Underwear addicts buy bras, underwear and shorts worth nearly £3,000 a year.

However, blogger Ellie Hatfull has over 150 pairs of bras and shorts to choose from, and she always tries to match them correctly.

Self-proclaimed underwear addicts from Sydney, Australia spent £2,600 on underwear this year. The 27-year-old girl noticed that she was building an impressive array of fancy costumes and decided to show it on her Instagram page, lace and haze.

And her 41,000 followers like to see the new small slings, slings and panties that Ellie often tries.

But Ellie admits that sometimes her underwear puts her in trouble – especially at work.

“The management came and commented on how inappropriate my equipment was. She wrote on the blog, “Underwear doesn’t mean showing” and “I can see your bra”.

Her interest in underwear began with her girl and was fascinated by the fashion world. In addition to becoming more active because of addiction, she said she also likes its taboo aspect.

“Because of these limitations, I started to guide my personal style through my underwear,” she told the Daily Mail.

“No one will see it, but wearing what I think is true to myself will make me feel good.”

“One day you didn’t wake up, you just decided to be positive about your body. It’s a slow process and you can’t learn all the courses and expectations you’ve been told before.

‘Your body is constantly changing, so your mind must also grow and expand.

“On a personal level, when I started wearing underwear, I became healthy. It made me feel good, like a self-care.

“I know that when I wear beautiful underwear, I am a better version of myself; if you feel good inside, it will bring you other aspects of your life.

Ellie told her fans that she resigned her daily work, so she could focus on maintaining her Instagram page and what she was passionate about.

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