unnoticeable covering is provided. It will absolutely feel like your real skin. Your skin appears to be fresh, healthy, and natural. Color stays true.  It is light on the skin, keeps the pores breathable, and provides comfort to the point of being unnoticeable. With Hyaluronic Acid and the distinctive Red-Fruit Infusion of watermelon, apple, and litchi seed extracts, the oil-free product hydrates instantly and all day. It smoothes the skin’s surface and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It protects against UV radiation and pollution thanks to Vitamin E and SPF 20. Sweat and humidity are not an issue. It is so simple to apply that you can do it with your fingertips without any prior experience. Use it to conceal certain flaws, such as blemishes, or to cover your entire face.

2. Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10

Wear confidence and stay flawless with Double Wear Makeup. This fresh matte, oil-free makeup has a 24-hour wear time and manages oil throughout the day. It’s sweat-, heat-, and humidity-resistant, waterproof, and color-true 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It comes in a variety of colors that flatter all skin tones and won’t seem gray on darker skin tones. It evens out skin tone and conceals flaws with buildable, medium-to-full coverage that feels so light and soft that you won’t believe it’s long-lasting. Double Wear is the makeup that never goes out of style. Don’t think twice about using it once. There are no touch-ups required.

3.Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Foundation SPF 45

Estée Lauder skincare is infused in this product. The product is skin-loving and provides breathable makeup with a 12-hour luminous glow. charged Water Complex, probiotic technology, and chia-seed extract are included in the formulation of Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Makeup. It conceals flaws and evens out skin tone and provides instant hydration. It protects against UVA/UVB rays with SPF 45 broad-spectrum protection. With soothing, plumping moisture, this natural-looking cosmetics revives skin’s appearance. It provides an instant, radiant glow to the skin. There are now 28 different colors to choose from. It provides medium-to-full coverage that can be built up. It is lightweight and makes the skin flawless The final finish is gleaming.

4. RE-NUTRI Ultra Radiance Liquid Foundation SPF 20

Allow the light to shine. With every sumptuous drop of this exceptional liquid makeup, you’ll glow like a gem. The brilliant force of two beautiful Peridot stones is captured in every bottle, helping to improve skin’s natural energy for renewed vibrancy. There are also millions of micro-fine stones to aid in the creation of a flawless, jewel-like finish. It leaves skin soft, supple, and smooth thanks to Re-innovative Nutriv’s skincare technology. The skin appears to be more even. Imperfections and pores appear to vanish. The smooth, fluid texture locks in moisture for a long time, keeping skin looking fresh and radiant. The flawless, polished finish maintains color consistency.

Estee Lauder makes sure all its products are available in all colors for all skin tones and is suited for all skin types. With different formulae for every foundation that it produces, it meets different concerns but provides the basic needs for all skin types.

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Body Shaper for women in 2022

Although you should always feel obligated to use shapewear for a special occasion, they may make you lead a healthy lifestyle while celebrating life’s milestones.

Body-shaping underwear, including waistline cinchers and leotards, may provide comfort and support while staying nearly undetectable to others around you if you’re going towards the altar or trying to find the mother of the bridal outfit.

Based on your attire, you may need shapewear featuring a thong rear, exposing neck, or all-over tightness. It’s also vital to select from a company that can suit your body type and complexion to ensure your lingerie remains undetected.

Read down to browse the greatest shapewear items for women coming 2022 for weddings, business events, celebrations, and more, from slides to shaping undergarments, waistline cinchers, to leg shapers.

Butt Lifter Shaping Skinnies for Tummy Control.

This body shaper for women is by far the best. This flexible figure shaper slims your figure while not leveling your buttocks. This butt expander shaper works if you need to flesh out your proportions in an everyday outfit or would like some boost under a fancy gown.

NYLON is 82 percent, and SPANDEX is 18 percent. It boasts an easy catch and hooks fastening with an exposed groin design.

The stomach panel has two layers to reduce belly fat—Skin-friendly, smooth, airy, sweat-wicking, and unaffected by bouncing. Pressure and mild pressure contour the waistline and stomach with a high waist.

To alleviate mid-thigh thigh bulging, the air is released at the margin of the thigh section.

Faja Physique Shaper with Four Hooks for Tight Control.

  • This shapewear bodysuit sculpts and slims your stomach; elevates and shapes your bottom.
  • It is great for Post-partum and post-surgical conditions.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • Crotchless for ease of use in the bathroom.
  • Four sets of eyelets for adjusting pressure.
  • Bracelets are thin and adjustable/removable.
  • Powernet Clothing with High Breathable.

Transparent Bodysuit Trimmer that lasts all day.

Do you consider fit shirts, trousers, skirts, and gowns distasteful? Reconsider your position! This seductive smooth bodysuit shaping will assist you in creating some trendy styles you never imagined!

You may wear this dress with various outfits, ranging from tight slacks and sweatshirts to looser yet noticeable tops, slacks, and outfits.

  • It has straps that you can adjust.
  • The waistline is clean and reduced.
  • Deep V-neckline with wrinkling pattern.
  • There aren’t any panty lines.
  • The chest has a high tensile mesh suited for a variety of bust shapes.
  • You may wear the broad shoulders strap with a variety of shirts.
  • The hooks and eye style are ideal for use in the restroom.

In the end-

Durafit’s greatest clothing for women will make you seem slim, powerful, and seductive each day. Silk-like textiles are pleasant for people of all shapes and sizes, whether training tirelessly, exercising, or simply relaxing and working on themselves.

Choose a zipper for maternal comfort or a delicate lace to include throughout your everyday life. The shaper underwear options come in various designs, sizes, and shades to help you feel both sexy and calm. The long-lasting full-body shapewear embraces features for a smooth and appealing silhouette. So, in addition to experiencing your sexiest, wearing your finest seems to be an extra feature.

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Suitable for Birthday Gifts for Friends

Birthday is just around the corner and we cannot help but ponder upon the variety of gifts we can bestow our loved ones with. Being one of the happiest events throughout the year, the day brings about a lot of joy in the lives of people. Filled with exchanging of gifts and bringing together of families, the festival invites an abundance of happiness and excitement. This peak of joy also makes it difficult to pick the right kind of gift for our dear ones. It is important that we figure out the best way to surprise them because they are definitely looking forward to it.

If you are also someone who is wondering what would be the most ideal gift for them, here goes a list of gifts that could possibly check your box for the same:


What’s the most comforting gift for a chilly winter day of Birthday when your loved one is craving some comfort and style? A SWEATSHIRT! Sweatshirts are a great way to win anyone’s heart as they make for the most comforting addition to the collection! A cotton and polyester, the comfortable sweatshirt will hug all your woes away! Gift it to your loved ones to make them feel at home.

(Shop at

2. Personalised Posh Totty Designs Name Necklace

If you feel your dear ones are into pretty, little things this is the perfect stop for you! Figure out if they are into trinkets, get your hands on these gorgeous yet simple necklaces with customizable pendants. You can choose your material and fit in the name up to 10 characters. This definitely qualifies for a luxurious gifting item for your friend!

(Shop at


If your loved ones are the kind who like a lot of thoughtful and small gifts, the Classic Letterbox is the perfect choice for them. It comprises a chocolate bar, a pair of socks, chocolate truffle, caramel chocolate, vegan soap, and a gift card inside. It’s not just limited to these however, they can take requests and customize according to your preferences. That actually makes this the best-personalized gift to give your loved ones on this most anticipated occasion. So, visit the website, and take your picks before someone else does!
(Shop at

4. Geometric Zig Zag Sock

Winter mornings, festivities, and a token of love? Socks definitely fit the description! Fun, quirky socks can be the best gift for making Birthdays for your loved ones even brighter! These snazzy pairs of socks with a comfortable cotton fit are definitely a show stealer among the other ideas.

(Shop at

What is better than a photo frame with a picture of you and your loved one, capturing the memories forever? Pick the material of the frame and there you get a sturdy, free-standing photo holder to gift your favorite person! This also comes with the space to write a message especially curated for them. This is definitely going to be a gift idea that they are going to cherish for a really long time.

(Shop at

Birthday is a festival of joy and it can definitely get overwhelming to pick the right gift for your loved ones. But with the right thought and a good idea of what they like, you can impress them with the littlest of gifts! Your gifts can be quirky, fun, even of no use at all but if they put a smile across their face, that should be your pick! Hopefully, this list gave you a good number of options to select from. Now, take your pick, make your loved ones the happiest, and have an amazing birthday ahead. Wishing only great things to you!

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5 Fabulous Skinny Jeans For Women in the Springtime

Sporting skinny jeans in summer would rather be inconvenient but in winter it will give you a cozy feeling. Skinny jeans have become a modern style statement in recent years. You can pair a casual tee, tank top, jacket, and many more tops with skinny jeans.

There are various types of skinny jeans that you can flaunt, high waist, ripped, cropped, or embroidered.

You might be wondering about buying the one in this winter season, but quite perplexed about which one will be suitable for you? Then here we have come up with some awesome suggestions for skinny jeans that will make you look fascinating in the winter season.

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Skinny Jeans

If you are looking for jeans that will offer a comfortable and stylish feel then go for these jeans by Tommy Hilfiger. The cotton fabric of the jeans will not irritate your skin. Pair this with a jacket, shrug, or even sweater this winter for an effortlessly trendy look.


  • It has been made from 97% cotton and 3% elastane, hence it makes you feel comfy to wear
  • Its high rise waist and full length makes sleeveless or tank top look good on it
  • It is a stretchable and good skinny fit

Customer Review

I liked the richer look of the jeans. It is comfy to wear, and the skinny fitting is as it has been shown in the picture. Highly recommended product!

Amazon Brand – Inkast Denim Co. Women’s Skinny Fit Jeans

Your love for classy denim jeans is undeniable then these jeans by Amazon Inkast will satisfy that quest. The thick layer fabric of the jeans is perfect for the winter season. The jeans will give you a chic look. You can wear it in college or at your workplace.


  • Its fabric contains 74% cotton, 25% polyester, and 2% elastane that making it stretchable and snug
  • It fits you perfectly
  • High rise waist accentuate its look

Customer Review

The perfect fit skinny jeans! It looks fabulous and has a good amount of stretch. My friend was impressed with it and bought the same. Good quality product, go for it.

Miss Chase Women’s Skinny Ripped Denim Jeans

If you are a fan of ripped jeans then these stunning jeans by Miss Chase are perfect for you. You will get that hot and bold look in it. Choose the top wear that will make you feel warm and will complement these ripped jeans.


  • Comfy and stretchable jeans as it is made of 78% cotton, 21% polyester, and 1% Elastane
  • Mid-rise waist enhances its look
  • You get four functional pockets

Customer Review

Loved these awesome jeans! It is super comfy and just perfect for my style statement. I’ve been using it for one month now and would like to mention that fabric quality is good too.

Levi’s Women’s Skinny Fit Birthday Jeans

Do you prefer top-notch brand trendy jeans to Levi’s black birthday jeans that will appeal to your interest? The always-in fashion black color and perfect skinny fit will make you look stunning!


  • As it has been described it is a skinny fit
  • Made from 80% cotton material to assure your comfort when you wear it
  • It has been ended with the skinniest legs for perfect fitting

Customer Review

Perfect skinny fit trendy jeans, I loved the product. It makes my casual look sleek and sexy. The fabric is thick and in winter it feels fuzzy while wearing these jeans.

Miss Chase Women’s Grey High Rise Stretchable Denim Jeans

Do you want to have fresh colored skinny jeans with trending style then go for these dapper grey jeans by Miss Chase. Its thick fabric will make you feel warm in winter. The high waist design and figure-hugging fit give you the hot look that you aspire to. A sleeveless top with a shrug on will create a perfect vogue look for the winter.


  • High waist jeans make every top wear look cool on it.
  • The perfect fits are skinny yet stretchable.
  • You can both wear it at college or your workplace.
  • You can utilize it for regular use.

Customer Review

I’m so glad that I purchased these jeans. It is stunning! It compliments my figure. It is fit but has good stretch while walking you won’t feel discomfort.


I hope after reading my entire text, you have your reply. You can take any of these jeans. I hope that you like it. Now, you can buy the optimum skinny jeans for you and your beloved person. If you always follow trending fashion, you should buy the most wanted skinny jeans for you. You get numerous options for these jeans.

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Look Here To Find Spring Sale On

It is march and this marks the start of the holiday season. With wedding season coming, it is the time for giving and what’s on everyone’s mind is gift shopping for your friends and family. That said, when was the last time you bought something for yourself? It is time to give yourself a treat because you deserve it and there is no better time than the holidays. Nothing is more important than self-love.

One of the best gifts you can gift yourself is shapewear. If you feel like getting a compression garment that will make every outfit look amazing or if you are looking to highlight your best asset, then do check out shapewear on Waistdear for a range of fantastic shapewear pieces that will help you to achieve your body goal. Many people think that high quality body shapewear is expensive but you can get wholesale shapewear at Waistdear with their holiday deals. Ahead are some of the best gifts for yourself and perhaps the favorite women on your gifting list.

Gain control of your curves with this high-waist body shaper that can smooths the stomach, waist, back, and hips. It features an open bust design so that you can wear with your favorite bra for a better fit. This full body shaper has 2 flexible shoulder straps and hooks at the crotch for bathroom convenience. Feel and look your ultimate best in any outfit with this body shaper.

Wholesale Comfortably Black Crotch Hooks High Waist Body Shaper Enhancer

The 25-steel boned latex waist trainer is designed with breathability, comfort and style in mind. It is the trainer that you can wear all day with confidence. It will offer smooth shaping coverage on the waist, prevent slouching and is perfect to shape the hourglass figure. The wholesale waist trainers with logo feature 3 rows of hook closures and boning for ideal hold. This is the most comfortable waist trainer you will ever own. 

Wholesale High-Compression Black Latex Plus Size 25 Steel Boned Waist Trainer Hooks

This tummy control butt enhancer shorts stays perfectly in place no matter what your day or night looks like. Whether you are relaxing on the sofa to dancing the night away, this shaper short has three buckles that are hooked to the bra and drop glue to prevent slipping. Designed to move with you as you bend or twist, its seamless design makes it invisible under your clothes. These shaper shorts offers tummy to thigh smoothing power. 

Wholesale Unique Tummy Control Seamless Butt Enhancer Waist Trimmer
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The Most Beautiful Models of Women’s Sweaters

Who says winter, says cozy sweater! And while it wasn’t the most sophisticated piece in our wardrobe a few years ago, today it is the key to a trendy look. This piece is one of the great basics of the winter wardrobe. And to the delight of chilly girls, it comes in a multitude of stylish and hot models. So which model will you shop for first?

The big two-tone sweater

Practical and essential, the chunky sweater sometimes tends to give us the look of a snowman. However, when the temperatures start to drop, it becomes an ally of choice to face them brilliantly. This winter, the big oversize sweater is reinventing itself by filling up with colors. Whether you prefer it plain or in a color-blocking version, there is something for everyone. Wear it with jeans or slim pants to counterbalance its oversized side.

Sleeveless sweater

Taken from the men’s locker room, the sleeveless knit slips once again into the it-girls wardrobe this winter. So, forget all the prejudices you may have about the sleeveless sweater and combine it with your favorite pieces: white t-shirt, small fine knit sweater, A-line skirt, slim jeans, or on the skin. In short, this is a fairly versatile piece of clothing that goes with everything and can be worn in many ways. Certainly, it is to its advantage layered with a white shirt, but it can very effectively be worn bare-arm.

Trucker sweater

Another winter must-have that is making a big comeback in the sweaters department is the trucker model. Yes, yes, you read it correctly! An anti-glam piece that we associated with the fashions of our grandfathers, the trucker sweater will be everywhere this winter. In chunky knit or fleece, with a zipped or oversized collar, curved or floating, it clearly stands out as an emergency item to shop. To tame it with style, however, it is important to feminize it. Wear it with high-waisted jeans or a leather skirt tucked inside to break up its too masculine side. Laid-back in style, the trucker sweater can even be ultra-glam and sexy when it’s slightly open and paired with trendy jewelry.

Cashmere sweater

Although lockdown is behind you, comfort remains essential. So this season invests in a cashmere sweater. Warm, light, and soft to the touch, it comes back to slip into your dressing room to help you counter the winter frosts with elegance. Chosen minimalist in gray, cream beige, navy blue, or khaki green, slip it on over slim jeans. The more daring can opt for a cashmere sweater in fuchsia pink to wear with leather culottes and tight-fitting thigh-high boots. The only problem? Its price is a little too high.

Christmas sweater

Originally reserved for Mark Darcy, the Christmas sweater is no longer considered out of date. What’s more, this winter it is more trendy than ever. So we wear the Ugly Christmas Sweater with a mini-skirt, leather leggings, high-waisted jeans, or slim black pants. However, we avoid combining it with a fleece bottom so as not to fall into the total pajama look.

Multicolor striped pullover

If pullovers with a round neckline are your passion and you just can’t do without them, know that this year there is a new model to add to your collection. The one with multicolor stripes. The starting point for building fun and colorful looks, perfect for sweeping away the winter dullness.

Cropped sweaters

Maybe they will not go well for the coldest girls, but the cropped sweaters will continue to dress us even in the middle of winter. Summer tank tops, tops, and t-shirts weren’t enough, now the trend also conquers the winter wardrobe. And you just have to welcome it with open arms.