Nanny cam seems to catch the repairman in the disturbing behavior involving girls underwear.

A Californian man said he was upset when he saw what the repairman had done on his nanny camera.

Jason Cooper of Plays Vista told CBS Los Angeles that he was waiting to talk to the detective and had submitted a police report named the worker. The man was hired to repair the damaged floor in Cooper’s home.

A surveillance video taken by Cooper’s nanny camera showed that the workers were walking around in the bedroom of his young daughter. He walked to the basket and looked inward. He glanced at it, apparently to see if no one was watching, and then reached for clothes and underwear.

“I was irritated when I saw this video,” Cooper said.

Once I saw workers grabbing underwear. He turned and left the camera, but you saw him bring the clothes to his face.

“He is sniffing or swearing, doing some disgusting things with my 5 or 3 year old underwear,” Cooper said.

Once, the workers seemed to put their underwear in their pockets.

Cooper said that he was face to face with the workers by phone, and the man gasped when he was told that the incident had been recorded.

“I didn’t let him talk to me. I don’t want to hear what he said. He knows what he did. He knows I have a video. I want to make sure he can’t be another family and another 5 or another 3 year old. Do this,” Cooper said.

It is unclear what charges the repairman may face, as well as petty theft.

CBS Los Angeles tried to contact the man in the video but did not receive a reply.

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