These underwear must not be shared, no matter how good the relationship

Although there is a saying, “We are wearing a pants grow up” to describe the degree of close relationship with friends, but this sentence sent from the health point of view is very bad. Although the relationship with the girlfriend no matter how good but some things can not be shared. Some friends may say that I know that is not the toothbrush and contact lenses these things into the eye thing. In fact, this is not finished some underwear is often overlooked by us but must not be shared

A bra
Bra looks quite comfortable gathering is also very good, by I wear to see? This sounds very common, and even when buying a bra when someone in order to better experience the effect, will not wash the bra directly close to the skin to wear. But in fact a lot of bacteria will be affixed in the bra to wear long-term attention and cause skin and skin diseases.

No steel ring sleep bra thin mold cup girl junior high school student sports sleep underwear cotton vest bra
No steel ring bra, wearing comfortable no pressure at the same time the effect of gathering will not be because of the steel ring and greatly reduced. Because it is cotton material close to wear soft while sweating and permeability better, because you can quickly sweat can effectively reduce and control the breeding of bacteria.

Summer no steel ring sleep bra thin mold cup white girl middle school student sports sleep wear underwear small bra
To women sleeping when designed bra, wearing comfortable while also to prevent the night to sleep is outside the chest expansion and sagging. Cotton inside is very breathable even if the night cover is not sleepy feel hot and humid to bring the chest really dry.

Underwear is to protect the privacy of women’s last line of defense, but also the closest private office and underwear. For everyone’s gynecological health underwear must be washed and then wear and because of the different body of different secretions are also different of these secretions of bacteria will not wash because of washing so pants must not be shared even if the panties have not washed She was wearing.

Socks are often overlooked, that socks no importance, which friends socks do not put their socks to her to wear, in fact, people’s feet sweat glands, blood vessels, nervous system is very developed, when the feet out of some body fluids, easy Residual bacteria on socks to their socks to others to wear easily lead to cross infection

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