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WAG Nadia Bartel flaunts her slender figure in a sexy lingerie-inspired bustier dress

She opted for a conservative mustard frock during the day for the Myer Spring Summer Collection Launch.

But Nadia Bartel has opted for something a little sexier for the evening event.

The WAG proudly slipped into a lingerie-inspired bustier dress by Yeojin Bae at the soiree, held at Bronte Surf Life Saving Club, in Sydney.

Ready for bed? WAG Nadia Bartel flaunts her slender figure in a sexy lingerie-inspired bustier dress as she attends Myer Collection Launch party

The brunette had her long locks tied back off into a low ponytail, with her fringe out in loose curls.

Kepping her fans up-to-date! Ahead of the event, she took to Instagram to show off her outfit

Ahead of the event, she took to Instagram to show off her outfit.

Melbourne-based Nadia wrote in the caption: ‘When your hotel has a full length mirror, it would be rude not to take a pic.’

Earlier in the day, Nadia highlighted her lean figure in a high-neck designer frock by Toni Maticevski.


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Despite the fact they’re the hottest trend in lingerie.

Sales of the wireless, unstructured and mostly unpadded bras have exploded in recent seasons, as celebs like the Kardashian sisters have strapped them on to take sexy selfies and Hollywood stars like Charlize Theron have exposed them at red carpet events.

Yet this week, Victoria’s Secret signaled that bralettes have been a d-d-disaster for the chain, even as rivals like Urban Outfitters, Target, Forever 21 and even Costco cash in on the craze.

Instead, Victoria’s Secret — which for decades has minted a fortune with wire-and-cup innovations like the push-up bra — said it will stubbornly stick to its bread-and-butter while it scales back bralettes to below 5 percent of its product mix.

“Bralette’s trend up and down and we’ll have them,” Victoria’s Secret Chief Executive Jan Singer told analysts on a conference call. “But we make constructed bras best and anyone can make bralettes. We get paid for construction.”

Wall Street wasn’t impressed. Shares of Victoria’s Secret parent, L Brands, lost 3.6 percent on Thursday to close at $37.55 as the bra-pushing behemoth slashed its profit outlook.

Now, some on Wall Street are concerned about the chain’s blasé take on bralettes.Shares of L Brands have tumbled more than 50 percent over the past year as the company has cast off its swimwear and clothing lines.

“Victoria’s Secret was one of the last to pick up this trend, so by the time they started to offer them, people weren’t willing to switch to Victoria’s Secret,” said Cora Harrington, founder and editor of The Lingerie Addict Web site.

Others fret that Victoria’s Secret is simply out of touch with its customers, relying on a marketing campaign that emphasizes sex appeal and Victoria’s Secret Angels rather than ordinary women.

Rivals like American Eagle Outfitters’ Aerie brand, meanwhile, have had success with the latter approach, according to experts.

“Maybe Victoria’s Secret is losing touch with consumers and what they want, focusing only at their bottom line,” said Luis Paredes, publisher The Lingerie Journal. “The bralette has become a style that people enjoy and has become a staple.”

Indeed, Victoria’s Secret’s biggest beef with bralettes may be that they typically go for between $25 and $30 — compared to $50 for many of its wire-and-cup designs.

The company will unveil new styles of bras in September, but its so-called T-shirt bra that came out in July was a bust, according to industry insiders.

“The T-shirt bra was a flop that moved to the back of the store within a week and a half,” said Gabriella Santaniello, president of A Line Partners, a retail consulting firm.

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Late sexy underwear

With the peacekeeping show swept the world, set off a fashion trend of underwear. To be in the same place, in addition to bright light to take a good coat, but also meticulously put on underwear.

Some people say that the quality of a woman is reflected in the choice of underwear, not worn inside can not be sloppy, the more personal clothing, the more the need for exquisite.

So, the pursuit of fine women on the underwear, only higher without the highest, more and more underwear began to embark on the luxury line. The use of high-end fabrics, diamond elements of the mosaic, each innovation are refreshed a higher level of underwear standards.

Your coat is what kind of style, into what kind of elements? What kind of luxury do you have for your underwear?

Open the door to fashion, expand the trend of vision, take a look at luxury lingerie what kind of face it!

1, Swarovski take the coat. Will the Swarovski crystal inlaid in the underwear, this luxury experience you have had it? Chest overlapping straps, sexy fashion; lace fabric slightly exposed meat, gas texture super.

2, the British luxury robe. Imitation satin fabric, good texture, high grade; version of the type is very good, waist with a three-dimensional sense of the super-strong, to create a sweet style. Black and bare pink match, but also with a look.

3, luxury lace no steel ring gather underwear. This underwear in terms of material or design from the producer’s intentions. Comfortable fabric, version of a good, no steel ring design comfortable to wear; polymer design can not only gather the chest type, but also has the effect of adjusting the deputy milk.

4, luxury embroidery without steel mesh yarn underwear. Ultra-thin section of the transparent underwear, exquisite embroidery embroidery pattern elegant atmosphere, ladies temperament filling. Net yarn fabric, lace of the circle side, modeling sense is very strong!

5, ultra-thin lace embroidery lace underwear. High-end flower embroidery inlaid in the fabric of the surface of the yarn, the exquisite workmanship, full of flowers, full of spring and bright atmosphere. Soft fabric is also very fit the skin, wearing comfortable. Full set of underwear full of temperament.

6, Underwear manufacturer French lace gather underwear. This underwear interpretation of the French lace texture retro and elegant, polymerization style design, the body side of the fat are gathered to the chest, with the effective adjustment of the role of breast. This set of underwear high-end luxury, worth having.

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National fitness era, sports underwear is bound to get

Underwear styles, and for women who love sports, choose a comfortable and refreshing sports underwear is a rare choice, with tights or trousers, yoga or muscle training easily do it, will not affect the chest Type development yo.

This is a U-style underwear, easy care of the chest, not sagging, rest assured to wear to give you the most different kind of clothing to enjoy, whether it is with a floral chiffon shirt or a halftone shirt is possible, simple movement , As if the natural granite color, fashionable personality piercing good color.

New autumn card pattern printed sweet girl underwear

For the girl’s property of the sister, this lovely animal printing, exquisite bow underwear style, showing your potential fresh and natural sweet sense, exquisite trace fashion design, highlighting high-end quality.

New autumn simple color simple sweet lace no steel underwear female

This low-breast deep V fashion design, sexy charming show different style, lace lace soft female man’s property, highlighting the heart of the little pink, added a bit elegant atmosphere; steel ring design, heal excess fat, With the role of plastic chest type, so that the back of the lines become more beautiful.

Sweet and cute simple color bow

The use of exquisite and comfortable fabric, give you soft and not drooping dress to enjoy, for many beautiful women, the clothes wear it is good-looking, but also depends on the choice of underwear on the right, this plastic breast beauty back style, with T-shirt or long paragraph dress can be, let you the United States bubble.

Lace underwear women thin thin anti-light no steel ring bra chest

Featured 3D no steel ring, gather tightly wrapped around the chest, not tight without a sense of suffocation, side of the deputy milk, perfect show sexy charming upper body lines; can be used with lace harness jacket, comfortable and beautiful more elegant temperament, even the word Collar exposed shirt, but also can easily control the.

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Let your underwear make your perfect “chest”

Modern women on the health of the breast more and more attention, no steel underwear is now we advocate the health of underwear wear, so that our chest is no longer under pressure, underwear using a lot of high-tech technology, close at the same time can be more effective The shape of the curve of women, gather the chest.

Women are no longer the underwear as a secret, and a comfortable, personal exquisite little underwear can give women more want to charm and sexy. Here we select several underwear, are using the latest technology, one by one without trace underwear, let us create a legend, open fashion invisible gathered a new chapter.

1. One piece of no trace without steel bra

Underwear hem made a widening treatment, more inclusive. 3D stereoscopic cut, so that our chest like a pearl-like rounded full, underwear will be the perfect set off the chest, so that the chest more attractive landscape. The shoulder strap is treated with a widened handle and is more comfortable to wear.

2. Sexy gather adjustment underwear

No steel underwear more and more sought after by women, wearing special comfort, do not care about the chest, to TA the best care. Underwear using the design of the drawstring, a pull immediately gather, create sexy charming chest. Widening the edge can be very effective to receive milk, better set off full breast type.

3. Seamless steel bra

Especially a sexy underwear, gather the adjustment of the design, let us in the process of wearing a better show the charming chest curve of the United States. Light as onion skin fabric so that we are more comfortable, the release of the chest pressure, so delicate skin to get the best care.

4. sexy adjustment underwear

A piece of seamless underwear, the release of the breast pressure, allowing the breast at the blood circulation more fluid, free breathing, more healthy. Stealth steel ring design, healthy and comfortable at the same time can play the effect of gathering, the choice of fabric is also very high, so we are more comfortable in the wearing process.

5. thin section no trace no steel bra

Ultra-thin smooth bra, especially for summer wear, refreshing and breathable, wear very comfortable. No steel ring design, comfort is not tightened tight feeling. I personally prefer this underwear design, the women’s rounded chest full of more temptation.

6. Deep v gathers smooth bra

Light a piece of indistinguishable underwear, no steel ring design 0 pressure without restraint, wear more comfortable. Deep V gather the design of a great show of our graceful posture curve, sexy butterfly wing wave design, looks more mature women’s sense of charm.

Wear high quality underwear, show the body, out of meaning

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Nice clothes too much? No underwear with how to line!

Summer is the happiest thing to wear a variety of styles of nice clothes it! And autumn and winter season is different, the summer clothes it is always a hole here, where a broken piece. Exposed the probability of underwear greatly increased ~ especially underwear with this element ah. So this time underwear naturally become a part of our daily style with no! In order to allow us to the best state to go out, nice underwear must have! Comfort is also the most important element Oh!

Lu Mei back invisibility bra no shoulder strap underwear gather anti-skid on the care of small chest half cup wrist no brackets bra

First to recommend is definitely no shoulder strap underwear ah, this is the summer to wear artifacts it ~ still have a shoulder strap can not wear strait clothes and trouble? Also worried that no shoulder strap underwear will be easy to slide down it! This is really artifact Oh ~ gather effect super good do not say, anti-skid and prevent, you can freely and the United States clothes dating it!

Girl before the buckle back underwear bra gathered small chest sexy steel ring thick thick thick

The second paragraph is recommended to wear a halter can wear bra ~ usually halter clothes a lot, but posted a milk paste always feel empty and no sense of security? Then you really need such a underwear friends ~ positive and ordinary underwear no difference, the back with a super sexy lace and cross strap design ~ do not know that this is just a vest it!

Before the deduction of the United States and the back of the chest gathered thick cup a cup thick 6cm non-steel underwear female confessed to the back of the summer

Then this is underwear manufacturerthe flat chest sister must have a single product friends ~ gather effect of the bar ah that is. Thick six cm mold cup ~ no longer worry about deep v equipment is still no cleavage problem. No steel ring design more comfortable friends, shoulder strap can also adjust a variety of shapes, wear a variety of US clothing do not need to worry about this one is not a problem!

Ladies underwear brassiere large cups gathered fat mm200 kg full cup cup anti-dropping full package bra large size

Said a few pieces of daily out do not have to fear the strapless bra, then talk about the adjustment of the type of bar ~ to know that every sister is more or less the chest will have sagging outside the expansion of the problem, this time an adjustment bra You can easily help you friends ~ this section of the auxiliary milk and anti-sagging effect is very good, wear it but no sense of pressure, daily wear correct chest type is necessary Oh!

No steel ring Silicone fake breasts underwent armpit postoperative special bras summer underwear

The last of this is still no steel ring adjustment underwear, do not look at functional underwear, but the appearance is very beautiful Yeah, lace all wrapped design, so that the chest kind of spray out of the effect. Can let you cover some of the postoperative scar or birthmark it, in addition to the effect of receiving milk, put too feminine!

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They are not wearing underwear, but will wear underwear!

Hot summer, as girls first thing is certainly not want to wear underwear, because the feeling of sweat only underwear only clear it. But the face of so nice to see the cool summer models, underwear will always come out brush sense of existence. In fact, the root of all your distress is that there is no election on the underwear. Today to teach you 2 small coup, so you wear underwear when it can be very cool.

1, choose thin section without steel underwear

Now so hot weather, who would choose to wear thick cotton pad underwear? Those who gather what the effect of the general to go, a lot of clothes are flat chest girls wear well. So the underwear can choose some thin section, lace can also, as long as the size and style are appropriate like. Lace is really very beautiful, stylish and sexy.

Mysterious sense of sexy triangular cup lace before the front buckle female underwear no steel thin cotton breathable bra bra. Want to be more refreshing in summer, this underwear is very suitable for you. Exquisite lace pattern embellishment as a whole, outline the charming sexy temperament. Triangle cup, small and exquisite and inclusive, but also not too cumbersome, refreshing breathable. A change in the traditional back button design, the use of the front buckle off when more convenient. Underwear at the end of the crotch design for the cotton fabric, has a good skin-friendly and breathable.

Summer non-sponge sexy front lace large chest ultra-thin paragraph transparent underwear ladies small chest gather bra suit. Ultra-thin underwear style, with fine silky lace fabric, no steel ring makes you more relaxed. Exquisite lace hollow lace dotted cup, with exquisite little strap, comfortable and breathable. Underwear is relatively simple, not too much fabric, so that can make you more refreshing.

2, chest paste

Often see someone wearing a harness will want to say, why do people wear harnesses are so beautiful, I have exposed underwear shoulder strap, so embarrassing things goddess generally do not do so. So when wearing a harness how to ensure that do not wear underwear and no dew point? Chest paste is a very good weapon, put on a small vest or a small harness underwear completely invisible.

3, lace underwear

Summer is very hot, so girls are like to wear a halter, but the back of the underwear to how to solve? Do not wear it empty words do not look good. If you wear usual underwear to go out, should be beaten, because it is not fashionable. So a black lace underwear is very suitable for you.

The simple and simple design of fashion, without too much decoration, the back by the combination of the band, a touch of summer piercing the temptation of the summer, The beauty of the back. No steel ring style makes you more relaxed, and sometimes skin-friendly cotton fabric, breathable and skin-friendly are very good. This is also the front buckle design, you want the United States and the United States halter, and ultimately it Oh.

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Wear underwear most likely to encounter three embarrassing! Are you in the gun?

Sister paper in the life of the most vulnerable to two things troubled, one big aunt, the other is underwear. Today we are talking about those things that wear underwear! In fact, Xiao Bian has been thinking about why girls have to wear underwear, put on very uncomfortable le. Many people say that underwear is to prevent the chest sagging, you can make the chest more firm, so the sister paper are still good to wear underwear it! But in summer wear underwear always there will be a lot of embarrassing moments, see if you have a gun?

1, shoulder straps fall
Winter shoulder straps did not fall much relationship, after all, wear more, others can not see, you can only wear a dress in the summer, shoulder strap fall, but a super embarrassing thing. You can use paper clips or cross underwear to avoid shoulder straps fall.

2, clothes too thoroughly print out the outline of the underwear
A lot of MM are in the summer like to wear white clothes or yarn clothes, but these clothes are generally more thoroughly, is the most likely to lead the outline of underwear, others will be very embarrassing, okay? So MM can be inside to wear Bra, harnesses like underwear, will be much better.

3, underwear after the underwear buckle off
Sometimes too hasty or because of other things lead to underwear buckle no buckle is good, and then always in the number of people or important occasions, a careless action will let the underwear buckle off, this time you still calm Is it up?

In short, the most afraid of is in public places underwear accident caused by the embarrassment, so choose the right underwear or good quality underwear is necessary.

A kind of good underwear is very important for women, no steel underwear to wear very comfortable, can effectively reduce the size of the underwear, Underwear on the breast pressure, there is a good flexibility and convergence, so you can shape the chest curve ~

Sexy sexy lingerie, let you wear the United States and the United States, the bottom of the underwear set the wave point massage function, the breast is very good The anti-skid and massage effect, can promote the breast’s blood circulation, the benefits of a lot of women Oh!

This lingerie has a lace on the surface of the point of praise so it looks particularly sexy, and there is a sense of the design of the Bra, you can prevent the appearance of the underwear, Emptied, so MM can be put on, no longer have to worry about the moment there was an embarrassment!

No shoulder strap bra chest wrapped chest sexy lace belly summer anti-go light back breast bra under the thin section without steel ring underwear.No shoulder strap can help you do not have to worry about the shoulder strap will fall at any time, there is a good contraction, so You do not have to worry about the chest will be down, with lace embellishment let you wear sexy but yet cute

This lingerie is not only the back of the shoulder strap, but also in front of the cross belt, very sexy, plus the shoulder strap on the embellishment of the bracelet And it is very cute, with a good gathering force, so highlight your proud of the chest curve!

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Fat MM,wear underwear to perfect

Although it has been very hard to lose weight, but still will be troubled by fat, in addition to control diet and exercise, fat MM wear underwear in order to scientific and reasonable weight loss, fat body how to choose underwear? Fat people wear what underwear style?

This section is a simple foundation, no lace design, basic wild, to give you a comfortable home experience, go out to travel more blouse, yoga exercise. Wear more comfortable, no matter when to bring you light and comfortable.


Summer, the new code to increase the size of women’s bra breast mm mm steel bra N-pants suit gather close milk 200 pounds to wear. Relatively simple section of it, no net yarn or something, summer wear t shirt thin clothes are more appropriate, big chest Sister can choose this one Oh, this D cup of Kazakhstan! According to the normal underwear size can choose! This section is no steel band shoulder strap adjustable, the back is four buckle, wearing will be more comfortable.

One seamless small underwear ◎ large size ◎ large size of the extracritical MM multi-color elastic stretch seamless underwear. Diaobiao size, B cup and C cup general Oh, seamless seamless stealth steel underwear, quite strong, wearing It will not feel the feeling of the barbed cable Oh, upper body gather effect is also very good, there is no chest pad, will not feel heavy and humid, back four-row buckle, wearing super comfortable.

Large size women’s pure color chest pad vest brace cross the United States back small tape underwear meat large size. Back shape vest – love personality and bold beauty girl see here ~ this small vest to meet your needs ~ quality modal cotton ~ personal Wearing a semi-permeable blouse to wear the street to take the appropriate eye. Also in the sports time can also wear da. Black and white two colors optional. There are three sections ~ there are cross Out with a blouse.

Large size of women’s large-size sexy teat fat mm no steel ring comfortable gather lace four buckle underwear. Very comfortable a bra, really suitable for fat sister’s comfortable models, widen the shoulder strap design, will not be tight or sliding cup enough Big, there is the effect of gathering, and send extended standard general size, the baby usually wear the size of the choice can be Kazakhstan.

The upper body elasticity is very good, both to shape the chest and very skin-friendly, this year is very popular with the letter and the color of the design, the fashion also Wild, very good to wear Oh, a little sexy, to meet your different needs, with a variety of coats are very Fan, can also be used as a sports vest to wear.

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Cute “underwear”, full of girls heart

Clothes pants to fashion look good, underwear can not fall, not only to wear a comfortable skin, the value should be higher than the new height. These cute underwear, even Xiaobian this rough guy should bow down, and aroused the Xiaobian years of the girl heart na!

Girls can not resist the floral underwear, can not stop the rejuvenation of the arts taste, really temperament is distributed from the inside out, so lovely underwear, fear is to capture a lot of otaku ah!

When the brilliant color hit a small personality pattern, has been completely underwear, but a lovely fashion clothes, and blowing the youth and playful, it is people can not be open eyes.

Simple and solid color underwear at first glance people feel very clean and refreshing, playful little bow decorated with chicken heart position, sexy and lovely, lace lace seems elegant girl taste, thin cotton cup breathable and comfortable, very skin-friendly.

Smooth and simple color does not choose the color, the color is also a small fresh color, sweet lace splicing the United States back design, both sweet and sexy, gathered before the buckle design to create a good sexy body, put on the reluctant to take it!

Colorful pattern full of bra, to meet your girl heart, people can not help but feel happy. Net yarn cover elegant and sexy, fashionable front buckle back design graceful figure.

This underwear with or without steel ring two styles you can choose, fit the side of the technical design allows you to wear more comfortable and light. On the thin under the thick three-dimensional structure not only gather the chest type, in the hot summer will not feel uncomfortable bound.

Young girl heart burst shed a lace underwear, small bow romantic and elegant, no steel ring design without pressure without bound, U-shaped back to cover the back of the fat, a variety of colors any of your choice, there is always a suitable for you!