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Panties thief caught in the police in Shanghai, confessed to stealing underwear ‘excited

Has your underwear mysteriously disappeared recently? We may know why now.

According to, last Monday, police in the suburbs of Shanghai’s Qingpu District announced that they had detained a series of panty thieves who had admitted four cases of underwear theft in the area. In early September, a woman reported that her clothes hanging outside the home had dried and disappeared, and the police had launched an investigation.

By examining nearby surveillance cameras, the police were able to find a shot showing a man grabbing underwear from the clothesline in broad daylight. In the end, they can understand the identity of the man and track him.

After being arrested, the 37-year-old man named Lee admitted three other panties and explained that he made them “excited.”

It is not clear what Li did to the underwear after stealing the underwear. Last year in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, the police seized a particularly prolific panty thief who collected more than 10,000 stolen women’s clothing in a small dormitory. He admits that every night he will put away a bunch of stolen underwear and hold it while he is asleep.

As early as 2014, when his ceiling gave way to all the stolen uncontrollable weights he stored, another guy’s underwear theft frenzy was exposed.

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