Men revealed their true thoughts about women’s underwear – what they said will definitely surprise you

Whether you like to wear a thong or put on your “grandmother’s pants”, you can wear any underwear you want.

If we act in our own way, we will wear whatever we like (read: Bridget Jones’s best underwear) under our clothes, don’t blow the eyelids or consider anyone’s opinion. However, due to the wide variety of worlds we have liberated and people are not afraid to share their judgments, we decided to delve into this topic.

To commemorate Victoria’s secret model, Stella Maxwell, as the November digital cover star of GLAMOR, we asked a variety of men’s views on underwear, not because we felt it necessary to comply with their preferences, but only because We are very interested – and of course, this is the biggest lingerie show of all time in history.

This is what they have to say…

James, 35, London
“Well, so everyone likes a little lace, but sometimes I think less is more; a pretty little black number can do something and not too OTT. Grandma pants won’t make the heart beat like this, but who is really Care? I can’t say that this is what I have always noticed. As long as the bird feels comfortable with what she has, everything is fine! Can’t I sit in a pair of worn Calvins and let you have a hump? Not in lace underwear, can I? I like matching colors, no ‘on your face’; a beautiful subtle crimson is Peng! As I said, black is elegant, white is everyone’s Preferred.”

Chris, 32, Southampton
“I thought I only liked black underwear, but I recently had a little preference for white. Finally, I really don’t care because it has fallen off.”

Tommy, 28, London
“You may be surprised to hear this news, but in fact I don’t have a preference for underwear, but if there is a huge label there, it will be completely closed. Cut them off, ladies! In an ideal world, innocent Pants are one of them.”

Patrick, 30, London
“I believe you should always wear beautiful underwear, because you never know what this day might bring you. For me, it all depends on the matching settings; you can’t miss a beautiful black number.”

Peaso, 25 years old, Aberdeen
“Don’t worry about her situation, but about the things below it.”

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