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Instagram flirting who is willing to marry a woman, if her engagement is not successful, he will be smashed by a brazen underwear… It turned out that her FIANCÉ wore her shorts

An Instagram flirting, when a blonde replies with a playful slap, he thinks he is doing some “action”, when the brazen photo turns into her fiance – he is shocked when wearing her shorts.

Online Casanova asked 21-year-old Amy Perkins from Manchester if she could take her a drink without knowing she was sitting next to her 24-year-old fiance, Ashley Wells.

When she refuses and explains that she is engaged to her boyfriend for two years, if the relationship between the love deteriorates, then Romeo will propose to marry her.

Shocked by Lothario’s boldness, Ashley decided to be interested in the news, squeezed into Amy’s shorts, pulled it up to copy a thong, and took a photo in the mirror.

Carefully hiding his face, and Ashley gave the snap to his fiancée admirer and received an excited answer, asking: ‘Are you ready for the action I am talking about? ‘.

The prank couple from Manchester didn’t want to lead the mysterious man for a long time, answering with a similar photo, but showing Ashley’s face, Amy was immediately blocked.

Manufacturer Ashley said: “I am not angry, I have been with Amy for a long time, I believe her, and know that she will not make any bad response.

“She is very beautiful, that’s why people always leave a message to her, but we are engaged, I love her and trust her.

“I just thought I was just playing a little. I jumped out of bed and asked her where she kept her shorts.

“They are not very comfortable. I pulled them up and looked like thongs, but it was worth the discomfort.

“I took a photo and he commented on some nice things, so he must like it, but he obviously thinks this is Amy.

“Then I sent a photo of my face and he stopped us immediately. I just played it. I don’t want to upset him.

“Since I posted screenshots online, I have a lot of comments on my ass, which is a strange feeling.”

Amy admits that at first she wanted to delete the message and leave it, but when Ashley put on her shorts, she couldn’t stop laughing.

The hairdresser was not surprised that the bachelor thought it was her rear because she said Ashley ‘has a lovely bottom’.

Amy said: “When I received the news, I sat down with Ashley. He asked me, ‘What is he talking about?’.

“I intend to delete it, but he said let us reply, we will teach him a lesson.

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