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Why do we prefer to use pretty underwear – Abia women


According to the Nigerian News Agency, the women’s underwear business of Abia Umuahia women is now very popular.

Distributors of locally known materials for “okrika” also record high-traffic customers from neighboring communities to the state capital every day.

Some women, mainly middle-aged, in order to get them to choose underwear in the Imumen market in Umuahia, they told NAN that they prefer “okrika”, especially pants, for new styles.

One of the women who chose a different color and style said that she and most women now prefer underwear that is often imported from abroad.

When asked if she was ashamed to see the purchase of these materials, the woman, who asked not to be named, questioned why she should be ashamed of the underwear she chose.

“What is it? What is good? Ask this seller, I am her very good customer.

“In fact, whenever she has a new consignment, she always reminds me that quite common underwear is very durable.

“I don’t just buy them because they are cheap, but because they are of good quality.

“I often buy sexy, I feel very comfortable every time I wear it. My husband often tells me that they are also very good to me,” she said.

A male passer-by who did not want to be named talked to NAN on this issue, attributed the high degree of sponsorship of second-hand pants and other underwear to the national economic downturn.

“Our women not only want to buy underwear, but also buy a variety of well-dressed underwear. When I pass this place, I see them gathered around the seller and pick up all kinds of old clothes.

“I think there is still a long way to go before this is bad for our economy. Nigeria is a dumping ground for all kinds of used products from the US, Europe, Asia and other continents.

However, a woman named Mary said that she did not like to use quite common underwear.

“I personally don’t like it. I don’t like the ones I see. “In fact, for health reasons, I don’t like it. A person can infect an infection in this way. This is underwear, not worn outside.

“I don’t even know the health of the people who passed through it. The woman’s body is very exposed.

“So, why do I have to buy diseases for myself simply because I want cheap or so-called quality underwear; for health reasons, I prefer new ones,” she said.

In her reaction, one of the sellers of second-hand trousers lifted the fear of health hazards and said that the new ones “have a greater health risk because of the chemicals applied to them.”

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