Acupuncture truck drivers use a series of underwear burglary to attract the habit of wearing women’s clothing

A driver in jeans sneaked into the room through a series of underwear, killing the habit of wearing women’s clothing.

A court heard that Craig Brydon broke into several houses to steal clothes while he was driving HGV.

A shocked woman who was pregnant at the time found the 38-year-old father crawling on the floor of her bedroom.

Another victim was uneasy after stealing the wig she used to treat cancer.

When Braden was finally brought to justice because of the intrusion of Northumberland, Judge Edward Binderlos spoke of the fear of the victim and the invader face to face.

At the Newcastle Royal Court decision, the judge said: “You are wearing women’s underwear and driving around the country on your truck. You are a long-distance truck driver.

“You are fully qualified to do this. What you have no right to do is steal people’s homes and buy the items you need.

“The theft was committed at night and the victim was at home.

“A woman, sleeping alone and pregnant, seeing you climb to the floor of the bedroom.

“She was frightened by the confrontation and has been nervous and nervous since then. This has had a major impact on her.

“In one case, the complainant had had cancer in the past, and her wig was one of them, indeed a personal item.”

In 2016, three invasions took place in Wooler, Northumberland.

After Braden was identified as the culprit, a man slept in the home of South Road, Wooler, woke up and found him in the living room.

Although Braden fled the man while chasing him from home, the truck driver left a pair of women’s shoes outside the hotel.

Brydon’s DNA was found on the shoes, and when his home was searched, the property was found in the homes of Souther and Fenton Grange, Wooler.

One of the Fenton Grange homes is where pregnant women live, and the other is where women’s wigs are stolen.

In an interview with the police, Brendan claimed that he purchased items from the charity store and skipped.

But his work record shows that they have spent the night in Wooler, two of whom were disturbed in their home.

Defending Tariq Kawam said: “This is a difficult case involving a lot of emotions, especially for the victims.

“He has great remorse and wants to apologize.

“If allowed, he will write a letter to them because he understands how it affects them.”

The court heard that Brydon was a hardworking family man with a wife and children who lived an “alleged life.”

The court was told that he left the track in 2016 after his mother died and the marriage failed.

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