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Underwear manufacturer TomboyX raised $4.3 million to address the “lack of inclusiveness” of the fashion world

TomboyX has just made another round of investment to create more gender-neutral underwear.

The Seattle startup participated in a $4.3 million Series A round of funding led by TAU, with Redbadge Pacific and SBI Investments Korea participating. So far, the total funding is $6.3 million.

Founded in 2013 by married founders Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez, TomboyX’s apparel products are aimed at “plus size, gender-qualified and professional businessmen.”

“TomboyX was created to address the lack of inclusiveness in the fashion world. Dunaway said in a press release that the products we create are powerful, high quality, and wearable.

TomboyX recently became one of the company’s fastest growing Seattle companies.

The Fast Company reported in June that consumers are looking for alternatives to brands such as Victoria’s Secret. “But in my reports over the past few years, I have also found that millennials do not pay special attention to brand concerns about open sexual behavior, which means that underwear is what you use to stimulate others,” Elizabeth Saiglan wrote. .

The company’s board of directors is 100% women, and 90% of its investors are women. Last year, less than 3% of venture capital funds flowed to the all-female entrepreneurial team.

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