Athleta spent 2 years perfecting my favorite underwear

If you’re running, lifting weights, backpacking or doing any remote sweating that requires underwear, you know that there is a layer left there, but there is almost no performance that is critical – and no worries.

We all know the problem of non-sports underwear: gathering, wedges, embarrassing perspiration, odor, bruises, and even wet infections that cannot escape or dry fast enough.

I must admit that I am one of the people trying to cross any lower layer, because this is the last thing in my drawer, because I forgot to make a change for the post-work movement, or because I’m investing in my backend performance. The wear is too cheap.

That is to say, after testing the new performance underwear series of Atleta, I am a convert. Even if you have a pop music for $16, you can add one of the colors to my wardrobe (but not every style). Putting these on it is definitely worth it. It only requires a few extra brain fires, so I won’t spend half of my time wondering if any of the problems mentioned above will occur with the intermediate pace.

Let’s take a look at this TMI theme. A warning: I am a fan of Athleta clothing. Yes, I know this is a clothing company owned by a large Gap. Hey, I like to support the little guys and girls like you. But when you find a long-sleeved sports shirt that really fits the length of your arm, you will come back more and more. This is what I have done to Athleta for many years. I am very disappointed.

So I am very excited to try the latest version of this sports brand: underwear. Athleta’s new lingerie collection is designed for performance. The series is available in three models: Performa, Incognita and Natura. I got to know these three people intimately and found most positive factors. That is, I only tried one cut for each style, so keep this in mind.

I was immediately attracted to Incognita. Like many women who play in tights, sometimes even working, I have absolute contempt for the lines of underwear. I mean, when I saw this bumpy display on the street, I turned to the other direction very badly. Therefore, the thinnest, the most stupid, and the most stubborn underwear choices are usually my preference.

In order to test the Incognita bikini, I tried a mid-to-high-end mid-sitting underwear, and what I need most is the non-display factor: running tights. I don’t have traditional running shorts built into my underwear. I wear leggings of different lengths and materials throughout the year, so I always need something super moderate. However, Athleta pushes Incognita to the most suitable exercise program for yoga and other sweating.

You know that you found a good outfit when you put it on, and I don’t think of it until you go to the shower. And that’s exactly what these lightweight underwear does. No slipping, no uncomfortable dampness, no strange seams that were scratched at the pressure point, nothing. I like it.

Running is one of the most lively activities in the second half. So if they insist on attending these meetings, I can see Incognita working under the high bar I set. In fact, they are the kind of underwear you put on work and stay in exercise. No need to change.

Incognita comes in three styles: front bikini, high waist briefs and thongs. There are eight colors from mocha to milkshake for dressing up bikinis. But this introduction has only four colors, while the thong has only three colors.

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