The cost of tearing underwear has received the attention of DPP

Court documents showed that a Busia County man was accused of tearing his mother’s underwear and caught the attention of the Attorney General (DPP) Noordin Haji.

These boring accusations were broadcast on social media, causing suspicions among Kenyans, many of whom doubted whether they had concealed some nasty or fabricated accusations.

“Why is the court wasting resources and time, accusing the man of tearing the mother’s underwear?” I want to know a Facebook user.

Apparently, Michael Omukule of Teso South from Kwangamor stumbled across his mother in his yard two weeks ago.

The 44-year-old man is said to be shocked and allegedly insulted and beaten her and further insulted her relatives and relatives.

Omukule was also accused of blaming all the mysterious deaths in the village on his mother and accusing her of abandoning her home behind her father.

In court, Omukule denied the body fighting with her mother and tearing her underwear, but accused her of performing witchcraft because of some strange things happening in her family, such as being abandoned by neighbors and some family members.

Busia Senior Resident Magistrate Martha Nanzushi told Omukule that even if his mother is a witch, he should not talk about it publicly because it is equal to jealousy, especially if he cannot provide the same evidence.

“All I know is that my mother is practicing some witchcraft because my father left our home and moved to Benga, where he bought the land. My brother did the same thing,” He said.

“The reason I say this is because I feel someone running around in our yard and jumping out of my house with a panga and a torch in the middle of the night. I was surprised to find that this is my mother,” Omukule said.

Omukule will be charged in the Busia court, which includes other criminal acts – tearing his mother’s panties worth Sh100. However, after the court file infected the virus, the DPP has instructed the case to be withdrawn.

However, the prosecution has decided to charge Omukule with new allegations, condemning his mother and calling her by calling her a witch.

The original fee schedule reads: “You deliberately and illegally damaged Wilbroda Barasa’s internal pants Sh100 property.”

“The DPP’s attention has been drawn to the schedule of charges relating to the pending matters of Michael Omukule in the Bushian court. The DPP has directed the matter or case to be submitted to the Glorious Court for withdrawal,” the statement is as follows.

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