Comfortable underwear have these five styles, you have a few?

Lingerie is a must for women, then why should women wear underwear? The main reason is to protect the chest, while wearing good-looking underwear, the chest will look more sexy and charming, then the market so much underwear, in the end what kind of underwear to make the chest healthy and beautiful? May wish to look at this 5 underwear, you have not?

The first paragraph: triangular underwear
Triangle underwear is no steel ring, and no chest pad, we often see the heroine in Europe and the United States at home to wear such underwear, this underwear can not only make your chest looks tall and straight, and wear very The comfort of it. Many women go home to choose not to wear underwear, in fact, so the chest is not very good, choose this triangular underwear will do both.

Section 2: home underwear
If the family to relatives and friends at home do not wear underwear some do not look good, this time you can choose this home underwear, not only comfortable, but also no sense of restraint.

The third paragraph: soft cup underwear
Soft cup type of underwear is no steel ring, more suitable for small chest, chest serious sagging women, this underwear is not suitable for chest big sister.

Section IV: Bra type underwear
This kind of underwear is more suitable for wearing a collar in the summer clothes, will be more beautiful, but this kind of underwear if the number of choice is too large, easy to fall down. So be sure to choose the appropriate number of yards.

Fifth paragraph: halter type underwear
Halter type underwear is generally designed in the back of the beautiful, suitable for summer wear through the clothes, halter, etc., or skinny type of beauty can also try Oh

More underwear manufacturer than five underwear are very personalized underwear, we choose the underwear, we must choose their own code number, the fabric should choose a comfortable cotton material, breathable sweat, choose a good underwear, in order to make their own chest More healthy and beautiful.

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