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People who find cocaine in underwear deny that they are drug dealers

Openly prosecuted Graham O’Sullivan accused the police of discovering the news of drug addicts on a cell phone next to a renter driver seat driven by 29-year-old Daniel David Sandford.

On the evening of January 7, 2017, he was detained and stopped at Gudrumgate, York.

Sandford has allegedly claimed that he had just purchased cocaine for £280 in a nearby car park and did not intend to supply it to anyone.

He claims that the news has nothing to do with drugs, and the phone is next to the front passenger seat.

The Venice home in Sandford, Eboracum Way, Yorkshire, denied having cocaine and intended to supply it.

He admitted to having the marijuana found in the car on the same occasion.

The jury is expected to review its judgment at the York Criminal Court today (Friday, September 7).

They heard that Sandford had previously had evidence of consent for drug conviction, and in April 2016 he was convicted of possession of cocaine, with the intention of providing cocaine after the police found cocaine in underwear.

He claims that in 2016 and 2017, cocaine was on the center console of his car.

Every time the police stopped him, he panicked and put the drugs in his pants.

In 2016, he only intended to bring cocaine to the car with two people he bought together.

According to Mr. O’Sullivan, a police expert estimated that the street sales of 4 grams of cocaine found in 2017 were worth about £300.

Sandford denied that the phone was in his interview with the police.

It was proved that Sandford claimed that this was his friend’s call. He borrowed a phone when his phone was repaired. Once the police returned it to him, he threw it into the trash.

Mr. O’Sullivan claims that one of the text messages contains phrases that drug users often use, but Sandford claims that this is a friend who sometimes borrows money from him. The case is still going on.

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