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Late sexy underwear

With the peacekeeping show swept the world, set off a fashion trend of underwear. To be in the same place, in addition to bright light to take a good coat, but also meticulously put on underwear.

Some people say that the quality of a woman is reflected in the choice of underwear, not worn inside can not be sloppy, the more personal clothing, the more the need for exquisite.

So, the pursuit of fine women on the underwear, only higher without the highest, more and more underwear began to embark on the luxury line. The use of high-end fabrics, diamond elements of the mosaic, each innovation are refreshed a higher level of underwear standards.

Your coat is what kind of style, into what kind of elements? What kind of luxury do you have for your underwear?

Open the door to fashion, expand the trend of vision, take a look at luxury lingerie what kind of face it!

1, Swarovski take the coat. Will the Swarovski crystal inlaid in the underwear, this luxury experience you have had it? Chest overlapping straps, sexy fashion; lace fabric slightly exposed meat, gas texture super.

2, the British luxury robe. Imitation satin fabric, good texture, high grade; version of the type is very good, waist with a three-dimensional sense of the super-strong, to create a sweet style. Black and bare pink match, but also with a look.

3, luxury lace no steel ring gather underwear. This underwear in terms of material or design from the producer’s intentions. Comfortable fabric, version of a good, no steel ring design comfortable to wear; polymer design can not only gather the chest type, but also has the effect of adjusting the deputy milk.

4, luxury embroidery without steel mesh yarn underwear. Ultra-thin section of the transparent underwear, exquisite embroidery embroidery pattern elegant atmosphere, ladies temperament filling. Net yarn fabric, lace of the circle side, modeling sense is very strong!

5, ultra-thin lace embroidery lace underwear. High-end flower embroidery inlaid in the fabric of the surface of the yarn, the exquisite workmanship, full of flowers, full of spring and bright atmosphere. Soft fabric is also very fit the skin, wearing comfortable. Full set of underwear full of temperament.

6, Underwear manufacturer French lace gather underwear. This underwear interpretation of the French lace texture retro and elegant, polymerization style design, the body side of the fat are gathered to the chest, with the effective adjustment of the role of breast. This set of underwear high-end luxury, worth having.

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