What are the characteristics of the bra, you have chosen right?

Good things who like, especially a good bra is sought after by female friends, because a good bra not only can protect women’s breasts, but also play the effect of shaping the curve. What kind of bra can be considered a good bra? What are the standard bra

1. good bra must be able to make your chest showing the best state, while wearing and comfortable.

2. Everyone in the selection of the bra when the focus is not able to gather the chest, but ignored the armpit and the back of the lines. Really good bra in addition to be able to wear out full of full chest and sexy cleavage, but also pay attention to the armpit and the back is out of the ugly marks, or no matter how good the chest can not be called a good bra.

3. In the selection of underwear, pay special attention to the size of the bra, the appropriate size of the bra, preferably the distance between the breast and bra, can accommodate 1-2 fingers, and wear to feel comfortable and comfortable.

4. Remember the bra can not be too tight, especially those who have a bra, the chest size must be wider, in the hand and exercise, the chest will not have a sense of oppression, the bra will not be removed from the breast, remove the bra Breasts do not appear around the mark.

5. Bra material is also very important, it is best cotton, chemical fiber material sweat and poor permeability, easy to cause allergies. When the body activities, the bra will continue to rub the nipple, bra inside the fiber filament is easy to enter the breast, over time, will block the breast, induced breast disease.

One piece of no trace without steel bra twist sexy adjustment small bra comfortable girl underwear
Advanced hot pressing technology, 3D stereoscopic molding, increase the abundance. Soft breathable mold cup, gracefully support the chest. Breathable stretch fabric, Le easy and comfortable, lock the extra small fat. Brushed, more comfortable

Hollow embroidery underwear manufacturer water soluble lace thin section chest chest bra Bold exaggerated hollow water-soluble embroidery lace, upper body later, three-dimensional sense of strong, sexy generous! Cup for the thin cotton cup, away from the black heart sponge, with a soft steel ring comfortable and healthy shape, light and breathable, especially for spring and summer wear. Cups can be placed pad. Double elastic shoulder strap, anti-slip Le

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