There are steel ring and indentation underwear have their own advantages, which do you like?

That women want to be a little bit of their own, and underwear is indeed a turning point in the health of a woman’s life, in fact, women are flexible, there is a saying that women do water, this is really no fault.

How many MM in the pursuit of fashion while ignoring the health of the most important elements, especially personal underwear. Choose no steel underwear is to choose a healthy, the most secure fabric choice, the most comfortable style design, so that your chest becomes comfortable and comfortable, so that your skin will breathe.

So what kind of two underwear in the end it?

1, there are advantages of steel ring
The existence of the steel ring is to make the breast more stable, can support the entire chest and have a good shaping effect, to prevent breast sagging outside expansion. Help beautify the breast type. Especially for women with too large chest, in order to avoid the emergence of sagging chest, external expansion, relaxation and other breast shape problems, bra belt is more appropriate.

2, no advantages of steel ring
Steel ring because of the texture is relatively hard, it is easy to cause physical discomfort, the breast will also cause a certain degree of oppression, is not conducive to blood circulation, increase the prevalence of breast disease. And no trace of underwear is used in a molding process, the whole cup is more smooth, no oppression of the breast, breast problems, because there is no steel ring, so there will be no oppression of the chest, so wear when the comfort greatly improved. The chest is not a big woman for the bra to support the request is not full of sister so high, less than A cup of women can choose comfortable and flexible without underwear underwear, or soft steel underwear. If the girls are developing, it is recommended to no steel ring and soft steel underwear mainly, but according to the development of the chest in time to replace the underwear, developed to a certain extent, according to the demand to replace the steel underwear.

Give you a warm Tips: every day wearing a ring bra bra for more than 10 hours of women, the probability of suffering from breast disease will be greatly increased. So it is recommended to kiss their own breasts are not too harsh, appropriate to wear a few weeks a week without steel bra for health or good.

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