Nina Dobrev shows off the toned abdominal muscles in sexy lingerie photos

sexy lingerie

Nina Dobrev showed off her amazing mid-section with social media and released her casual and sexy photos in white Calvin Klein lingerie.

In the black and white moment, the actress leaned on a bicycle holding her braided hair while looking at the camera with a serious, sexy look. Dobrev is working with this brand of women’s sports white boy shorts with a classic bra.

Her posts totaled nearly 900,000, with nearly 3,000 comments, proving that her fans like what they see.

“The hottest woman in the universe,” one user stressed all out. Another added, “Nina, you must have been so early in the morning so my God attacked me.”

On the other hand, some commentators believe that underwear is too childish for gorgeous Canadians.

“Nina, you are always beautiful, but the men are better dressed in Calvin Klein boxers. Some women should choose lace underwear and regular tailoring underwear,” wrote an Instagram user, although not everyone agree. Another fan said: “Only Nina can beat boxers better than men.”

Some fans also commented on her weight, claiming she looked thinner. One user said, “When she became thicc, I like her more.” Another user said in the comments, “She is never thick. But a few years ago she gained 10 pounds. All she has to do. Just raise it, but she may make herself hungry because she is thinner than before, and make her look old.”

A series of comments have been criticized for the physical humiliation of another group of fans.

Last year, the Vampire Diaries actress was announced as a spokesperson for Reebok x Les Mills partners. To celebrate this achievement, she hosted a one-day fitness and wellness event where she shared information about her workouts and diet options.

In order to maintain her enviable body, she trains with her personal trainer every day and follows Les Mills GRIT, a 30-minute high-intensity interval training designed to increase strength and build muscle.

According to Shape magazine, Dobrev focused on an intensive exercise program that made her feel thinner while eating more.

“In the past, I didn’t actually do a lot of [strength training] – I only did yoga and I was running in training. The weight training and the timetable so planned are new to my life, now I understand it. The way it works, the science behind it, it changed everything. I ate much more than before, and I think I am more streamlined and stronger than ever,” she told the publication.

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