Why is the women behind the inside and outside there is a wide width?

For women’s underwear, the girls themselves are full of unknown and doubt. Every time to buy their own underwear will be tangled, in the end should buy what cup? Underwear there are fine, there are wide, in the end should choose which one? Let Xiaobian for the baby to answer the question behind it!

The width of the back of the underwear, in fact, can be selected according to the different season. For example, the summer, the weather is more hot, easy to sweat, this time the choice of underwear will be more breathable and thin, and the back of the shoulder strap to choose the Department of shoulder pads more comfortable and cool. While the winter weather is more cold, this time you can wear a wider underwear, but also more warm and comfortable.

At the same time, underwear shoulder strap if the smaller, the back of the mark is relatively obvious, while the back is broadband, the tears are not so obvious. And behind the wide underwear compared to the back of the thin underwear more solid, like a four-row buckle than the three-row buckle more stable is a reason.

And, in general, if the larger girl’s underwear behind the back of the chest than the smaller girls underwear more wide, because to play the role of support and protection, so the little girl’s underwear is generally more light, behind also Comparison of fine.

Of course, underwear styles are different, behind the wide and thin degree will be different, such as adjusting the back of the underwear is relatively wide, at least three rows, while the general underwear behind, only two rows, and adjust the underwear are generally to adjust the chest Type and so on, so the latter is wide.

In fact, the underwear behind the wide and thin are according to the requirements of the baby to choose, if you want to adjust the type of underwear on the back of a wide choice, if your chest is relatively small, select the back of the more detailed. And the quality of underwear must be good, after all, is close clothing. Let Xiaobian recommended for your baby quality underwear it!

Elegant gathered underwear bra

This bra shows women’s romantic elegance and sexy, lace and embroidery with, more feminine, and more beautiful. Cup cup stars to create a more concentrated, so the effect is better than ordinary underwear, gather effect is remarkable. This section of underwear is a steel underwear, comfortable and more easy to shape.

Cotton low waist underwear
This section underwear with natural high-quality cotton, wearing a more breathable comfort, the thickness of thin and more suitable for summer wear, underwear soft skin-friendly, and sweat, like the feeling did not wear. Pattern fresh, fine detail, long wear will not be deformed, the line is more dense.

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