72-year-old jeweler was kidnapped and robbed in Nils; underwear left in Chicago

Nils police said that a 72-year-old man had shown some jewelry to his clients in his jewelry store, was kidnapped, beaten and robbed, and then stayed in underwear.

At about 3 am on Saturday, the Chicago police patrolled near the Edgebrook Golf Course on 6100 Street in Central Street and found the man wearing underwear.

Earlier, the man showed jewels at the Des Plaines bar and then returned to the apartment in the 8100 block of Milwaukee on the northern outskirts of Niles. The police said that when the victim parked in his parking space, the three men attacked him with a mask and a baseball bat.

The offender kidnapped the victim and brought his jewelry, clothes and keys to his apartment and company. At some point, the victim was dumped by criminals at the Chicago Golf Course.

The police said that after a man was discovered, he appeared to have been beaten and sent to a reciprocating hospital for treatment.

The police believe that the man is targeted.

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