Actress Terri Kwan dresses two-year-old daughter in lingerie for Halloween party

An actress who dressed her two-year-old daughter in white lingerie for Halloween, has been criticised on social media where she posted images and videos of the toddler in costume.

Terri Kwan dressed her little girl in white suspenders and underwear, including a bra, and fitted her with a pair of angel wings. One image shows the toddler holding a star shaped wand, with a lollipop in her mouth.

The Taiwanese actress added hashtags alongside the image including “Victoria’s Secret Model”, a reference to the lingerie maker which often uses scantily clad models to advertise its products.

The 41-year-old then shared the video and images with her 340,000 followers on picture sharing site, Instagram. She also put them on her Weibo account, a Chinese platform similar to Twitter, where she has 240,000 followers.

Taiwan’s cable news channel TVBS news reported that the costume was for a Halloween party at her daughter’s birthday party.

After she posted the images users were quick to condemn Kwan for her choice of costume.

One, Vannarocha7 called it “horrible horrible” and claimed the images would encourage paedophiles.

Another Loretta.rodgers10 called the images “disgusting”. They added: “Why would you do this to your daughter? Please protect her.”

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