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Tips to Help You Pick Lingerie Like a Pro for Your Girlfriend

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Imagine you ask your wife or girlfriend to spice things up in the bedroom, and she asks you to play a role, too.

Well, the easiest option is to get her something sexy to wear, AKA lingerie. However, it seems like men are only good at appreciating lingerie and don’t know how to choose one for their girl. So, if you are struggling to buying underwear for girlfriend, we are sharing everything in this guide. By the end, you will be ready for a shopping spree!

Always Know the Size

First of all, you have to know the size she wears. To be precise, you’ve to know what size of briefs and bra she wears. It will ensure that the lingerie you choose looks amazing on her and fits. Keep in mind that there are multiple sizes of lingerie available, so take a dive into the lingerie drawer. Usually, the sizes are small, medium, large, and extra large.

However, if you cannot have access to the drawer, simply go and ask your girlfriend. In fact, she will give you brownie points for being interested. Lastly, always keep the receipt so you can get the size changed.

Focus on the Color

This is an easy step, but many men get confused when they see thong leggings or bras in a multitude of colors. The easiest way is to choose the colors your girlfriend would like. For instance, you can choose between neutral and bright colors. In addition, you’ve to choose between patterns and floral patterns. So, sit for a bit and go through the options; you will find a color that she will love.

Keep the Style in Mind

Selecting the perfect lingerie is essential because you’ve to understand the style that will align with her identity and personality. Keep in mind that lingerie is an extremely personal and intimate thing, so always consider her style. That’s because if something is out of her comfort style, she won’t feel like herself even if she wears it for your happiness. Some of the common styles include silk, lace, and cotton, so ask or make a right guess.

Go Shoppin

Once you know the high waisted workout leggings or lingerie your girlfriend might like, it’s time to go shopping. This is because the first three tips must have given you a basic idea, and you can share them with shopping assistants. Also, there is nothing wrong in asking for other’s opinions as long as you are conveying everything respectfully.

We recommend downloading a few reference pictures and showing them to the shopping assistant. That’s because it will give her an idea about what you’re looking for.

The Bottom Line

It’s needless to say, lingerie is a cute gift for someone and it’s always special. So, make sure you are spending time finding the right pieces because it might take your relationship out of the rut and spruce things up.

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