Kanye West accidentally tweeted Kim Kardashian’s underwear photos in Christian prayers


Kanye West seems to be in a remorseful mood, sharing a religious prayer on Twitter on Tuesday morning as a “sinner” and asking God to forgive and help him become “he wants to be that kind of person”.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, perhaps West needs to ask his wife Kim Kardashian for forgiveness, because this tweet contains photos of her underwear.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, given that West quickly deleted the tweet, it is quite accidental to include this intimate photo in Christian prayer.

This tweet shows a screenshot of the rapper’s phone. According to Newsweek, the image shows a religious quote, but West does not seem to be able to cut the photo stream at the bottom of the mobile app. The creek includes family photos: the 2-year-old son of St. in a swimming pool and 38-year-old Kardashian, in her closet, puts on a pair of seemingly black panties. Newsweek said that Kardashian may be wearing a swimsuit.

Of course, it’s not that Kardashian has been shy when sharing her own photos in her underwear or nude or full nude. But reality TV stars and social media giants like to control the photos she posts on social media.

According to Newsweek, Kardashian also accused the West of sharing photos of their family inside on Twitter in April.

Newsweek said that in a series of photos, West asked whether the house was like a “sinking place” and a reference to a place in the horror movie “going out”. The protagonist was imprisoned psychologically and physically. Kardashian jokingly said to West on Twitter: “Well baby. We have a rule, that is, don’t show our home on social media!”

Following the recent rash behavior of Western companies on Tuesday, a Twitter user did not edit the screenshots before the promotion. The user wrote, “Cut off your pagan screenshots.”

In addition to the intimate Kardashian shooting, the Christian prayer shared in the tweet is curious.

“I am a sinner,” prayer began. It claims that a person accepting Jesus Christ is “my personal savior.” It also requires God to “take the Holy Spirit into my life, fill me and control, and help me become the kind of person you want me to be.”

Newsweek pointed out that it is not clear whether prayer is directly related to anything happening in Western life.

But last week, West denied that he had praised Trump with unbridled praise on national television and social media. In his roar, the rapper also condemned the 13th Amendment to end slavery and told African-Americans that they did not need to be Democrats.

But West revealed in a tweet published on October 30 that he had “woke up” and stopped talking about politics – including things about Trump.

West said on Twitter: “My eyes are now open, and now I realize that I am used to spreading information that I don’t believe.” “I keep a distance from politics and concentrate entirely on creativity!”

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