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Underwear, bra, bra did not the same, do not get mixed!

When we search on the Internet underwear keywords will find most of the goods are related to the bra, bra, bra, bra and underwear is different, although the relationship between them ambiguous, but not completely Equivalent.

We usually said that underwear, as the name suggests is inside the clothes, directly with our skin fit the clothes, this will have our skin have better care, women’s underwear has a long history, different times have different calls Law, there are called two stalls, but also called Bra, chanting, and we all know the belly pocket, and now called the underwear and bras.

The scope of underwear is more extensive, as we wear winter underwear, body sculpting clothing, Qiuqiuqiu, bra, underwear and so on are included in the range of underwear, because the underwear is directly fit the skin, so the fabric is also a variety of Diverse.

Bra is our general name of the underwear, we have ever seen triangular bra, girls bra, bikini bra, etc., its purpose is to care for our chest skin, of course, there will be shaping the role of the beautiful chest curve.

Bra is a more literary terms, it is a foreign vocabulary, bra two words sound and there is a noble and elegant beauty, although the bra also has a bra with the role, but the bra is more than the bra some of the role and style , The bra is more of our usual wear clothing elements into the bra, so that the appearance of more refined, such as adding some lace lace, embroidery, leopard and mesh elements, with the fine Color, and so on, very beautiful, and different from the bra with a single shoulder strap form, it has a variety of forms of shoulder strap and cup type, to help women create enchanting back curve, making the female body tends to perfect.

So, underwear, bra, bra or there is a difference, of course, there is a bras, that is, we usually say that the small vest, are generally more self-cultivation, mostly for the style of Bra.

Do you have any distinction? Here to tell you about the beautiful bra, bra it!
No steel bra
Simple bra surface, showing a super texture, the use of cotton, can be a good care of their Jiaoqiao skin, bringing a soft and comfortable experience, but also for the big chest sister is very practical, no steel ring design is not Will cause the phenomenon of empty cup, and plasticity is very strong.

Sports vest
Comfortable and simple sports vest, the use of essential oil pad material, can better massage their chest, bring a more comfortable experience, you can more confidence in the movement, do not worry about the problem of drooping sagging, no steel ring design to wear very Comfortable, will not bring comfort to the chest, stylish and gentle.

Lace bra
Sweet and lovely lace underwear, full of girls heart, shoulder strap is very flexible, and with their own comfortable pad to the chest skin can bring a good dress experience, can be a good modification of breast, get rid of the milk Of the troubles, small chest sister is also very close to wear.

Cotton lace underwear suit
Simple with the nature of a piece of underwear, wearing soft and comfortable in the body, they will feel different and easy and free, no steel ring design exacerbated the bra softness, so that there will be no sense of the existence of the waves, Hem beauty and simple, highlighting the different Smart feeling.

No matter what kind of these three, underwear manufacturer are the protection of our chest play a role, although there are different names, but the traditional concept is vague, anyway, are women’s personal clothing, their own Know what you need.

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