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Womens underwear behind the tape is wide good or fine good?

In fact, there are many people will have such a curiosity: Why do some girls wear a broadband underwear, but some girls are wearing a thin belt of underwear it? Although it can be simply summarized as a habitual problem, but choose a good underwear really have a great impact on women’s health. So today Xiaobian to tell you why girls lingerie with wide and thin, and in the end how to choose.

First: the difference between the buckle
The general underwear belt has a row of buckle, two rows of buckle, three rows of buckle and four rows of buckle. Broadband underwear is generally more biased in favor of the latter two kinds of breasts, the more buckle the underwear support force is greater, so it will be more suitable for fullness of the girls.

Second: on the side ratio
In general, the high side of the side will be conducive to the armpit and the back of the fat back to the chest, so you want to adjust the breast type of girls can choose broadband underwear, because the wide band will be easier to create high Side than, so it is conducive to creating the perfect breast type.

Third: on the design
Fine strap underwear is not no benefit, and its style can be more selective. But the broadband underwear is slightly less selective than the thin tape. Usually travel when wearing a halter can choose a thin belt of underwear, make the baby look more sexy.

Then in the end should buy broadband underwear or thin belt underwear it? Different baby’s breast shape in the end how to choose? The following one to answer.

First: thin girls choose fine straps
Thin girls choose thin belt will feel the body Le from uncomfortable, but a little fat girls choose a thin belt will be possible to bring the tape into the meat inside the curl is not fixed. In fact, as the first point above the broadband support for large enough for full of girls, otherwise the same is true.

Second: the chest fat has been “squeezed” out of the choice of broadband
Like the second point, too thin side of the tape will be relatively low, if the chest fat has been on the map of the “cutting” phenomenon is the best choice of broadband, is conducive to other parts of the fat “recycling” to reach chest.

Third: the best two kinds of tape underwear are prepared on a set
Why do you say this way? Because the broadband underwear is only suitable for internal wear, not suitable for “leak out”. And thin belt underwear because of the more style so you can choose to wear some halter equipment, exposed tape is also very good to see, prepare a set can also prevent from time to time

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