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Conservative Princess Or Seductive Tomboy? How To Buy Lingerie That Suits A Woman’s Personality

Brides usually like to wear white, princess-like lingerie for their honeymoon night. On the other hand, girlfriends who are out on a mission to seduce you would go out of their way to wear lingerie that will make the most out of their bodies – while making you drool in anticipation at the same time.

As you can see, there’s a style of lingerie that will suit a woman’s personality, style and even her mood at the time. So when purchasing lingerie as a gift for that special woman in your life, make sure to look for the appropriate style that will match her personality.

Before letting you know how you can choose a lingerie that will suit a woman’s personality, here are a few basic tips first:

One of the most common mistakes that men make when buying lingerie is not knowing what the size of the wearer is. Her dress size is a good bet if you want to buy a nightgown or a teddy for her.

Or, you can sneak into her underwear drawer and check the size of bra and panties that she’s wearing – this should be a good enough guide to make sure that what you will buy is a good fit.

– You can brave visiting a brick-and-mortar lingerie store, or go online and make your purchases there.

Either way, you can browse through the selection that the stores have and choose the best lingerie pieces which you think your lady love will purchase for herself.

Now that you have an idea about the basic things that you need to know when purchasing lingerie as a gift, here’s a quick guide on how you can match the style of the lingerie to her personality

If you see that a woman is not comfortable wearing clothes which do not reveal too much skin, she’ll probably feel the same way about the lingerie that she’s wearing. Since she’s a bit on the conservative side, you should choose lingerie pieces which are made of silk, satin, lace and ‘frilly’ fabrics.

The less skin showing, the better. Your best bet would be to get her one of those luxuriously long, elegant gowns made of thin fabrics. She may not be willing to reveal too much skin – but the effect that the lingerie will have on her confidence will make her feel ultra-sexy!

She can be a seductive tomboy who likes to tease you by wearing cropped tops and dresses with plunging necklines. If she has this type of a personality, you can give her sheer lingerie pieces which would highlight her assets. Camisoles, chemises and baby doll gowns should also match her personality.

No matter which type of lingerie it is that you end up buying in the end, what’s important is for her to see the effort that you have gone through in buying her the perfect lingerie which suits both her body and her personality. You won’t regret all the effort that you’ve gone through when you receive her thank you gesture later on!

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