Tom Ford’s underwear makes people more interesting

Looking forward to Tom Ford’s underwear supply is a bit like going to a vegan house barbecue. Underwear is a new frontier for Tom. He doesn’t even wear boxers or underwear. In fact, he is notorious for his commando team. (In the fashion world, his wardrobe has failed, more, um, voluntary exposure is well known.) But his new “fully developed” lingerie collection is what we know and love. Underwear is soft, but the real attraction lies in the appearance. You can pick a pair of flesh-colored skateboards or something more exotic. “We assume you are going to date,” he said. “When you take off your pants, you want it to be a good moment – of course, when you take off your underwear, it will be like this. But before you reach this point, why don’t you want silver metal underwear? Or zebra? Or a leopard? Still a little crazy thing?”

This is the entire guiding spirit of Tom Ford. This is the sexy shaman that makes Gucci a hall of Cygnus, and his own fashion brand of the same name, become the strongest of every male and female owner in Hollywood. Tom Ford is an evening gown for a large premiere, suitable for large conferences. Of course, some designers make clothes that are more expensive than Tom Ford. (Although there are some, not many!) But there is no luxury like Tom Ford, a world full of mahogany. Only his name is synonymous with a good life. But even if Ford became one of the most stable fashion makers in more than 30 years, he still surprised us. As a snack that started his less luxurious.

GQ: Do you eat junk food?
Tom Ford: I like junk food. Well, first of all, I have a very detailed diet. A plant-based diet. I mean, I eat very, very, very good, but I eat at least three doughnuts a day.

absolute. I just ate some Cheetos before this interview. But my lunch will be completely vegetarian, absolutely protein. I am very aware of my main source of food. But do you know cocaine like me? Those small mini donuts are covered with white powder. I can’t see them right away. Just like, if we put them in the office, I will eat each one.

There is absolutely no elegant way to eat those. Or do you have a solution?
Oh yeah. I mean, I like to think that I can do most things and look very elegant.

How big is your wardrobe?
I am not wearing clothes! I wear the same suit over and over again to the point where they wear, because when you wear other people and design clothes all day – the last thing you want to do in five or three minutes is to order new clothes for yourself. So I don’t have it. I went to a restaurant a few days ago and I am having lunch. My ass feels a bit cold. I am gone everywhere, my pants have been torn from my waist to the bottom of my butt.

Damn! And I think that wearing underwear is not uncommon, right?
I sat there, my ass hanging out in the restaurant. So anyway, I need to order some clothes for myself.

It’s hard to celebrate Tom Ford’s creation with the man himself. For beginners, he is not a person who smells roses. Moreover, when we mastered new products, he has not completed the next big thing. When we delivered a speech in July, he was preparing his women’s collection, which will be completed in two weeks. He is embarrassed about the film projects he may have in his work – Ford’s “single man” directed in 2009 and “Night Animals” in 2016 – but not because he thinks the public is not ready to hear them. This is to let the Tom Ford fashion house staff not to flip their shit when they hear that he is getting all black and sexy again in Tinseltown. Obviously, his life is driven by self, purpose and donut-driven fanaticism. But how long can Tom Ford continue to choose Tom Ford-in?

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