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Highwoods underwear thief

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Diane Toms suffered two lingerie thefts in a week.

The 54-year-old mother is Sioux Close of Highwoods, and her family saw this interesting side when her bra and shorts were first removed from the laundry line in the garden.

However, the same thing happened two days later, and she is now afraid to hang her clothes outside.

She said: “The first time was Tuesday, I went to wash clothes and asked if my partner brought my underwear.

“He said no, but my underwear has disappeared.

“The second time is Thursday. If it is only once, will I mind, but twice? They should not do this.”

On weekends, she had to go out and buy new underwear – she had lost six pairs of shorts and four bras.

Only women’s underwear was taken, no other touch.

She wondered if the wind had blown off the underwear, but tried to find it and could not find it anywhere.

She added: “This is just underwear, not clothes. We need to know who is taking it and warning others. Are they just doing it for fun?

“I only have a small garden, I look around, it is not here, or in a nearby park.

“I have had enough. I didn’t call the police because I didn’t know what to say.

“At first this was a laugh, but at the end of the day it was serious.”

She said that a new ‘gang’ has entered the area and they have caused trouble for garbage and torturing her pet cat.

She wondered if the underwear legend had anything to do with the gang.

She said: “I don’t wash clothes anymore. I can’t continue to buy new things.

“Someone also stole my cat Sooty’s collar three times.

“This used to be a nice place.”

She asked other residents, especially the elderly, to be vigilant.

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