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Suitable for their own underwear, in order to make your dress look better!

Girls wear clothes in the summer are relatively easy to expose their own body curve, so one of the most important is the underwear! Many girls in the choice of underwear never pay attention to the museum would like to mm, underwear selected not only for health, or for the beauty of dress! Suitable for their own underwear, allows you to show your clothes on the good body.
︎ first: a suitable underwear standard ︎

Choose a good underwear to better bring out your unique personality and charm of feminine. As a woman should be able to choose a good fit for their own underwear, and in the choice of underwear, be sure to choose from different details! The following museum for everyone finishing in the underwear on the selection of common errors!

Mistaken one, just through the upper chest to reduce the difference between the chest to select underwear. There are different ways to measure the chest, the data is not one. And the shape of similar data, and the actual situation is also different.

Misunderstanding two, blindly gather underwear and adjust the role of underwear. Physical changes and our own habits are related, such as posture, physical condition. You want to think, this kind of underwear on what ability to help you correct the body is not ideal place.

Misunderstanding three, do not understand their own body, when the selection of inappropriate underwear will blame others. Can your body be your own! Someone else’s advice is not necessarily your own!

How does a woman choose a bra for herself?
But you can make use of functional bra to make up, first let the chest blood circulation, should wear a slightly larger bra, strengthen its activity space so that it can move towards the appropriate location and space, If you have such a healthy chest, remember, then change the big point of the bra.

You want to choose a larger than usual underwear, and try to use the steel ring and the side of the enhanced function of the bra, to strengthen the foil, from bottom to top to support, but pay attention to, shoulder strap The width can be satisfactorily meet the care of the weight, so that the breast position to improve, and pay attention to the breasts all filled into the cup.

Full-breasted women. Fullness ladies should choose thin silk underwear fabric, not only comfortable, nor obvious burden. It is best not to choose inside the pad of the bra. In addition, should choose the deep cup and 3 / 4,4 / 4 type, wide shoulder strap, plus wire care, is conducive to the shape of breast


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