Kim Kardashian shows fit in green bras and underwear to promote Yeezys

Kim Kardashian once again promotes another product while showing off her healthy body.

This time, Kardashian took a break from promoting her KKW Beauty collection and Kimoji perfume, but promoted her husband’s business. In her latest Instagram photo, she can see the mother of three children lying on a white bed while leaving little imagination, because the TV personality shows off her body in a matching forest green bra and underwear.

The tailoring of the underwear allows fans to see Kardashian’s body and loot and her slender belly. In the photo, Kanye West’s wife wore a long black lock when she passed through the bed. In the real Kardashian form, Kim wears a cosmetic filled with black eyeshadows, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.

To complete the sexy look, Kim is swinging her husband’s shoes with his popular Yeezy series, the Butter 350’s. The shoes are mainly white, but have yellow yellow laces.

Undoubtedly, this photo has received the attention of more than 115 million fans of gold, more than 448,000 likes, and more than 4,000 comments released in just one hour. Many fans quickly commented on how beautiful Kardashian looks in the photo, and countless others intervene because they want to buy shoes.

“It looks good! I think these are sesame 350s,” another fan wrote.

“I am lying in bed thinking about everything I should do, but I am not,” another fan joked.

Kim recently fought with his sister Kourtney Kardashian in the season premiere of the hit show that kept in touch with Kardashians. As Inquisitr shared earlier today, when Kim tried to arrange a film for this popular Christmas card, the dispute began. When Kourt said she needed to leave shooting before four o’clock, when Kim said that Kourt was “the least interested”, the discord became unsightly.

Then there was a dispute on Twitter, and Kourtney tweeted: “We all have our own priorities. I am a mother.” However, Kim Kardashian does not seem to like her comments and replies, “I Isn’t it? The filming was taken with our children!!!!! My first priority is to be a mother, I can work too, you can too!”

How this kind of disharmony develops remains to be seen…

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