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Fat MM,wear underwear to perfect

Although it has been very hard to lose weight, but still will be troubled by fat, in addition to control diet and exercise, fat MM wear underwear in order to scientific and reasonable weight loss, fat body how to choose underwear? Fat people wear what underwear style?

This section is a simple foundation, no lace design, basic wild, to give you a comfortable home experience, go out to travel more blouse, yoga exercise. Wear more comfortable, no matter when to bring you light and comfortable.


Summer, the new code to increase the size of women’s bra breast mm mm steel bra N-pants suit gather close milk 200 pounds to wear. Relatively simple section of it, no net yarn or something, summer wear t shirt thin clothes are more appropriate, big chest Sister can choose this one Oh, this D cup of Kazakhstan! According to the normal underwear size can choose! This section is no steel band shoulder strap adjustable, the back is four buckle, wearing will be more comfortable.

One seamless small underwear ◎ large size ◎ large size of the extracritical MM multi-color elastic stretch seamless underwear. Diaobiao size, B cup and C cup general Oh, seamless seamless stealth steel underwear, quite strong, wearing It will not feel the feeling of the barbed cable Oh, upper body gather effect is also very good, there is no chest pad, will not feel heavy and humid, back four-row buckle, wearing super comfortable.

Large size women’s pure color chest pad vest brace cross the United States back small tape underwear meat large size. Back shape vest – love personality and bold beauty girl see here ~ this small vest to meet your needs ~ quality modal cotton ~ personal Wearing a semi-permeable blouse to wear the street to take the appropriate eye. Also in the sports time can also wear da. Black and white two colors optional. There are three sections ~ there are cross Out with a blouse.

Large size of women’s large-size sexy teat fat mm no steel ring comfortable gather lace four buckle underwear. Very comfortable a bra, really suitable for fat sister’s comfortable models, widen the shoulder strap design, will not be tight or sliding cup enough Big, there is the effect of gathering, and send extended standard general size, the baby usually wear the size of the choice can be Kazakhstan.

The upper body elasticity is very good, both to shape the chest and very skin-friendly, this year is very popular with the letter and the color of the design, the fashion also Wild, very good to wear Oh, a little sexy, to meet your different needs, with a variety of coats are very Fan, can also be used as a sports vest to wear.

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