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Underwear does not fit the four major injuries, you know?

Many women are very insightful to skin care, can find the most suitable for their own CP value of the highest products. But do not pay much attention to the underwear in the body, the reality of many women because they will not choose Bra, with you simple science, underwear wear the wrong will cause what harm!

Breast is a special organ on the human body, there are shapes and the characteristics of the fluid. Because the breast is fluid. Breast play the main support of the organization are Cooper suspensions and skin, if the underwear of the lack of support, over time there will be sagging problems.

2. external expansion, pseudo-vice
Commonly known as character milk, underwear too loose caused by, but wearing the wrong underwear is not the only reason for the expansion.

3. breast tower layered
Long-term wear steel ring or cup too small underwear, underwear steel ring on the breast caused by deformation of the breast tissue, was tower-like.

4. Shoulder pain
Underwear shoulder strap is too short or too tight, or shoulder strap material elasticity, resulting in shoulder pain, skin wear are possible.

Above these five cases, to see if they have occurred, we can see a suitable underwear for how important it is ah! A pair of underwear, wearing uncomfortable, version and SIZE does not fit, the choice of materials is not safe, causing harm, it is not a good underwear. Woman, to be better for yourself!

Recommended: no steel underwear, this feature is very very light, the upper body is completely no sense of restraint, because it weighs only 40% of the ordinary bra, the choice of 80 fast dry fabric, light breathable, do not walk, to the breast Comfortable care!

Recommended: underwea rmanufacturer summer cool ice silk without trace underwear, soft, antibacterial, breathable, farewell sultry, to the private parts of the same experience, a variety of color combinations.

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