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Match Your Body To Your Lingerie

One thing that women of all shapes and sizes, from the most petite to the big and beautiful, have in common is that the lingerie they buy must make them feel wonderful about themselves. That means sexy, sensual, desirable but most significantly, special. When your special ‘someone’ turns the sports channel off because he noticed you in your sexy lingerie, it’s a definite plus and ego-boost.

Modern women of today consider their lingerie as an ever-increasingly important part of their wardrobe. Online shopping has made it very easy, and opened up a new world for finding lingerie that is sexy, exotic and remains comfortable to wear. There are a few simple tips to bear in mind when shopping for lingerie so you will always look wonderful and feel great.

Even though all women are beautiful, there are those times when you just require a little nudge to make you sparkle, and lingerie can do that. Fashion and comfort go together like peaches and cream. Choosing the right lingerie for you may take a bit of practice, however, since there is such a tremendous range of styles available.

Picking Sexy Lingerie

On the market today, the majority of women can wear red, white and black. Blondes look beautiful in pastels; brunettes need the stronger colors like sapphire blue or emerald green, while fiery redheads look fantastic in green, blues and earth tones. Satin, lace, silk, leather and velvet are just a few of the many materials available. Remember that a sheer material is always going to be more revealing.

Sexy Lingerie and Your Body Type

You need to feel comfortable with your own body before you can feel totally at ease with yourself. Emphasizing the correct body parts, which is not necessarily showing more skin, will make you feel appealing and desirable. Always accentuate your positive features and play down or understate the negative. If your body shape is straight – with bust, waist and hips almost the same, choose a style that will drape over your figure and stay away from tight fitting lingerie. Comfort is just as important as the way you look. Nobody wants to feel like they are being restricted in the wrong places.

What Not to Wear

Beautiful lingerie and indulging yourself go together. Keeping your lingerie in good condition and properly cared for will extend its use and will help you feel comfortable and sexy. Even though most of the lingerie we wear is not seen, it still has a big affect on the way we look and the way our clothes fit. Looking fantastic makes us feel beautiful. Here are a few hints:

1. Make sure your lingerie isn’t worn, ripped or the wrong size
2. Thong undies under tight fitting skirts and pants will prevent panty lines from showing.
3. Legs look sexy and slimmer in black nylons
4. Light colors make your legs appear heavier
5. A one-piece body suit does a great job of hiding any bulges and makes you look slimmer
6. Always, and this can’t be stressed enough, wear a bra that fits correctly.

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The Key to Sexy Underwear

Blurt out the words “Sexy Underwear” and images of open bust bras and crotch-less panties often come to mind! However, there is much more to sexy lingerie than this very small representation.

Sexy lingerie has the ability to transform what might be considered an average body into something more. The key to unlocking the power of lingerie is to use it to accentuate the most positive features of the woman who is wearing it.

Women would be wise to remember that men are visual creatures. By accentuating a woman’s’ most attractive features in a visually appealing way, she can count on getting a positive response from her male suitor every time.

Wearing sexy and appealing lingerie can help to boost a woman’s self-confidence in her body thus enhancing her overall attitude, presence and appearance.

Additionally, lingerie today is much more comfortable to wear than in the past. With the advancement in the popularity of lingerie has also come a very beneficial side effect known as comfort.

Newer materials and better designs focused not just on the males visual gratification, but also on the woman’s’ comfort have made it even more desirable for women to wrap themselves in a sexy and fashionable lingerie outfit.

Items such as sexy bras can make the most of any breast whether ample or petite. A sexy stretch lace baby doll can help bring the bust to the forefront and make the mid section more subdued. A sexy pair of booty shorts can help to accentuate the buttocks while a pair of sexy stockings can bring attention to that great set of legs.

Wearing beautiful, comfortable and sexy lingerie has several positive effects on the person wearing it. By making you feel sexy and sensual you will exude an air of confidence in your sexuality that can be sensed by all onlookers.

Remember, the key to wearing sexy lingerie is to focus on the most attractive parts of your body. Find the area or areas that flatter you the most and look for the right lingerie that highlights those particular areas.

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How to make the chest naturally larger, teach you to do breast enhancement at home

Summer is the time, but also MM show the cause of the big show. The chest is a woman’s charm, the man’s mate choice is to look at the chest Oh See other people’s chest proud of the peak, and his chest empty, you impatient? There are many ways to breast enhancement, MM can be wearing the appropriate bra, or daily massage, exercise, diet and other methods to achieve the purpose of breast enhancement. Want to be lazy MM who can also choose an effective breast instrument Oh. So that you can easily at home is the chest naturally become larger.

One, wear the appropriate bra

Bra is a must for each woman’s personal clothing, MM how to care for their own breasts, bear the brunt of is to first understand their own breasts, so as to pick out their own bra. MM of the breast there are many types, different chest to choose different types of bra, so as to be able to give the breast the most comfortable, caring care. Chest care good, in order to make it natural growth becomes full. Want to breast MM, underwear must wear on slightly.

Small chest gather sexy lace underwear, super-gather effect to prevent MM’s chest outside the expansion, for you to shape tall and straight breasts. Exquisite lace lace embellishment, elegant and generous, MM are worth having.

Deep V sexy gather bra, a trace of fabric wear on the body more skin-friendly comfort. Ultra-low heart, exposed MM are deeply career line, sexy and generous. Beautiful prints, different.

Second, the method of massage

MM want to fullness of the chest, learn a set of effective massage is also very important Oh. Effective massage to clear the lymph around the breast, so that the chest was a natural state of growth. So what are the methods of massage?

1, centralized
Centralized massage is the hands on the outside of the breast, hands tiger mouth pressure up. Hands from the inside out with the tiger’s mouth holding the breast, to the outside along the stretch has been carried to the outside of the breast and then let go. Repeat this action 15-25 times.

2, touch style
Hands in turn cross the touch of breasts, each side of a total of 3 minutes touch. Touch the time can be clockwise, you can counterclockwise, you can also horizontal touch, or any position to touch. Touch the time moderate, touch the best time in about 3 minutes.

3, rub oil type
Massage before the first oil or moisturizing cream coated in the chest, right hand holding the right breast, fingers close together. Left hand gently on the right breast, fingers close together. Right hand along the breast, palm up support, left hand gently down the gesture, repeat the practice more than 10 times. And then change the same action for the left hand practice.

4, take the style
Massage before the first oil or moisturizing cream applied to the chest, fingers open, respectively, on the bottom of the breast, from the bottom up slowly push. Repeated practice more than 30 times. And then fingers open to the nipple as the center cover the breast, in the bottom of the breast in a clockwise direction circle. When the circle of a little hard, repeated practice more than 30 times. Then reverse the same reason.

Third, the use of massage instrument
MM want to breast enhancement in addition to their own way to learn massage, you can also use the chest massage equipment, to more comprehensive system for your breasts to do more delicate massage.

Third, food breast

Food Breast is a very healthy way of breast enhancement. Eat their own food on the human body will not be harmful, rich in nutrients in food can also bring the effect of breast enhancement, so you enjoy the delicious while the body.

1. Milk papaya is very helpful for the development of chest food. Papaya plus milk, breast enhancement effect better Oh. More worth mentioning is that milk and papaya is a common thing in life, the price is not expensive, very easy to buy, and the taste is not bad Oh.

2. Contains lecithin soybeans, peanuts, etc., rich in protein almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, are very good breast food. Another part of the plant seed coat has the role of promoting gonadal development. Can help your chest secondary development, so as to achieve the effect of breast enhancement.

Four, yoga breast

Yoga breast is now a very popular way of breast enhancement. Through the system of yoga action choreography, effective exercise for the chest, to achieve the effect of Breast plastic body. Every day to practice, you can help you achieve the purpose of healthy and effective breast.

Share a simple action: feet and shoulder width, deep breathing, slowly exhale, relax, arm naturally drooping to the sides of the body, and then shaking shoulder action, when the jitter to drive both arms and Chest with jitter. With the palm of your heart to hold our breasts along with the frequency of the shoulder jitter, the time to keep in about two minutes.

Breast the method of tens of millions, for their own is the most effective. MM at home to choose a simple way to also achieve the same effect of breast enhancement, no longer have trouble running beauty salons or to plastic surgery friends. Get these skills, you can have a perfect chest Oh.

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There are steel ring and indentation underwear have their own advantages, which do you like?

That women want to be a little bit of their own, and underwear is indeed a turning point in the health of a woman’s life, in fact, women are flexible, there is a saying that women do water, this is really no fault.

How many MM in the pursuit of fashion while ignoring the health of the most important elements, especially personal underwear. Choose no steel underwear is to choose a healthy, the most secure fabric choice, the most comfortable style design, so that your chest becomes comfortable and comfortable, so that your skin will breathe.

So what kind of two underwear in the end it?

1, there are advantages of steel ring
The existence of the steel ring is to make the breast more stable, can support the entire chest and have a good shaping effect, to prevent breast sagging outside expansion. Help beautify the breast type. Especially for women with too large chest, in order to avoid the emergence of sagging chest, external expansion, relaxation and other breast shape problems, bra belt is more appropriate.

2, no advantages of steel ring
Steel ring because of the texture is relatively hard, it is easy to cause physical discomfort, the breast will also cause a certain degree of oppression, is not conducive to blood circulation, increase the prevalence of breast disease. And no trace of underwear is used in a molding process, the whole cup is more smooth, no oppression of the breast, breast problems, because there is no steel ring, so there will be no oppression of the chest, so wear when the comfort greatly improved. The chest is not a big woman for the bra to support the request is not full of sister so high, less than A cup of women can choose comfortable and flexible without underwear underwear, or soft steel underwear. If the girls are developing, it is recommended to no steel ring and soft steel underwear mainly, but according to the development of the chest in time to replace the underwear, developed to a certain extent, according to the demand to replace the steel underwear.

Give you a warm Tips: every day wearing a ring bra bra for more than 10 hours of women, the probability of suffering from breast disease will be greatly increased. So it is recommended to kiss their own breasts are not too harsh, appropriate to wear a few weeks a week without steel bra for health or good.

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Why some underwear so expensive?

Every woman will wear bra, which is a very common thing. But do not know if we have not found, in addition to the general small street chain stores, slightly comfortable underwear, as long as a brand can be sold to the price is not cheap, then the bra only use a lost cloth, see It is not how tall clothes on how can and sell a skirt to the same price?

First of all, for a lingerie, its material can cause no small difference. A little better underwear material can put a little more expensive fabric prices. Especially a little material can be in the bleaching, hook silk, residue, wear on the show a lot of advantages.

And do not underestimate a lingerie, to do a piece of underwear to pay more than a T-shirt fee to pay more. After all, a piece of underwear looks only a few pieces of cloth, in fact, lace, mesh, mold cup, steel ring, shoulder strap, shoulder strap buckle, insert, buckle, decoration, etc., these things almost every underwear Have. The more things, the space is still so small, the production process is also a lot of complex.

The way to universal access to the knowledge of the underwear cleaning, and ordinary clothes clean up almost, but the best use of underwear soap to clean, so you can have the best underwear cloth protection, after all, underwear wear, cleaning or pay attention to a little , And underwear back buckle relatively rough there, in fact, is used to scrub the underwear is a good helper.

Although underwear manufacturer the underwear is a bit expensive, but expensive and expensive, so the baby can be under the ruthless handbags, after all, wear comfortable is the last word ah!

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Choose the right bra, and “airfield” say goodbye!

Chest how to choose underwear? This is the problem that has been plagued by a small woman. The importance of the bra believe that every girl is very clear, a good bra not only can gather chest chest shape to make the body curve more perfect, but also make the posture more upright look whole people are vibrant and vibrant.

Chest should be how to choose underwear:
1. Wear a bra can not have a sense of depression, that is, the bra is not too small, should choose to cover all the outer edge of the breast model is appropriate.

2. The bra strap should not be too loose or too tight, the material should be a little loose elastic band.

3. Spin protruding part of the pitch is moderate, not too far away or too close. Another bra is made of cotton material is best not to use chemical fiber fabric.

Then the chest to wear what cup underwear more appropriate?
1. gather the bra
For small chest of women, choose underwear must choose to gather the bra, only gather bra have a strong fat Shoulong function, in order to help you achieve the effect of plastic breast Breast.

2. thickening underwear: thicken bra is a good helper to increase the cup, the bottom of the thickened bra, not only can fit the chest, but also can make the ditch groove, is not very heart it

3. Steel underwear: small chest women do not recommend the choice of non-steel care of the sports or thin section bra, it will make the chest looks very shrinking, and no gather and shape the effect, remember to buy a strip of underwear , Can help you shape the perfect tall and straight chest.

4. hold the bra: This bra is also very suitable for small women in the chest, can play the role of support and lift the chest, especially for the relatively sagging chest of women, very effective.

5. Silicone bra: go out to swim or wear strapless dress when you can add a silicone bra in the regular bra, will make the chest becomes rough.

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Comfortable underwear have these five styles, you have a few?

Lingerie is a must for women, then why should women wear underwear? The main reason is to protect the chest, while wearing good-looking underwear, the chest will look more sexy and charming, then the market so much underwear, in the end what kind of underwear to make the chest healthy and beautiful? May wish to look at this 5 underwear, you have not?

The first paragraph: triangular underwear
Triangle underwear is no steel ring, and no chest pad, we often see the heroine in Europe and the United States at home to wear such underwear, this underwear can not only make your chest looks tall and straight, and wear very The comfort of it. Many women go home to choose not to wear underwear, in fact, so the chest is not very good, choose this triangular underwear will do both.

Section 2: home underwear
If the family to relatives and friends at home do not wear underwear some do not look good, this time you can choose this home underwear, not only comfortable, but also no sense of restraint.

The third paragraph: soft cup underwear
Soft cup type of underwear is no steel ring, more suitable for small chest, chest serious sagging women, this underwear is not suitable for chest big sister.

Section IV: Bra type underwear
This kind of underwear is more suitable for wearing a collar in the summer clothes, will be more beautiful, but this kind of underwear if the number of choice is too large, easy to fall down. So be sure to choose the appropriate number of yards.

Fifth paragraph: halter type underwear
Halter type underwear is generally designed in the back of the beautiful, suitable for summer wear through the clothes, halter, etc., or skinny type of beauty can also try Oh

More underwear manufacturer than five underwear are very personalized underwear, we choose the underwear, we must choose their own code number, the fabric should choose a comfortable cotton material, breathable sweat, choose a good underwear, in order to make their own chest More healthy and beautiful.

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Autumn wear sweater, with the kind of underwear will not be embarrassed?

Fall to the next, and went to a variety of sweaters when playing friends, do not know that we found no, this year seems to be particularly popular with a variety of knitted sweater with a hole design, then how to wear these sweater Nice? Here, we will certainly have a little ignorant, of course, is the normal wear ah, otherwise?

In fact, this kind of sweater which should be with what kind of underwear, wear it will be more impressive? After all, we must know that sweaters are generally thin, slightly careless look will look slightly back, choose the underwear look Will be more thin Oh.

The first point, not deep v does not gather
For many of the smaller women in the chest, when choosing underwear, are more likely to be able to play a role in the bra, because it can make their chest looks slightly larger, but when wearing a sweater Do not do so, otherwise it would look very strange, ordinary thin section underwear just fine.

For the larger women in the chest, even more so, their own sweater is easy to highlight the curve, if you choose to bring the role of the bra, really make you look to give a majestic feeling.

The second point, but too thin through
Many women because of comfort, health and other reasons, often choose a relatively thin underwear without paddess style, and even more women will choose, only a layer of cloth lace lace. Although it can play a role in the liberation of the chest, so that their more comfortable. But it is easy to bump, so the baby in the choice of time to be careful Oh

Third, try to reduce the pattern
Early autumn sweater, relatively thin, if you choose to have too complicated pattern bra, it is easy to print out through the sweater, so try to choose a smooth bra, if you want beautiful, choose with a lace or Embroidered design of the bra, it should be based on simple style.

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Quasi-bride must know to wear wedding notes

Woman the most beautiful moment, is the time to marry married. Walking on the red carpet, holding his beloved, to accept the blessings of family and relatives, put on a beautiful wedding, I think this time the woman is the happiest in life. But there are embarrassing moments, such as the body is not so perfect, wedding off the leak, then destroy the perfect wedding, and will become a lifetime of regret. So the bride to know how to wear a few wedding Oh,

One Chest paste
Chest paste is to avoid the wedding shedding artifact, good pants material breathable, skin-friendly, the most important is not easy to fall. Choose a good chest paste is also very important.

Two bride body sculpting clothing
Quasi-bride is to want a perfect body, for the wedding day, tortured themselves in order to not leave their own regret. In fact, a bride exclusive body sculpting clothing can solve your troubles, choose body sculpting is also a few points need attention. 1. Whether the fabric is flexible 2. Can you and the wedding with 3. Whether the fabric is soft and integrated These points to choose the body sculpting is a very good bride body sculpting.

Transparent shoulder strap
Do not meet their own wedding dress? Wedding scene once the wedding off how to do? This time need is a pair of transparent or invisible shoulder strap Oh. Can be a good solution to these problems, how to choose a comfortable do not hurt the skin of the shoulder strap Oh, the main thing is to choose a good material Oh, whether soft and breathable.

Woman’s life, the wedding is only part of the life and the need for other things to form. May you can hold your hands and grow old together, do not leave regret in the wedding, the beginning of hope are good.

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Why is the underwear easy to deform? Note the four cleaning points

Many women are reflected in their own underwear is particularly easy to deformation, bought only a month or two has been deformed? Can not help but ask that in the end is the problem of underwear it? Or their own cleaning problem?

Underwear deformation is a very common problem, especially improper cleaning, very easy to cause deformation. As a woman’s personal clothing, underwear deformation is not suitable for wearing, so care is very important oh ~ to see underwear wash underwear, it is not easy to deformation.

Machine wash or hand wash?
Hand wash
Have to say that some of my sister is too lazy, what underwear ah, underwear ah, socks often throwing washing machine with a stir ~ This is very wrong, especially for the bra with the bra, do not use washing machine washing or dehydration, Let your underwear serious deformation, but also damage the material. And close clothing and other clothing with easy to wash bacteria, although lazy, but should pay attention to health ah.

Cleaning agent soaking
Wash a bra when wearing up to 2-3 days should be cleaned. Because the main component of human dirt is protein, so use a protein-specific detergent with detergent to wash, and can not use hot water

Gentle cleaning
Many people think that underwear is not good to wash, especially how rubbing ah, had been so small, but also uneven cloth, do not know how to wash well. This issue Xiaobian often complained before. In fact, underwear know how to wash the law is still very simple, first of all underwear need to soak, and then to beat or wash the way wash clean.

To dry
Underwear do not easily wring dry, especially wearing a steel ring, very easy to deformation, do not wait for the dry out on the dry, first dry with a dry towel and then drying

Be careful to store
Free underwear manufacturer folding underwear is easy to lead to underwear deformation, so when folded, no steel underwear can be folded side of the cup to the other side of the cup, and then the shoulder strap and back into the lining. If there is a bra in the wire, as long as the pendulum can be spread out