We interviewed women who sold second-hand underwear to see if it was as profitable as it looked.

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It’s never appealing to cross the street to distribute catalogs or join pyramids, but one thing is always attracted – selling second-hand underwear.

As sex work progresses, on the surface, selling your pants seems to be very passive – almost as rewarding as you do for things you do. It has also been touted by many publications as a way to quickly fix cash. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. It seems that many places forget the actual part of work in this way of sex work.

Panty Trust is one of the sites where people can buy and sell second-hand underwear and other items such as socks or tights. They have about 1,600 members (although not all members are active sellers), and as many as 5,000 potential buyers visit their ads every day.

On the website, you will need to pay a lifetime membership fee of £40 to start and verify that you are a legitimate supplier. Three years ago, Crimson began selling her underwear when she was at university.

She told Metro.co.uk: “After Orange is a new black carnival, I met the Amazon Kindle [book], called ‘How to sell your old underwear online, earning $200 a day (£152)’…. .. “Undoubtedly I invested in the last $4 (£3) and downloaded two different apps before I started reading this article.

Encouraged by a promise of guaranteed sales and $200 a day, Crimson ordered a number of websites but did not sell a pair of pants or socks for five weeks.

Then Crimson’s removal of [her] panties girl changed herself, leaving a very unfavorable comment on the Amazon Kindle, canceling [her] Netflix subscription, because f ** k you, Chapman, ‘in returning to her Before part-time work.

This unrealistic expectation seems to have failed her, because after she returned to the fetish industry about a year ago, she found more success, selling five pairs of second-hand socks and twelve pairs of underwear. Four weeks before joining the Panty Trust (initially worried about the cost).

Now she says that the monthly income can be as high as $800 (£611) – although this is a very, very good month. She took the time and energy to take pictures and was very realistic about the price.

She said, “I try my best to stand out from the crowd and provide something that other panty sellers don’t have, me.” Jenny, when she realized she liked her fragrance and partner, she started selling, she said: ‘I I like the idea of ​​someone enjoying and admiring the items/scents I have used, especially if I also dominate them.

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