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Kendall Jenner Rock Sexy Underwear on the runway latest Instagram photos

Kendall Jenner once again showed off her Victoria’s secret fashion show. The model shared another snapshot of the show on social media on Monday, which will be aired next month.

On November 12th, Kendall Jenner posted a photo of her own on her Instagram account – and her colleague Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show model – sexy lingerie. Consistent with the Kardashians star, wearing a black lace bra with panties and a long-sleeved turtleneck top.

Jenner’s hair is split in the middle, in a straight line in the photo, but this is the title that makes fans laugh. Kendall revealed that she has “eaten so many pastas” since the show on Thursday night, and it seems to be so beneficial on the T-stage because it breaks the supermodel diet.

Last week, as a detail of Inquisitr, Kendall added other big names in the styling world. Some well-known names include Gigi and Bella Hadid, Adriana Lima, Adam Levine’s wife Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, Elsa Hosk, Jasmine Tookes, Josephine Skrive, Lais Ribeiro, Martha Hunt, Romee Strijd, Sara Sampaio, Stella Maxwell and Taylor Hill. .

As music guests such as The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Kelsea Ballerini, Rita Ora, Shawn Mendes and The Struts, these women made their debut at the fashion show.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Kendall Jenner’s eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, has been a guest of her family last week. Kourtney and her three children, Mason, Penelope and Reign, were forced to evacuate their Calabasas home after the devastating Woolsey fire threatened to burn the building to the ground.

Kourtney immediately started to stay with Kendall, and the two have been taking advantage of this situation. Last weekend, the two sisters revealed through social media that they were engaged in the “pancake war” and even had a pancake to cook, trying to improve their cooking skills.

“This is at b ** ch,” Jenner told Kardashian in a video about her story. In another video, Kendall asked her brothers and sisters which pancakes look better. Jenner’s come in a variety of sizes, while Kardashian is the perfect round and golden yellow.

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The man was designated as the owner of the underwear company to obtain nude photos of women


The police arrested a resident of Tirat Carmel in Haifa District on Sunday for committing a sexual offence behind a Instagram account of a fraudulent underwear company.

The case was subjected to a secret investigation for several months and it was suspected that the 29-year-old man was guilty of sexual offences and impersonated crimes and fraud.

The police suspected that for about a year, the man opened an Instagram business page that appeared in an existing underwear company, changing only a letter from the real company name to Hermosa Israel to Hermos Israel.

Then, he pretended to be the business owner in the name of “Natalie” and turned to women in their 30s and 30s who found and tempted them to send him intimate photos on Instagram. He used this as an excuse to convince them that assessing their “fitness” for advertising is a professional requirement.

The suspect allegedly promised to provide thousands of shekels with financial compensation and other benefits to the women who were victims of his scam.

The Israeli police identified a pattern of suspects’ behavior through a large number of complaints they received nationwide, including complaints from real business owners who received a request to ask her about the event and about Natalie. Complaint. Exist in real business.

The cyber forces in the Central District of the Israeli Police used their best techniques to expose the suspect and track his actions. During the arrest on Sunday morning, the police searched his home and seized various storage devices he owned.

The police provided screenshots of several conversations between the suspect and the victim.

One of the contents is as follows: “Hey, I am very happy to meet you. I am Natalie. I am following you. I must say that you are very good. I am very happy to work with you. I will shoot the winter catalog with you and pay for it.”

The lady’s response was to thank Natalie for the quotation and compliments, and asked for more details. The suspect responded: “Of course, dear, you are gorgeous. I will explain. I have two stores where I can wear swimsuits, underwear. And pajamas, the third store will be open on the way within three weeks, I am shooting the perfect winter catalog for the store, not Facebook and the day shooting 3 – 4 hours, I pay 1500 per day, of course you get all The picture serves as a gift.”

Another screenshot shows that he asked women to take nude photos and promised to remove them immediately. When a woman refuses, he will answer, “Okay, don’t force haha. But this is a problem. Sorry, dear, I really want to move on. I know you too.”

Another screenshot of the conversation shows that he asked for a nude photo and a series of deleted messages that seemed to have forced his request; he replied that he asked for a closer shot and the other angle came from a different angle.

The police are scheduled to take him to the Acre Magistrates’ Court on Monday afternoon, requesting an extension of remand.

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Kanye West accidentally tweeted Kim Kardashian’s underwear photos in Christian prayers


Kanye West seems to be in a remorseful mood, sharing a religious prayer on Twitter on Tuesday morning as a “sinner” and asking God to forgive and help him become “he wants to be that kind of person”.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, perhaps West needs to ask his wife Kim Kardashian for forgiveness, because this tweet contains photos of her underwear.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, given that West quickly deleted the tweet, it is quite accidental to include this intimate photo in Christian prayer.

This tweet shows a screenshot of the rapper’s phone. According to Newsweek, the image shows a religious quote, but West does not seem to be able to cut the photo stream at the bottom of the mobile app. The creek includes family photos: the 2-year-old son of St. in a swimming pool and 38-year-old Kardashian, in her closet, puts on a pair of seemingly black panties. Newsweek said that Kardashian may be wearing a swimsuit.

Of course, it’s not that Kardashian has been shy when sharing her own photos in her underwear or nude or full nude. But reality TV stars and social media giants like to control the photos she posts on social media.

According to Newsweek, Kardashian also accused the West of sharing photos of their family inside on Twitter in April.

Newsweek said that in a series of photos, West asked whether the house was like a “sinking place” and a reference to a place in the horror movie “going out”. The protagonist was imprisoned psychologically and physically. Kardashian jokingly said to West on Twitter: “Well baby. We have a rule, that is, don’t show our home on social media!”

Following the recent rash behavior of Western companies on Tuesday, a Twitter user did not edit the screenshots before the promotion. The user wrote, “Cut off your pagan screenshots.”

In addition to the intimate Kardashian shooting, the Christian prayer shared in the tweet is curious.

“I am a sinner,” prayer began. It claims that a person accepting Jesus Christ is “my personal savior.” It also requires God to “take the Holy Spirit into my life, fill me and control, and help me become the kind of person you want me to be.”

Newsweek pointed out that it is not clear whether prayer is directly related to anything happening in Western life.

But last week, West denied that he had praised Trump with unbridled praise on national television and social media. In his roar, the rapper also condemned the 13th Amendment to end slavery and told African-Americans that they did not need to be Democrats.

But West revealed in a tweet published on October 30 that he had “woke up” and stopped talking about politics – including things about Trump.

West said on Twitter: “My eyes are now open, and now I realize that I am used to spreading information that I don’t believe.” “I keep a distance from politics and concentrate entirely on creativity!”

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Men revealed their true thoughts about women’s underwear – what they said will definitely surprise you

Whether you like to wear a thong or put on your “grandmother’s pants”, you can wear any underwear you want.

If we act in our own way, we will wear whatever we like (read: Bridget Jones’s best underwear) under our clothes, don’t blow the eyelids or consider anyone’s opinion. However, due to the wide variety of worlds we have liberated and people are not afraid to share their judgments, we decided to delve into this topic.

To commemorate Victoria’s secret model, Stella Maxwell, as the November digital cover star of GLAMOR, we asked a variety of men’s views on underwear, not because we felt it necessary to comply with their preferences, but only because We are very interested – and of course, this is the biggest lingerie show of all time in history.

This is what they have to say…

James, 35, London
“Well, so everyone likes a little lace, but sometimes I think less is more; a pretty little black number can do something and not too OTT. Grandma pants won’t make the heart beat like this, but who is really Care? I can’t say that this is what I have always noticed. As long as the bird feels comfortable with what she has, everything is fine! Can’t I sit in a pair of worn Calvins and let you have a hump? Not in lace underwear, can I? I like matching colors, no ‘on your face’; a beautiful subtle crimson is Peng! As I said, black is elegant, white is everyone’s Preferred.”

Chris, 32, Southampton
“I thought I only liked black underwear, but I recently had a little preference for white. Finally, I really don’t care because it has fallen off.”

Tommy, 28, London
“You may be surprised to hear this news, but in fact I don’t have a preference for underwear, but if there is a huge label there, it will be completely closed. Cut them off, ladies! In an ideal world, innocent Pants are one of them.”

Patrick, 30, London
“I believe you should always wear beautiful underwear, because you never know what this day might bring you. For me, it all depends on the matching settings; you can’t miss a beautiful black number.”

Peaso, 25 years old, Aberdeen
“Don’t worry about her situation, but about the things below it.”

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Panties thief stole dozens of women’s underwear


The police are looking for a panty thief who said they stole dozens of women’s underwear from home.

“It’s not just one or two. It’s a whole set of underwear,” said one of the victims.

At the Skyline Estates in Arvada, a panty thief is smashing.

“It’s weird. It’s weird, I don’t feel comfortable,” said neighbor Penny Rediger.

As early as August, the police received three reports of the theft of women’s underwear at homes near Miller Street and Werry Road. Another report was released in the same area a few days ago. One of the victims, who asked not to be named, said that someone had entered her home and took dozens of underwear.

“It’s really disturbing. It shows the disgusting human being we are dealing with. He is a terrible metamorphosis, no matter who this person is,” said the lady.

She posted a message on social media to remind her friends – and then found another strange twist. Her neighbors also lost underwear and found strange underwear at home.

“We were able to get together and found that some of the underwear was actually mine, some of them were not. Some of them were not hers,” the woman said.

FOX31 talked to the police and they said they were waiting for the DNA test results of the two underwear. For the victim, she hopes that the DNA will lead to the suspect and be arrested.

“For me, this is to protect our family, protect our neighbors and let him be caught.”

If you live in that community and have a monitoring system, you should check your shots and let the police know if you have found anything suspicious.

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Victoria’s secret model Shanina Shaik provides underwear for the sauna session, post Racy Instagram picture

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Shanina Shaik is showing her followers a preview of her Victorian secret show, and the model shares a very vivid picture of her sauna trip wearing only underwear.

Shaik will be on the runway at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show later this month, and she will post a tight-fitting abdomen picture on a black sports bra with Instagram. This photo was a huge blow to her followers and received thousands of likes and comments about her amazing body.

It doesn’t look like it happened. As the Daily Mail pointed out, Shanina’s diet is very strict and can reduce all excess sugar, including fruit and alcohol. She also has an exercise program that includes Pilates-based exercise, ankle weight and dance aerobics, which she says is similar to aerobics and skipping.

Although she has become one of the top models in the world today, Shanina Shaik is not always confident in her body. The 27-year-old told Fox News that it was difficult to start her modeling career in Australia because she was not in line with the routine.

“When I started my career in Australia, I didn’t look like a typical Australian beach girl,” said Shaik, her father is a Pakistani and her mother is a Lithuanian descent.

Shaik said that she had been bullied for her different appearances during her childhood and had affected her so much that she did not start classes. Shaik said she was “not a good place” and was too afraid to tell her mother to bully, so she put it inside.

Today, she hopes to use her fame to motivate others to lend a helping hand when they need help.

“I urge people today, if they are bullied in any way, please tell others,” Shaik said.

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The police grabbed a chain of underwear thieves through a bra equipped with a GPS tracker

The police grabbed a chain of underwear thieves through a bra equipped with a GPS tracker

The Dutch police seized a conjoined underwear thief after installing the tracking device into the lady’s bra.

Detectives in the eastern town of Hengelo had this idea after a woman reported that she had snatched some underwear on her balcony washing line.

Originally, a boy stole the clothes as a joke. When someone left a bunch of flowers at the door, there was no information and the victim became uneasy.

According to Dutch public broadcaster RTV Oost, officials installed some surveillance cameras outside the home.

But when he returned to the balcony to steal more underwear, the authorities failed to take a good picture of the suspect.

According to police spokesman Chantal Westerhoff, investigator Thomas Hamhuis subsequently decided to put a GPS transmitter into the woman’s bra as a “bait.”

This method was previously used by the Hengelo forces to capture the serial bicycle thief in the town.

When the underwear thief attacked again, the tracking device took them to the home of the suspicious serial criminal.

The police found a bag full of underwear at the property. The unidentified man was arrested and the police are calling on other possible victims to come forward.

“He and the victim don’t know each other. He is known to the police, but not because of sex crimes,” Ms. Westerhoff explained.

“We are looking for women, probably in Hengelo, who have lost underwear.”

Last year, Chinese authorities had to hire trucks to remove tens of thousands of female bras and underwear from the home of a thief in Jiangxi Province.

The man admitted to the police that he had stolen underwear for ten years.

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Carly Rae Jepsen to Calvin Klein: “Call me” (maybe?)


Does Carly Rae Jepsen want to get a front seat in the next Calvin Klein show, perhaps between ASAP Rocky, Khalid and Billie Eilish? For those who watched the new video of the single “Party for One”, this would be a natural conclusion, including Ms. Jepsen and some of the most obvious product displays recently seen on the screen, in Calvin Klein underwear. The form appears.

When Ms. Jepsen took off her miniskirt, Calvin’s panties appeared in the video for about 38 seconds, and several of her videos co-starred, including at least one extra woman and two men.

Absolut Vodka and Postmates also played a supporting role in the video because Ms. Jepsen and her companions met in the hotel lobby. In general, “Party for One” is an unmistakable ode to the troika brand, which has not been ignored by the audience.

Surprisingly, however, Calvin Klein did not realize that this was happening. “Kevin Klein did not facilitate the placement of the product in Ms. Jepsen’s video,” a spokesperson said. (He didn’t see or hear the video before he contacted.) “But we are always happy to see artists using our products as a creative expression.”

“Carly has no relationship with Calvin Klein and there are no upcoming partners. It is worth noting that this is not a paid integration, but it is such a classic brand, CK underwear is the only way out,” Ms. Jeppesen The spokesman later confirmed.

Ms. Jepsen did not get paid for using these underwear, nor did she talk about her becoming one of the collections of her famous faces. But it’s easy to imagine why someone like Ms. Jepsen or her multifaceted manager Scooter Braun would be interested in attracting eyes like brands like Calvin Klein (although Ms. Jepsen and Mr. Braun’s representatives did not respond to requests for comment).

Ms. Jepsen is a 32-year-old Canadian pop singer who is known for her 2012 song “Call Me Maybe”, which she turned into a more refined sound in the 2015 album “Emotions”. She invited a star-studded team of songwriters to merge the creators of the popular music scene (Sia) with big-name independent filmmakers (Dev Hynes, Ariel Rechtshaid).

Ms. Jepsen gets more than five million traffic per month on Spotify, much less than Britney Spears, but millions more than independent artists in her peers like Grimes.

Ms. Jepsen used her unusual celebrities to get high-profile videos. In 2015, Tom Hanks starred in “I really like you”, and when I met Ms. Jepsen, I spoke on the streets of New York and danced at the end of the video.

As for minimalism, the brand Calvin Klein, built in jeans and underwear, experienced a renaissance in front of the relatively new chief creative officer Raf Simons, a highly respected Belgian designer who diored in 2016. Joined the house after working with Jil Sander. And is known for its ability to enhance commercial advertising by projecting it into the art of alternatives and intellectuals.

For example, since arriving in Klein, Mr. Simmons used the entire clan Kardashian to advertise underwear, and reached an agreement with the Andy Warhol Visual Arts Foundation to use the artist’s work on jeans and household items and make Millie Bobby Brown, Saoirse Ronan, Brooke Shields, Lupita Nyong’o and Paris Jackson (and others) his celebrity faces.

Ms. Jepsen may be there one day? The brand will not close the door to the possibilities. However, although Ms. Jepsen is doing very well, many different body types can wear Calvins, although the video information (to celebrate myself!) is positive, but eventually the underwear looks a bit lonely under the light.

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Kim Kardashian and sisters wear bras and underwear for Victoria’s secret-themed Halloween costumes

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Kim Kardashian – and all her sisters – were deprived of their Halloween costumes. Together with Kardashian, keep the stars’ bras and underwear, plus some delicate wings to create their group costumes.

According to the “Daily Mail” reported on October 31, Kim Kardashian and her sisters – Courtney and Korika Dyshan and Kendall and Kelly Jenner – wore the Halloween party in Los Angeles this week. On the underwear, become the secret angel of Victoria.

Kim wore very thin panties and a white lace bra and a pair of fluffy white angel wings. She finished the look with a pair of transparent, transparent high heels.

Khloe Kardashian wore a similar outfit, showing her amazing baby body in lace lingerie and a white bra, completeing the appearance of small white wings. Kendall Jenner wore a pure white bra and high-top underwear with a transparent bodice.

Kourtney Kardashian wore white lace lingerie and her own bodice, as well as the most unique pair of angel wings – a pair of up and down bends. At the same time, Kylie Jenner is the most covered sister, wearing a tan bra and underwear with a shiny sequined nude bodysuit.

As Inquisitr previously reported, the Kardashian slash Jenner family is in the spirit of Halloween throughout the week. Girls publish Halloween-themed photos on social media.

On Wednesday, Khloe shared a photo of her and her daughter True Thompson wearing a sweet outfit. Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi have been doing the same thing.

Kylie also shared her photos in Barbie costumes, and Kourtney Kardashian released retro photos of herself and her three children wearing superhero costumes during the past Halloween celebrations.

Kim Kardashian has been busy posting her bikini photos, which she recently traveled to Bali with her sisters. However, she has promised her fans via Instagram that she will post her Halloween photos later in the day. Kendall Jenner also had fun by posting photos of himself as one of the “Fembots” in Austin Powers movies.

Kardashian and Jenner’s girls will definitely release Victoria’s secret angel costumes in the next few days, as every woman looks stunning in a light-weight outfit.