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That’s why sleeping in your underwear is a bad idea.

There are various factors that can work when you get a good night’s sleep. The temperature, light and white noise of the room are all factors that affect people’s sleep.

However, for many of us, a pair of comfortable pajamas is really a big sleep we need. In fact, people like pajamas very much, so that pajamas become everyday wear. No wonder the sleep and homewear industry is worth billions of dollars.

But if you really want to increase your chances of getting peace and closing your eyes while reducing the risk of health complications, then throw away your pajamas, especially your underwear.

Sleeping without clothes has some surprising health benefits that many people don’t know, because in most of our lives, we are told that sleeping in pajamas is the right way to sleep.

When you put on your clothes while you sleep, your body temperature rises and reduces the amount of melatonin and growth hormone it produces, both of which are important for repair, decompression, metabolism, and anti-aging. When your body is cool, you will get a deeper and longer sleep.

In addition, sleeping in underwear or tights, especially if you are a woman, can have some nasty consequences.

In the process of growing up, my mother and some aunts told me that I should limit the number of times I wear underwear to sleep, because I may be infected. It turns out that they are definitely doing something.

Most of us have covered our pussy area all day, so sleeping commandos are the best way to breathe the vagina, especially if you are already susceptible to annoying infections such as yeast and vaginosis.

If you are a person who can’t go to bed without underwear, Dweck recommends cotton “milk panties”, looser underwear, and even a pair of men’s boxers. No matter what you do, avoid using silk and lace underwear because they are not breathable fabrics that limit airflow.

In addition, you should never sleep on the same underwear you wear all day. Depending on the style and fabric of the underwear (the thong is the worst), not only will the bacteria thrive, but if the feces enter the vagina, you will also face a more serious risk of infection.

As for men, you should also let your underwear rest at night. Some men are prone to infection with fungi in the groin area, which can be prevented by giving up nervous gloves. Try wearing a pair of loose cotton shorts or pajama pants.

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