Kim Kardashian shares Cheeky Calvin Klein underwear poses with her sister on Instagram

Women who are known for her body “breaking the Internet” have done this again, and today they have released a casual but provocative photo on the popular social media platform Instagram. Taking a photo with her sisters, it looks like a retro photo – considering the resolution and completion of the photo – Kim Kardashian and her staff represent the Calvin Klein brand, and every family member is wearing a simple Black and white CK underwear.

Kim himself is looking for typical luxury and balance, and the crow lock shows the weakest hint of the sun, as her hair rolls freely on her shoulders. She placed her arms and elbows on her knees while folding one foot on the other to show off her long legs and curvy thighs. Her expression is a calm and elegant expression, her head is a little tilted, as if to evaluate the photographer responsible for capturing the moment.

According to InStyle, this is not the first time that sisters have prepared for Calvin Klein’s campaign. Earlier this year, when their professional shooting news was released by the news, they had already set off waves. Earlier in the year, it was clear that Khloe Kardashian was very pregnant and very excited about it. According to the “Sun” report, Khloe took her own Instagram account to show off her missing baby, her daughter True was born on April 12.

Simply put, “Family is better than everything! #OurCalvins” – Kim’s latest creations include a boring Khloe, a demonic Kendall, a cute and innocent Kylie, and a stone-like Kourtney. The personality shown in amateur photos is obvious and adds a lot of solemnity to the ordinary behind-the-scenes snapshots of early advertising campaigns.

Kim Kardashian fans have been frantically talking about recent shares to Instagram; since the launch, in less than an hour, the image has been attracted by more than 1 million hearts. These comments are almost identical in their praise, and a user wrote “QUEENS”, which summarizes this situation in a concise and concise manner. Others interjected, an excited user posted “I love you”, and another wrote “The most popular team in the world.”

The family has returned to the spotlight of the media very late, and debuted with Kardashian earlier on August 5th.

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