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4 must be lost underwear, paragraph 2 you often wear!

Clean up the closet, finishing the cosmetic bag is often done every girl, however, few people will deliberately put the underwear drawer, we always buy a new underwear into one, but never Thought to throw them out.

1, the size of the underwear
Some women in order to make the chest look more, will choose to wear a small bra, but through the tight bra affect the breast blood and lymph circulation, likely to cause ischemia, may also cause breast hyperplasia, and even induce breast cancer The

2, steel ring will hurt your underwear
If the ring is not comfortable, you can make a temporary adjustment, but the effect is not ideal, you still buy a new underwear it, no steel ring style will be more comfortable. To know, poor underwear will cause great harm to the female body.

3, no support role in the bra
If your chest also like to wear a large ring underwear, then it is basically no support for your breasts role. You know, breast sagging is a very terrible thing, there is no support, there is no need to wear underwear.

4, shoulder strap down underwear
Shoulder straps must have been depressed by many girls have experienced it. Some girls will buy some small auxiliary tools to hold the shoulder strap, but always can not achieve a good support force. In fact, the shoulder strap is actually an underwear is not suitable for a performance, so it is a new piece of it.

So what is underwear, is to improve the role of fermented bean curd?
First, adjust the type
For false negative milk, adjust the underwear is definitely it nemesis. Choose a suitable adjustment underwear, can help you as soon as possible to eliminate the little goblins this little goblin Oh.

Second, no trace type
Dress is the most afraid of showing strange traces of underwear, easy to distinguish the shape of bra, and even can see you winter hut meat. This is really embarrassing. At this time, a piece of no trace bra is definitely your good girlfriend!

Three, lace type
The eradication of secondary milk important, the United States is also important. Many bloggers are also drying their own wear lace Bra with, you will find that they basically do not have a sense of sexy, but also the performance of the lace Bra’s vividly.

Four other types
We always go to the beach, to exercise time. So, we have to prepare some sports and the United States back type underwear.

Many underwear shape is very nice, underwear manufacturer but are the virtual table, wearing a body will appear when the chest is not good, not outside the expansion is flat. Do this kind of underwear also need to be placed in a drawer? Quickly deal with it

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