Big chest and chest, who are more annoying?

All along, the big chest sister and small chest sister are envy each other, but the chest has big chest trouble, small chest also has a small chest, and today Xiaobian to compare the big chest sister and small chest sister’s troubles.

Round 1
Big chest sister choose underwear is very tangled, can not wear all the clothes, can not just wear a shirt to go out, wearing a shirt will always worry about the button will suddenly burst open.
Small chest sister do not choose underwear, save the money to buy underwear?

Round 2
Big chest sister can not tummy to sleep, running the bus when the bus will be deeply tired, wait for the chest running, feel good chest ah.
Small chest sister would rather in the underwear plus two layers of chest pad to make the proportion of the body looks more coordination, but there will always be some guilty conscience.

Big chest sister is doomed and cold and neutral wind without wind, you want to try the style of handsome but the chest will become very convincing, looking like the clothes can only sigh.
Small chest sister in the choice of clothes also have limitations, no shoulders of the Bra-type dress without chest simply can not hold up, wear a dress occasion can not open the heart of the crowded.

Big chest sister will be more worried about emptying, usually worried about some wretched eyes.
Small chest sister how to create on how to create, do not worry about emptying, someone was attracted to you because of your broad mind.
According to the above several rounds of comparison, Xiaobian think that the big chest sister’s troubles more, because the little chest sister’s only trouble is his heart level, I hope that they have a convex after the Alice’s body, involuntarily envy the big chest Sister.

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And the big chest sister seems to worry more, weight is never inferior, feeling breathing is very heavy, can not wear bra go away free, underwear is also difficult to choose, the only advantage is easy to groove female taste, life has a lot of trouble The
What kind of breasts do you think will make you worry? Or that because the chest is big or chest to bring you the trouble it

Big chest crush must be full of cup bra, and this professional Dai Zhi adjustable bra can be a good package of breasts, the use of international cutting-edge materials, to create the most comfortable bra, with a big chest is a small function, So that big chest crush better with clothes.

Four-breasted bra to achieve a good effect of the recipe, but also effectively heal the back of the fat, this bra with romantic lace material, 3D cup type, the Golden Triangle set off, steel ring with nickel-titanium alloy steel , Give you the most comfortable wearing feelings.

Seamless steel ring underwear worn up very comfortable, this bra selection of breathable good drawing fabric, the back of the U line is the back of the design, can smooth the back fat, comfortable and easy to wear, better with a variety of shapes Of the coat, so that you wear more type.

In fact, whether it is small chest or big chest does not matter, as long as they have self-confidence like, when your chest will bring you some trouble, you can use underwear to improve these questions, it becomes no problem.

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