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Choose the right bra, and “airfield” say goodbye!

Chest how to choose underwear? This is the problem that has been plagued by a small woman. The importance of the bra believe that every girl is very clear, a good bra not only can gather chest chest shape to make the body curve more perfect, but also make the posture more upright look whole people are vibrant and vibrant.

Chest should be how to choose underwear:
1. Wear a bra can not have a sense of depression, that is, the bra is not too small, should choose to cover all the outer edge of the breast model is appropriate.

2. The bra strap should not be too loose or too tight, the material should be a little loose elastic band.

3. Spin protruding part of the pitch is moderate, not too far away or too close. Another bra is made of cotton material is best not to use chemical fiber fabric.

Then the chest to wear what cup underwear more appropriate?
1. gather the bra
For small chest of women, choose underwear must choose to gather the bra, only gather bra have a strong fat Shoulong function, in order to help you achieve the effect of plastic breast Breast.

2. thickening underwear: thicken bra is a good helper to increase the cup, the bottom of the thickened bra, not only can fit the chest, but also can make the ditch groove, is not very heart it

3. Steel underwear: small chest women do not recommend the choice of non-steel care of the sports or thin section bra, it will make the chest looks very shrinking, and no gather and shape the effect, remember to buy a strip of underwear , Can help you shape the perfect tall and straight chest.

4. hold the bra: This bra is also very suitable for small women in the chest, can play the role of support and lift the chest, especially for the relatively sagging chest of women, very effective.

5. Silicone bra: go out to swim or wear strapless dress when you can add a silicone bra in the regular bra, will make the chest becomes rough.

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